Blue System Albums

  • Forever Blue Album
    I wanna smile
    Baby Jealousy
    Taxi girl
    All what I need
    Marvin's song
    Love is not a tragedy
    Here I go again
    Une chambre pour la nuit
    It's ecstasy
    It's more

  • Here I Am Album
    Love will drive me crazy
    I miss you
    I love the way you are
    Don't do that
    Baby believe me
    You're lying
    C'est la vie
    Every night, every day
    Shame shame shame
    I believe you're an angel

  • Walking On A Rainbow Album
    Gangster love
    Sorry little Sarah
    She's a lady
    Voodoo nights
    Love you more
    Big boys don't cry

  • Obsession Album
    Love is such a lonely sword
    When Sarah smiles
    2000 miles
    Two hearts beat as one
    48 hours
    I'm not that kind of guy
    Try the impossible
    Another lonely night

  • Deja Vu Album
  • Twilight Album
  • Body Heat Album
  • Backstreet Dreams Album
  • Seeds Of Heaven Album
  • 21st Century Album
  • Hello America Album
  • Ten-X Album
  • Body To Body Album

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