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Blue Rodeo is a rock band who were formed in Toronto in
1984 by by songwriters Jim Cuddy and Greg Keelor.
Previously this Toronto-based band began as The HiFis when
Jim Cuddy and Greg Keelor were in high school. They moved
to New York City in 1981 where they tried to get a record
deal. After three years they returned to Toronto,
unsuccessful. The pair then began to recruit other members
to form Blue Rodeo: they knew drummer Cleave Anderson, he
knew bassist Bazil Donovan, and self-taught pianist Bobby
Wiseman was the younger brother More...

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Review about Blue Rodeo songs
'Til I am mysself. | Reviewer: lloyd
    ------ About the song Til I Am Myself Again performed by Blue Rodeo

Huge fan. Looking forward to seeing you in WPG in September. A question,is the song biographical? I am struggling with the bottle. Just figuring out how to deal with it.

Lisa Talley/I love my husband Brian | Reviewer: Lisa Talley
    ------ About the song Bad Timing performed by Blue Rodeo

I first heard this on an episode of corner gas, I felt like someone had punched me. I left my husband for about 2 weeks you see he had a bad temper and it was the only way to make understand. His health was bad and I was afraid one of us would have a heart attack. So I went toa womans shelter. We talked everyday and I would take our doggie out. He finally began to see I was right. I came back home and things were better, we talked and everyday I touched him rubbed his head and said I love you dear. He cried and begged not go but I had to. Then one night I was watching corner gas the one where hank imagines brent sell the gas station and lacy goes back to toronto to open a resturant. Near the end the song started to play and got to the part I didn't mean to make you cry it was true I didn't mean to, I cried my eyes out everytime I hear that part I cry even tho he's in heavan now I will always cry, and now that I know the name I can practise and sing it for him. He'll hear me. The day we met was god's blessing, it was a good friday, the next day we met and were together for I say 25 he'd 24 years. The best years I'll ever have anyone. One of kind my man. I love you dear. Lisa

Bad timing is now good. | Reviewer: DKS
    ------ About the song Bad Timing performed by Blue Rodeo

Back in high school I always liked this girl but was intimidated by her a little. She had a boyfriend and I had a girlfriend and it was as the song says bad timing. Over the past 30 plus years we bumped into each other off and on and I would wonder what if. But again bad timing. She was married and so was I. BUT both our marriages ended and we met once again this summer past. This time it was GOOD TIMING. We have been dating since then and I couldn't be happier. Our first date I cooked her supper at my place and played this song. We danced to it and now it is "our song". I guess good things come to those who wait.

Story of my life | Reviewer: Vicki
    ------ About the song Bad Timing performed by Blue Rodeo

I fell for the "one" when I was 13. About 3 years ago we met again and for a year it was the most amazing time of my life. But stuff happens, neither of us did anything wrong, but life and obligations took priority and I guess the timing is off again. Here I am 43 and I still love this man with every part of my soul. Why does God put the "one" right in front of you and then not allow you to have him? I cannot move on, I will love him forever. I can't settle for less. This song, just nailed it.

What a song! | Reviewer: Jean
    ------ About the song Bad Timing performed by Blue Rodeo

When I heard this song it reminded me of a certain someone, I met years ago. I never tried to get to really know him, but he would acknowledge every time he would see me some where. I ended up in a relationship, a relationship I'm still in. But when I heard this song, it makes me think of him.

The chords | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Hasn't Hit Me Yet performed by Blue Rodeo

I couldn't figure out the chords to this song until I saw them in concert this summer. They we're amazing. Use a capo on the 2nd fret then its D, Em, C for the verses then Em, G, D, A for the chorus.

Another case of 'Bad Timing' | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Bad Timing performed by Blue Rodeo

Just ran into someone I have known for years which I have always carried a secret torch for. This song brought a tear to my eye on the plane and now back at home as I continue to wonder What If? Not sure if he truly understands what he does to my heart I guess time will tell!

going through it right now | Reviewer: jay
    ------ About the song Bad Timing performed by Blue Rodeo

i know how everyone on here feels when they hear this song. The woman i left my wife for rejected me because of timing and now four years later we are talking again. her current boyfriend just played this song for her so i looked up th elyrics and was lead here. at least i know im not alone... and neither is she. M if your reading this know that i love you and always will regardless of what you decide.
maybe it is a case of bad timing, and maybe it is meant to happen... now or eventually. I dont know .... ok thanks everyone now im crying

What an emotional piece of music - Bad Timing. | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Bad Timing performed by Blue Rodeo

This song has some of the most moving lyrics of any song I've heard. Each of us can recall that one time when we met the one who was supposed to be the "one" but somehow things never woked out. Thirty years have past and I still wonder how life would have been even though I realize it wasn't meant to be. Just hope she is happy.

It was always too late with me. | Reviewer: Conner
    ------ About the song Bad Timing performed by Blue Rodeo

I always know it would be bad timing when our eyes meet. I never meant to make any of them cry anymore than I meant to make them love me. I see that look, tears held back,the tremble of lips, the fear of being alone,and I know I soon must go. I have already hurt them because they know I will not stay. I don't want forever with one person. I don't want to be their one person forever. It hurts too much to love. This song is me.

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