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Billy Idol Blue Highway Lyrics

Last updated: 10/06/2013 07:17:33 AM

The opening line should say super truckers it's in the original liner notes and you can hear it on the demo version

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KUDOS on correct lyrics | Reviewer: Michael James | 8/27/2008

I checked 4 other lyrics pages and all of them had some inane bulls**T that made no sense. I had alway sthought he said, "walk with electroglide" which is a type of Harley motorcycle, probably the kind he crashed on. Also, "wave hello to Christ" is real clear to me, the other sites had wave hello to pride...??? HUH??? This could eb a reference to how close he came to dying in the crash. Blue Highway was my CB (yeah, dont ask) handle as well.
Great job on the correct lyrics,
Michael James,608/main