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Big Wreck Blown Wide Open Lyrics

Last updated: 04/29/2013 04:47:13 PM

So all surrounded
By the things I thought I'd put away
And all surrounded
By the things I thought I'd put away
And there's a pile in the closet
That's where I threw some yesterday
Maybe under the rug
That's where I swept some the other day

So the mess is drawing forces
Outside I hear them say
(Just) come out with your hands up
So we can blow you away
And I walk out the door
Get blown wide open
By the things I'd put away
And I wasn't even warned
Just blown wide open
By the mess is where I lay

So I'm all surrounded
By the things I thought I'd put away
So I'm all surrounded
By the things I thought I'd put away
And if I'm a slob
I never looked at it that way
When you're not the first to say

But I told her I'm sorry
I never wanted it this way
Yeah, I still need her
But the mess won't go away
And I walk out the door
Get blown wide open
By the things I'd put away
And I'm out on the porch
Just blown wide open
By the mess is where I lay
Yeah, blown wide open
Blown wide open
Blown wide open
Blown wide open
The gun's still smokin'
Blood keeps flowin'
Blown wide open
Blown wide open
[Why's she going]
All surrounded

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Bwo | Reviewer: Vmcvic | 4/29/13

I personally don't think he's being so literal as in he murderd some one but that he is talking about his feelings and how he has tried to hide these feelings and all of a sudden something has made him feel like these feelings have been " blown wise open" and brought back out and he has to face them again. I love this song and have been listening to it ever since I was little

blown wide open | Reviewer: annette | 11/5/12

Great song. Always makes me sad to hear it but the raw emotion of it makes it beautiful. I thought it was about a battlefield with the "guts still smoking" but I realized after reading the lyrics it is about heartbreak and mistakes made in the name of love. The pain of losing someone you love.

Blown | Reviewer: robinhood | 11/5/11

I have listened to this cover song over and over.
Correct me if im wrong. Does this not tell a story of a murder scene, where he kills his girl friend ( wife) and so forth and the forces come in and he is "blown wide open" for the things he's tried to hide...
And the mess that is there, is the mess that of a murder. As for the things he's put away,='s, "body parts".
Just a question???

New take? | Reviewer: Peter Gosse | 3/22/11

I always loved this song but hadn't thought of it in a while until I heard it on the radio the other day. I always thought it was about a guy who gets caught messing around on his wife/girlfriend( due to the temptations on the road for a rock star like Ian) and his actions coming back to haunt him. I always thought he said in this song "and if I'm a slut" instead of "slob" as I read here tonight. Either way, brilliant song, as is his more recent solo stuff like "man overboard" . I will try to catch him in concert on his current tour

Nostalic Moments at its all-time Best! | Reviewer: Dustin | 9/30/10

Ive been listning to BW for about 3 years now and the first thing i heard about them is after lisntening to lead singers post-band after BW in 2002, and saw that Ian was in a band prior call Big Wreck, got In Loving Memory Of.. just pushed play and see where it took me. After listnening to it all the way through i realized that there really arent that many bands today that can metaphysically bring out Nostalgic emotion in most of anybody. I will never ever forget this band and i truley hope that more people will get to know them and consider things differently. I also will add that there is no favorite song of mine by them really, i love all of them in their own fashion, because they all of their own element but in the same sort of genre, its not a good album cuz it takes you back to the 90's, its a great album because almost anyone can relate with that specific feeling that youll never really forget. ever. thats the beauty of music. or should be at least.

Blown Wide Open | Reviewer: A | 3/14/10

To the reviewer S, who lost his nephew:
Man that sucks. I had my older brother step in front of a semi truck. He was a little older, so maybe it makes more sense. Goddammit, children at twelve should not be trying to off themselves. What the hell is that? I wish you the best, my man, focus on the good things.

Connection | Reviewer: josh Ayers | 5/2/09

U know i actually decided to say goodbye to someone i really cared about, cuz they were using me, but as i did that. all i could think was "why did I do that" and being blown wide open actually describwes how i felt after i left her. I didnt want to.. but i knew i had to i love this song, but it reminds me of her... it sucks

Horrified once I heard it after the fact | Reviewer: S | 1/29/09

I was enjoying this song today until I realized, near the end, how it brought the horror of a family tragedy that occurred last year strongly to my mind. My 12 year old nephew shot himself in his backyard before school. As I sang the lyrics back to myself this aft, I clasped my hand to my mouth & had to fight back the tears. I'd been having a pretty good day before that. Very well done song, but no way will I be able to listen to it again.

Biggest Wreck Fan | Reviewer: BiGRoCKStaR | 10/18/07

YES this is the theme song to alot of my sorrows. The First album intirely is just emotionally heart wrenching. Im 33 Ive been A fan of Big Wreck. Well Ians THornleys Music before they where even really know. The very first Canadian official gig was PLayed in my Home town. Barrie Ontario. Ian constantly states its his favourite place an basically where he gets his mojo runnin. Blown wide open is a song I get carried away in tears everytime I sing an play it. It is a cover song I keep on bands top list. Cause I can connect with the emotion so well. Im hoeping 2008 I may get to open for Ian. But who knows. A talented man that is an unsung Hero in Canadian Music. Pure genious I would add. Sorry nickle back - Chad - You should be taking the back seat. But its probably good this way. Keeps the music real. Bigus Wreckus Forever. The Second ALbum is just as good. Check out a song on it called "All By Design" ANother Blown Wide open kinda feel. Lt hope to hear my band DownThrow open for Ian. Ciao

Addicted | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/26/07

I'm truly addicted to this song. I bought the Big Wreck album when it first came out, and "Blown Wide Open" has grown into one of my favorite songs ever. It moves me every time I listen to it. It almost seems to get better as time passes. The emotion of the music, lyrics, and vocals takes me to another place. Thank you Big Wreck!

Overwhelmed | Reviewer: Cat | 7/30/07

I first listened to this song yesterday. The tremendous emotion brought tears to my eyes, and all kinds of things from my past surfaced in my mind. Few songs have ever created such an intense reaction for me, and I love music that is able to do so. I'm adding this to my list of "special songs" to listen to when I'm feeling down. I love it.

Two thumbs up! | Reviewer: Paul Kragenbrink | 8/22/06

Hands down, this is my favorite Big Wreck song. I can't think of another song they did that carried such emotional power. "Blown Wide Open" was the song I would listen to when I was alone while my wife and I were separated. I identified with it so much, it felt like they were my words, not Ian's. Granted, Big Wreck had other good songs ("That Song", "The Oaf", "Undersold") but this is the one that did it for me. If you've never heard it, buy it or download it and listen. And, for the more sensitive types out there, especially the ones going through a divorce or breakup, be prepared to cry. It's that powerful.