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Last Perfection Blue Sky Black Lyrics

Last updated: 08/16/2004 08:06:08 PM

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on the bluest of days i could see straight thorugh time / and on that bluest of days i saw the blackest sky / brainwashed fanaticism set this world ablaze / under ashes lie three though died / in the fires burn our lesson learned / under the ashes lies my security / on that bluest of days i could see the end of time / and on that bluest of days i saw the blackest crime / the saddest story i ever read / written in the ink of blood red / forever images burned into my head / in my dreams dark clouds are always chasing me / until i die / pinned to the pages of history / with blackened clouds / and drops of dripping blood / and i saw your downtown / crawling through this burial ground / endless fields of blue / with only grey that will cut through / atrocities carried out on the strength of fairy tales / this rendition of the sky will still send shivers down my spine.

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