Blue Oyster Cult Lyrics

FORMED: 1967, Long Island, NY

"This ain't the summer of love," snarled Blue Oyster Cult
singer Eric Bloom, resplendent in studs and black leather,
back in 1976 on the band's platinum-plus best seller,
Agents of Fortune, and the sentiment is perhaps even more
revealing today.

Blue Oyster Cult's new album, "Cult Classic" on Herald
Records, distributed by Caroline, includes state-of-the-art
digital re-recordings of the band's greatest hits,
featuring the version on "Don't Fear The Reaper" heard in
Stephen King's TV mini-series, "The More...

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Review about Blue Oyster Cult songs
Where the hell did this come from? | Reviewer: AgProv
    ------ About the song Ballroom Blitz performed by Blue Oyster Cult

Errr... the Blue Oyster Cult do not appear to have gone anywhere near this, although I concede it's the sort of thing they might have covered on stage in their own style.

This is actually by THE SWEET.

The fact the song opens by namechecking the band members is a dead, dead, giveaway. The Sweet were Brian (lead singer) Andy, Mick and Steve. Hence the lyrics. The three core members of the BOC were Eric, Buck and Allen. While there have been personnel changes to drummer and bass, there's never been a Mick, Andy or Steve. Go figure.

meaning | Reviewer: taylormd
    ------ About the song E.T.I. performed by Blue Oyster Cult

BOC is making reference to Balthazar an evil being which has the power to transport and manipulate beings and souls Not one of the wise men. BOC is merging a 1000 y/o demon with ETI. I believe it goes "Balthazar, has found the saucer's use".
Google "Library - Balthazar by purazon". It aint gonna be pretty.

ideas | Reviewer: Pink
    ------ About the song (Don't Fear) The Reaper performed by Blue Oyster Cult

I personally feel this song is about suicide. I mean, the name itself kind of implies it "don't fear the reaper" the mind of a person who would be willing to end their own life is a very deep, interesting thing and it makes for a good story, and in the end relates to all people, because we all die one day, and if there are people willing to walk gently into that goodnight, why should we bother fighting it? And the end of the song seems like an analogy for suicide, and the mention of romeo and juilet, as well as 'another 40,000 coming every day' which if I am correct was the number of people who killed themselves on a daily basis around the time this song as written (though that number has gone up a lot in recent years)

I am not the biggest fan of blue oyster cult, but i don't have to be to know this is one of the best songs ever written.

Lips In The Hills | Reviewer: Me
    ------ About the song LIPS IN THE HILLS performed by Blue Oyster Cult

BOC...lyrically...musically as well...far deeper than the average pop fare that gets radio airplay...probably the only 2 BOC songs to ever get mainstream airplay much was Don't Fear The Reaper and Godzilla...with a smattering of Burning For You...truth is...if you grew up in the late 70's and early 80's in can interpret the lyrics to "Lips In The Hills"...but to most...probably most...just very strange lyrics that make no sense is what it is...mond-blowing stuff tho...peace out...

Magic | Reviewer: YOLO
    ------ About the song (Don't Fear) The Reaper performed by Blue Oyster Cult

A great guitar and very clever and beautiful lyrics, for me one of the best songs of blue oyster cult that in my opinion should be more well know with songs like godzilla. I love this song

The Bullshit Chronicles | Reviewer: SuperChuck
    ------ About the song LIPS IN THE HILLS performed by Blue Oyster Cult

Most of the ass-kickingest tunes/bands tend to get overlooked-ignored-in favor of the "commercial" stuff that gets released(SlickBlack Caddilac-Q.R. is actually pretty good for commercial fare)is usually played over,and over,ad nauseum.In other words,if they can piss you off with Bullshit,they will.Murph's Law.Exception:In 1976,2 sisters,Ann & Nancy-Heart had the biggest Commercial success,But A band-a SERIOUS band-named Angel was given the title of Best New Band-and these guys kicked ass! They just didn't get that much airtime.i don't even remember if they performed at the Grammys.I did,however,enjoy Heart's Crazy On You.

Great song! | Reviewer: Pete
    ------ About the song BURNIN' FOR YOU performed by Blue Oyster Cult

It's nice to pick up a line from someone who knows the lyrics. When I see "Time to play besides" instead of "Time to play B-sides", it's obvious the writer doesn't know the lyrics and misses the whole point of the line.

please the is some thing which i realy want | Reviewer: westz
    ------ About the song YOU'RE NOT THE ONE (I WAS LOOKING FOR) performed by Blue Oyster Cult

please the is some thing you to help me please i ned fast money one of the fastest meance of having money for i am ready for it please i will be happy if you can canect me in i will be waiting for your fast mail.

lyrics/metering | Reviewer: Jeff
    ------ About the song VENGEANCE (THE PACT) performed by Blue Oyster Cult

This song, along with 'Veteran of the Pyschic Wars' appeared on the soundtrack to the original Heavy Metal (animated) movie.

Lyrics correspond to storyline in film; timing may have been necessary to sync to video...

Great song! Imaginos is still the best thing out there. | Reviewer: Don
    ------ About the song MAGNA OF ILLUSION performed by Blue Oyster Cult

Great song! How did this album (Imaginos) sneak by with out much recognition? This is the best collection of music and lyrics that I have ever encountered!!!!!!! when listening you must read the lyrics!

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