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History For Sale (Brando Records) is the crown jewel for one of the most passionate and hardest working bands in the World today. Blue October have spent the past 2 years writing, rehearsing, touring, recording and painting the beautiful portrait that has become the 12 collective songs of their new CD, History For Sale. Beginning with the self-deprecating opener "Ugly Side," this album surgically dissects the mind and memories of songwriter/vocalist Justin Furstenfeld. From the snarling guitar riffs of "Razorblade," through the beautiful and soul touching moments of "Calling You," "Chameleon Boy," and "Amazing," this is an album drenched in honest emotion.

The way Justin just puts it all out there; puts his most personal thoughts and feelings out for anyone to hear is both courageous and heart wrenching. From the melancholy requests in "Ugly Side" ("I only want you to see…my favorite part of me…and not my ugly side") and "Amazing" ("Can you pretend I'm amazing?…I can pretend I'm amazing…Instead of what we both know.") to the loving question in "Calling You" ("I will keep calling you to see…If you're sleeping, are you dreaming?…If you're dreaming, are you dreaming of me?") and through the biting testimony of "Razorblade" ("In a way, I failed religion…I spit the wine from mouth to cup… And I reached for something more than just a God") you will begin to understand the emotional attachment the droves of fans who flock to Blue October shows have with this man; this band.

The making of History For Sale was a bittersweet project for Blue October. This is not a band looking for overnight success; looking for the huge major label deal; or looking for "industry" approval. They've been there; done that; and learned from every success and mistake. In 2000, the band released their major label debut Consent To Treatment on Universal Records. In 2001, they were released from that institution. "The new album is almost like a form of vengeance to our old label," says Justin. "We want to show them that we were never into making music to make radio hits, but rather to reach out to our listeners. Our fans are a huge reason why we are still going strong today, and we thank God everyday for having them."

And then there are the listeners. The fans. The devoted. The people who feel what Blue October feel…the people who feel what you feel. Lost. Depressed. Happy. Confused. The people who one moment are euphoric and the next are feeling completely devastated inside but are through with hiding it. Blue October fans are loyal participants in ongoing group therapy. Every album, every show for them is a consent to treatment. They own all the records. They know and sing every word of every song at the shows. They drive hundreds of miles to see them perform. They don't just love this band; they live and breathe this band. Justin and the boys hand out little doses of treatment with every song. There's nothing quite like realizing you are not alone, to make you feel just a little better about yourself and about life. This band and their fans have a connection.

This is not just a band and not just an album. Blue October is a lifestyle and History For Sale is a prescription to feel. There is no telling exactly how you will react, but one thing is for sure, Blue October and History For Sale will affect you today, and possibly for the rest of your life.

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music lover | Reviewer: vaughn | 5/19/11

I love music... i will buy a c.d for as expensive as can get or on cheap ass sales just to find that one song...a couple of years ago i paid a great deal for a band i didnt october, make no mistake...i will pay double for their music. i relate to their music on different occasions with different far from my love of my life at this moment 8000km and my favorite song for now :calling you...they always keep it real

I Love Blue October/ Justin's lyrics are hauntingly beautiful... | Reviewer: LEELEE | 1/14/10

I love this band 2 pieces... say it, hate me,dirt room & libby are my favorates... I suffer from depression as does my oldest son, and recently my son attempted suicide & this music has helped me to cope some what with alot of what Im feeling at the moment... & I just wanted to say thankyou to Justin & the band... I dont know if u guys will ever see this however if u do "thankyou" for helping a mother to cope & come to terms with not only my depression but my sons... you help me to keep my head up above the water...

please read me"please" for Blue fans and the band | Reviewer: jc,fromN.C | 10/26/09

i have been dealing w/ bi-polar for over 10 yrs. now;as well as a few other things.I got hurt at work back in '07,i was in 2 casts up to my knees and down to my toes.I was watching MTV or something"memory sucks", and saw this video "hate me".I was very much blown away. It was probably 10 yrs. earlier i found out i had bi-polar,i already had one daughter at the time,about 1 or 2 yrs. old,and i looked at my wife and said "why cant you just hate me? im no good for you,cant you see?But she stubbornly stayed!!!well in '07 when i saw the video;the last half of it "thank god i saw it",i had to find it. I had moved from N.C. to S.C.back in '05 "i think trying to outrun my bi-polar" and in a small country town in S.C. it is HARD to find music that is not mainstream.I went everywhere trying to find "BlueOctober"....never heard of them ya know....and couldnt anywhere.Finally around christmas time,i went to charleston,s.c. at a bigger store,and saw the tag for "blue october", but no cd's :-(....and shit if god himself pointed to me....on an emty shelf,sat "Blue October:foiled",i looked at the back of the cd,and there it was "hate me". So i rushed home "i wanted my wife to hear this,i'm not alone".that night i let her hear it "as she was cleaning the room,so i cranked it up"and let her hear "hate me"she was amazed.then we listened to the rest of the cd, i felt connections w/ all of the bands songs and my wife especially w/ overwieght!!!Wonder y lol!!!!anyways i started to buy all their music,and the dvd "argue w/ a tree,a must watch if u like blue,"and started going to their shows. Ive been helped more by their songs than by any other form of therapy i've had.Some of my friends dont get it, but that doesnt stop me from pumping it up loud w/ them in the car!!!anyways,i'm 31 now and have 2 beatiful daughters and a loving wife of 10 yrs.i still struggle w/ my bi-polar,but i can always go lsten to "Blue Sunshine",a must hear, when im feeling manic or depressed,and feel better,"and not tempt suicide"which has always seemed like a good ending to this bad story known as my this is the first time i've ever spoken up about my disease,sorry.i just want to say to Justin,thank you for being there for me even though you didnt know you were,and the band,thank you for your powerfull music.forever greatfull,jamie. .....P.S. my kids love your music too!!!!

Blue October | Reviewer: lifefan | 8/27/09

My first thought on this band is, where the hell have I been. I never knew who they were, although I did know some of their songs. Now, I just have to say that they are my favorite band and all their songs are my favorite songs. They all say and mean something different which is just....I can't even think of a word.

Wow.. I love them. | Reviewer: Ash | 6/2/09

They are my musical savior, my atmosphere and my love. Our dog's name is Justin, lol. But I just think that they help one of my family members out a lot. I think she feels like she can relate. They're amazing, and I'm so in love with the music, the lyrics, the sound. It's so peaceful. We own all of the albums, lol. ^.^

Everything else stops | Reviewer: Maggie | 4/30/09

Being the mom of a 14 year old, I hear alot of what he listens to so I got to hear Blue October. When a song is playing, all else stops. The emotion, the sound,the words are all so demanding and immediate - they pull you in and you somehow identify with them, even if you are 53.I feel like I am "in" the song and have to feel it, live it. I do not suggest driving while listening to Blue October, the current world goes away and you are in the "other" reality of the raw emotion that we all have deep within our souls and lives.

Blue October is AWSOME!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Lisa Lou | 1/10/09

I'm a person who deals with depression. I have taken medications and they seem not to help. I love music. I liked Blue October, but now after reading up on the band I know what they sing about now. I think music is the best therapy for anyone who really appreciate and understand music

wow | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/4/08

every song of theirs give me feelings of happiness and sadness at the same time. ive gone through many many things in 15 years and they have given me the strength to go october forever and ever and ever!!!

Love theses guys | Reviewer: Kelli jo | 1/25/08

Blue October has changed my way of thinking forever.I now know that there are other people who feel the same way i do and so many of their songs feel like they were singing about my life.In fact 18th Floor balcony is mine and my husbands song we danced to at our wedding.

Justin Furstenfeld | Reviewer: Brett | 11/22/07

Everyone has probs I think some more than others and diff situations...anyway no matter what level Blue Oct will help you because it feels as though he is singin to you..BLUE OCTOBER is the best band ever..

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