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Blue Eyes

Blue eyes just smile to the world
Full of dreams and with fascination
Too soon she saw that her hands were chained and pulled without any freedom
It's always the same, the fear no way out
I cannot break it
I can take it no more

It's burning me up inside
Lost all my tears, can't cry
No reason, no meaning
Just hatred
No matter how hard I try
You fear the beast inside
It's growing, it's waiting
Just to hurt you

This heart was hurt by the light and
I see your world that tries to deny us
Now everything that I love has died or has been shattered to pieces
It's always the same, they fear no way out
I cannot break it
I can take it no more

It's burning me up inside
Lost all my tears, can't cry
No reason, no meaning
Just hatred
No matter how hard I try
You fear the beast inside
It's growing, it's waiting
Just to hurt you

Just to hurt you
Just to hurt you

Can't you see their eyes, what lies inside
They've given up, they no longer shine
Too soon they close with one last cry
Before they turn to white

Just to hurt you

It's burning me up inside
Lost all my tears, can't cry
No reason, no meaning
Just hatred
No matter how hard I try
You fear the beast inside
It's growing, it's waiting
Just to hurt you

Just to hurt you

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I got what the arabic singer is saying | Reviewer: Free Syrian | 2/28/13

Here's what the arabic singer is saying:
إلهي لئن أعطيت نفسي سؤلها
It's part of a poetry written by Ali Bin Abi Taleb (cousin of prophet mohammad). The poem asks god for forgiveness. But again, it's not quran, it's poetry. But I'm not sure who the singer is.

Arabic singer, no Quran | Reviewer: Free Syrian | 2/28/13

The guy singing at the beginning is singing in Arabic, yes, but it's not Quran. I'm not sure it's even related to religion. It can also be arabic christian chants. We can't tell unless we have the full version of this chant. But it doesn't matter, the song is great.

my say | Reviewer: zaybieber | 1/25/13

There Are EQUAL RIGHTS for men and women in Islam.Its the peoples problem that they dont follow their religion correctly and make women feel like shit! Period...P.S-Im a female muslim I should know.And in case youre wondering Ive never in my entire life worn a veil.I know my rights.Im not some person with no identity.And I dont believe in half the stuff the arabs make women do.

National Geographic | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/28/11

It's obviously inspired on that famous photograph of that muslim refugee, with those Mesmerizing keen blue eyes staring straight to the photographer, as if they were claiming for deliverance, first time I heard it I knew it, I wasn't even thinking of that, but that image just came to my mind as clear as if it was right in front of my eyes, it's just perfect and it pictures their situation with amazing poetry

Awesomeness | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/22/11

I love this song! Its so...deep.
The man speaking/singing in the begining is obviously doing so in arabic, so i beleive this may have something to do with female-opression, especially in the Arab world. However i hate how some people are blaming such on islam, because FYI (for the person who said theres no penalty) THERE IS. And a severe one at that.
I think the problem is not with the religion, but the people practicing it.

Anonyme | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/16/11

I don't know if it's holy quran, I just got into Islam last year! I was christian once .... any way
at first, it's just an arabic religist song, he's thanking God for his blesses with his amazing arabic voice ! any way in my country Algeria, the women are treated very well actually, & Islam gaved women all there rights, but some people, infortunately, doesn't understand it, because if ignorance

Blue Eyes... | Reviewer: Maya | 1/9/11

the meaning of the song blue eyes or actully the meaning of Blue Is sad..
and i beilive that it's speaking about how women in the past couldn't do whatever they like and go whereever they want..
the General was controling women.
and the man in the first 5 scounds is reading Quran he is thanking God for everything God has done for him no matter what is was Good things or bad things..
PS : Sorry if I have some mistakes in writing !

Oppression | Reviewer: Ally Salem | 12/3/10

The beautiful singing voice in the beginning is an Arabic Muslim shaikh called "Al Nakshabandy" he is not singing Qur'an but preaching thankful prayers to God.. All I hear is first 3 words "Elahy khairon aatayet" which means "my god you've given well".. hope everyone can be able to understand these words :)
This song is amazing, I believe the message/ theme conveyed here is universal.. Stop the hatred ... stop the opression .. Either women being oppressed and dominated by men or Arab countries being raped and violated by foreign ones.. Please feed me back on my fanpage if possible ! I'm a female electric guitar soloist from Egypt.. :)

Irashai mase menna san ;) > Hello in japanease laguage ^^ | Reviewer: Kawaii - Chan | 11/29/10

Hello every one ;)

I'm Muslim girl .. and arabian one too actually ^^

yup , I wanna tell you that the man who is singin' in the begining .. he's not saying Holy Qur'an .. sure not .. he's just saying an Old arabian poet .. might not too old poet .. !

yup , so that's it ;)

Bye .. ^^

understanding before judging | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/14/10

the problem in arabic countries is not the religion it self but the man who applie it and controle every thing, by using every mean, theoughout history we can see that men every where and in each culture used to controle women no matter what was their culture or religion, ib the other hand I agree that now in arabic countries a lot of women are sufforing but the solution is not in the culters of the others but in the totale resoect of the humans race and that what all religion is about , but the application of it may be different according to people.
by the I ador the groupe they are amazing ;)
PS: sorry but there is a penalty for it in islam and it's the penalty for murder, sorry to disapoint you.

Singing in Arabic... Not exactly. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/31/10

Hosam, it's true that the man is speaking Arabic in the background, but it's not singing. I'm pretty sure it's Qur'an. I've heard it a great number of times, even if it wasn't my intention to listen, and I know it when I hear it.
That said, I think this song is about the oppression of women's rights in Islam and the Arab countries:
"Too soon she saw that her hands were chained and pulled without any freedom"
As is the case with young girls in many Arab countries. History has seen young girls killed by the hands of their own fathers simply because they laughed out loud in front of a stranger. And in case you're wondering, no, there is no penalty for that in Islam.

Beautiful song by the amazing Within Temptation. | Reviewer: Annamal | 5/12/10

This gorgeous song is so soulful and heart wrenching. I know that Within Temptation often use stories as a source of inspiration for their song lyrics and I'm wondering if 'Blue Eyes' was inspired by Tony Morrison's 'The Bluest Eye'(?)
The novel tells the heartbreaking story of a little African American girl who is ignored and rejected by both her family and society. The youngster idolises the white child star, Shirley Temple, but envies the adoration and attention that is bestowed upon the actress and other children who conform to society's perception of beauty. Denied the love and acceptance she needs, the girl becomes gradually consumed and damaged by a fantasy wherein she is transformed into the prototypical blue- eyed 'beauty'.

Fantastic !.. | Reviewer: Hosam | 3/31/10

Great Song .. but guys the man in the first 5 seconds ISN'T muezzin .. he is just singing lol in Arabian of course .. I wish this song could be the gate of great peace among all cultures no matter what is their religion or language ..

osm song | Reviewer: jessica babaliba | 1/8/10

man it rocks!!! i am a huge fan of wt and i think that this is a great one!! im from eourope and i can tell u thats its true no one cares about them. they "infested" my contry and im like the only one who pities them!!!!! the only one!! any way goths rule wt rules peace!

war | Reviewer: rim | 12/23/09

i believe this song is for all the arab countries nd the ppl suffering nd how they hv no control over what's happenin to them nd to their children.
nd the muezzin in the beginnin shows the beginnin of a new day..
simply an amazing song!

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