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A Perfect Circle Blue Lyrics

Last updated: 02/26/2012 10:00:00 AM

I didn't want to know
I just didn't want to know
Best to keep things in the shallow end
Cause I never quite learned how to swim

I just didn't want to know
Didn't want (x4)

Close my eyes just to look at you
Taken by the seamless vision
I close my eyes
Ignore the smoke (x3)

Call an optimist, she's turning blue
Such a lovely color for you
Call an optimist, she's turning blue
While I just sit and stare at you

Because I don't want to know

I didn't want to know
I just didn't want to know
I just didn't want

Mistook their nods for an approval
Just ignore the smoke and smile

Call it aftermath, she's turning blue
Such a lovely color for you
Call it aftermath, she's turning blue
Such a perfect color for your eyes
Call it aftermath, she's turning blue
Such a lovely color for you
Call it aftermath, she's turning blue
While I just sit and stare at you

I don't want to know

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C'mon.... | Reviewer: Gravity Girl | 2/26/12

It's clearly about addiction.

"Best to keep things in the shallow end, cause I never quite learned how to swim" is actually how I feel about most relationships. This song is a like a personal memoir for me. I forever love APC, and Tool.

The meaning of The Thirtenth Step and this song Blue | Reviewer: Gary Brown | 1/31/12

The song and album are about opiate/opioid addiction.

Maynard knew someone who got hooked and eventaully died as a ruesult of their heroin/diamorphine addiction.

This song is about someone smoking it and being somnolent (Nicked named 'nodding' with ones eyes closed cause you're so sleepy) whilst the other person turns blue and overdoses.

If you listen to the album from the beginning to end (12 songs, the thirtenth step being relapse/song #1) the first song is about buying/scoring and then the rest of the album is going through addiction. Getting worse then better and off opiates and the 13th step/track #1 buying/relapse.

Listening to a depressing person talk... | Reviewer: todd | 1/16/12

Don't know who he is talking about in this song, maybe spouce, but I imagine one sitting there smoking and laying out their troubles (blues). The other person is listening but doesn't really want to hear it for whatever reason (they can't help anyway, don't want to, tired or hearing someone ramble on about their blues, etc). Happens to me all the time!

Lawl | Reviewer: Chris | 12/5/11

This song is about finding out a spouse or lover has cheated on you and choking the shit out of her. Trying to ignore and pretend that you don't know so that you can continue on with your existence, finally breaking down and strangling her. Call an Optimist (Someone who is able to see through what she's done and get on with life, because he can't do it) she's turning blue. (Asphyxiation)

Best to keep things in the shallow end, because I never quite learned how to swim (Best to just not tell me because I never really learned how to cope with betrayal/loss)

Threesome gone too far. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/22/11

A married couple who share a meth addiction, have enabled each others daily habit for 2 decades. They hire a whore to fulfill a sexual fantasy they both have, and engage in a threesome. They share their addiction with her and become friends with their new lover. The man falls in love with the playmate and his wife watches as it becomes an obsession. He is oblivious to the truth that the drugs and this affection for their new lover is killing his marriage and the love his wife had for him is dying as well. His obsession makes him not even concerned for the pain she has endured. He ignores all the signs, and instead can only focus on his one sided desires.

Guess what guys? He didn't want to know! | Reviewer: Brooke | 5/27/11

We had to do a texture chart of this song for music class, and me and my friend Jess were nearly rolling around on the floor laughing so hard! He says, "I didn't want to know" so many times it's incredible!
Good song (though kind of emo-sounding) without the I Didn't Want To Know gig.

Personal touch | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/23/11

Why tool and APC is so great is because the text is kontroversial, although a true purpose exists as well. I think the song Vicarious by tool has one purpose, I wonder if someone else has another idea

It's about his mom dying | Reviewer: Crockett | 3/11/11

It's when his mom dies. He doesn't want to admit that she's dead, the doctors are nodding that she's gone and he mistakes it for approval. Aftermath of death, she is turning blue and he can't handle it. Call an optimist, he's hoping someone will tell him she'll be ok, but if she's not, he doesn't want to know.

A different perspective... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/2/11

Here's a twist that works for me - it's about someone who is hurting a loved one through his addiction, but doesn't want to admit to himself the damage he is doing. This perspective comes from my own personal demons - I was slowly destroying my marriage and didn't want to admit to myself that my addiction was having an effect on my wife - she did not know what my problem was, but she knew something wasn't quite right. I, on the other hand, thought everything was ok, and that my addiction affected no one but me.
I don't know if that's along the lines of what Maynard was thinking when he wrote the lyrics, but when interpreted this way, it's a very powerful song for me.

Open Your eyes | Reviewer: marc | 1/19/11

any APC or Tool fan will tell you that this song is much deeper than meets the eye.

"keep things in the shallow end" refers to how deep the level of spirituality they have reached. the fear of going to deep into the rabbit hole....opening your third eye. i never learned how to swim, so i better stay in my comfort. this is delivered in perspective, so that needs to be taken into consideration.

turning blue, in a metaphorical sence, is referring to the ability to breathe. she isnt able to, she isnt awake. she is turning blue, but its such a lovely color for her, because if she was capable to breathe life, she would essentially be smothered by it anyway.

for some, its best to stay in the dark.

Death | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/5/11

this song...for me...paints an image of a man who had a deep crush for a woman,he didn't tell her,after a long friendship she dies and he "didn't want to know" so he dug her back up and preserved her body...and he always though blue was a perfect colour for him "such a lovely colour" that's my interpretation of the song

Overall | Reviewer: Gavin | 10/8/10

i think overall what the message is, if you close you eyes and ignore "the smoke", or problem, it won't go away. "I didn't want to know" "I don't want to know" the less you know, the easier you can ignore something. basicly IT WON'T GO AWAY!! don't run from the issue. then again this is my opinion and this may not be what maynard was trying to say. Thanks for reading. I hope Tool makes a new album soon.... can't wait

a few incomplete transilations im set on | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/20/10

"Close my eyes just to look at you
Taken by the seamless vision" I don't care to contrast who you really are (dont want to know) and the image you are in my eyes. seamless as the inside of my eyelids because it is not you i choose to see. I'll continue to overlook the presence of smoke conveniently all over what i do not wish to face.
"mistook their nodds for an approval" As in, when they were looking at you and one nodded he was not nonverbaley greeting you, he was just motioning to his compadre: over there, thats the guy. But no light shed this way that cant be reflected off my pearly whites. :)
"Call an optimist, she's turning blue
While I just sit and stare at you" your so negative, you've got the blues/ your dumbfounded and speechless to the point of passing out, youve discovered what you mean to me. keep your head up as my dilusions fill out. "Call it aftermath" dilusions nearing ideal, and your still down on something?
"Such a perfect color for your eyes" Aww what the hey, i mite as well just make em blue (to match)
"i dont want to know" I am where i wanted to be in this dream and you best not wake me.

Adore This Song | Reviewer: SierraKathleen | 9/17/10

I absolutely adore this song! The rythm and the lyrics, everything about it to me is amazing. My favorite lyric out of the song is:

Mistook their nods for an approval
Just ignore the smoke and smile

I don't know, something about that simple phrase sends chills down my spine ^____^

i think | Reviewer: ziggurat | 9/13/10

i love this track. i love tool and all their albums too. when i listen to this track i imagine a couple and the guy poisoning his girlfriend after she betrayed him. watching her turn blue is the revenge he gets.