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They form a line,
One at a time,
Ready to play,
(I can't see them anyway)
No time to lose,
We've got to move,
Steady the helm.
(I am losing sight again)

Fire your guns,
It's time to run,
Blow me away,
(I will stay in the mess I made)
After the fall,
We'll shake it off,
Show me the way.

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Only the strongest will survive,
Lead me to heaven when we die,
I am a shadow on the wall,
I'll be the one to save us all.

There's nothing left,
So save your breath,
Lying in wait.
(Caught inside this tidal wave)
Your cover's blown,
Nowhere to go,
Holding your fate.
(Loaded I will walk alone)

Fire your guns,
It's time to run,
Blow me away,
(I will stay in the mess i made)
After the fall,
We'll shake it off,
Show me the way.

Only the strongest will survive,
Lead me to heaven when we die,
I am a shadow on the wall,
I'll be the one to save us all.

Wanted it back
(Don't make me mad)


Only the strongest will survive,
Lead me to heaven when we die,
I am a shadow on the wall,
I'll be the one to save us all.

Save us all!

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AWSOME | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/6/12

wen i heard this song it did blow me away its my number 1 song i listen to it evrey chance i get it is the best song by breaking benjemen and evreyone who hasnt heard it are like there under a spell wen they do.

Breaking Benjamin Still Rocks the curcuit | Reviewer: jenny8876 | 7/1/11

Hey, what up, it's me again from date 6.13.11, wanted to say that I still love this blow me away song and wanted to give thanks to review Israel J from date 6.21.11 for likeing the most coolest song ever too

World Superstar Wrestling Corporation Company presents ''The Rated R Superstar's New Theme Song!" | Reviewer: Israel J | 6/21/11

World Superstar Wrestling Theme Song Studios has Officially Borrowed "Halo 2's Main Theme Song"/ Breaking Benjamin's "Blow Me Away" to Lend to Edge! So...Watch Out for Edge's New Entrance Music and New Entrance tonight only on WSW : 'Dangerous Stars'
(p.s. this is an Imaginary Wrestling Corporation)

Breaking Benjamin I s The Bom | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/13/11

i REALLY HONESTY LIKE THIS SONG IT'S MY NUMBER 1 SONG OF BREAKING BENJAMIN and will be my first,don't doubt that. The song even seems like if you were in the video game Halo Reach. I like video games and that's what it reminds me of. I am girl but could also like video games Breaking Benjamin rools, in lots of different ways, hope they do well in good or bad. they deserve our most cheers, Good Luck Breaking Benjamin and your voice and all the band members.

The song is totally EPIC! | Reviewer: Th3Fuck1ngL337dud3 | 6/4/11

I never heard a song like this(yeah right after Dragonforce and its crazy solos xD but thats not the point.)I even say "ah,just another band of pure crap songs"but when i heard this song i said myself "oh crap this song is totally epic shit"That comment changed my life and one idea of me,never judge a band or his name.

Besides,hear this song of this same band!
Is: "Diary of Jane"very cool song too.

Lyric mistake | Reviewer: C4TSMILEY | 4/5/11

If you play this song in slow motion, the singer actually says "Don't make me mad!" not "Don't fight back God!"
Plus, the whole song kinda sounds like two really drunk dudes role playing.
It's funny!

I LOVE THIS SONG!! | Reviewer: C4TSMILEY | 4/3/11

Yes, I know everyone says this, but serious. I do love this song. I looked it up on the internet, downloaded it to my computer, and e-mailed it to my brother. Oh, wow. I bet you all think I'm a total nerd for typing everything right. But look at my name. I play Halo: Reach, and my tag (the thing that follows your name) is F4C3 or FACE. I think the one with the numbers is ODST. (They so should have called it "Helljumpers" or somthing, because ODST is so long to say in conversation.)
But my brother is my best friend, so he kinda rocks, too...

A great moment | Reviewer: Fake Kraid | 8/11/10

"Uh, Chief? You might wanna sit this one out..."

The precise placement of this song when MC walks in on the huge battle between the elites and the brutes in the Mausoleum adds a wonderful boost to an already stunning scene. With bands like BB and Incubus stepping up to the plate, the soundtrack had to be good. And it is. This song is amazing in the game and on the OST, even though I'm not usually fond of this particular style of...whatever it is. Rock or metal or whatnot.

Great song (: | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/16/10

This is a really good song (: My friend told me to look up this band because it is one of his favorites, and I'm now in love with this song..Saw it coming though, he has the same taste in music as me. But wow! This song is awesome xD

I WILL NOT BOW | Reviewer: Laura | 2/1/10

I LOVEEEEE THAT SONG!!!! THIS BAND IS AWESOME, THEY ROCK! really, who said that girls don't like rock? I LOVE IT!!! love it, love it, the way they play the guitars! i can't explain its like a deep emotion.

gr8 song | Reviewer: inYOfasi808 | 8/11/09

This song is kickass but do any of u Halo fans listen to KSE (Killswitch Engage)??? cuz their song go really fucking great with halo. Especially when your playing online or campaign.

I listen to this band whenever i play on XBOX LIVE tm. and i fucking rock!!!

p.s. my gamertag 4 xbox live IS the reveiwer name.

AMAZING | Reviewer: Malicious | 5/1/09

I love all of Breaking Benjamin's songs, and I think Ben is a musical genious, I adore this song. And all the Halo games. If anyone thinks girls don't like this kind of music, thats a weird stereotype. I know lots of girls who love them. Its like saying girls don't listen to rock music. :) Thats all I can stand listening to.

And as for that Anonymous post, don't judge on people's spelling skills, considering you have worse grammar then my four year old cousin. Get over the fact that there are internet abrieviations that everyone uses when they're typing. Very few people have the patience to type everything out in proper grammar and spelling. Find something better to do with your time, instead of critisizing everyone else. And not even having the balls to put down your email and a user name. Real mature. Go play in traffic. :)

think | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/17/08

if you're going to talk like this -

Do not, and i'll repeat, DO NOT play this song while making out with the bitch ! ;0
The hoes are not rlly in too this song xD Belive me on this !

Peace out bitches.. !

- maybe it's not the song the girl doesn't like making out to

Breaking Benjamin happens to be one of my favourite bands, and i'm a girl..

and as to the spelling and grammar debate, you go to school for 12 years to learn how to do it. so practice it!

and buddy, you are just as bad for judging him on his spelling and grammar standards. besides, he did in no way imply that he was judging people, he simply said they need to improve their spelling and grammar. which i wholly agree with

LOVE this song! | Reviewer: Nikki | 8/19/08

Haha, at first I thought it was "I will stay in the mess I made" xD
Hmm but I see now ><

I love this song! And I love Halo! Haha...

Yeah... random posting :| But I love this song so uber much... xD

Rebuttal to the READ THIS post | Reviewer: JC | 5/29/08

Hey DICKANUS, if you have nothing better to do than just sit there and randomly judge posts by their spelling, then take a minute to read this. First and foremost, work on your grammar before you go posting meaningless things like that. Second, get a life. Third, get a decent job, grow up, move out of your mother's basement, and start changing your underwear at least once per day without the assistance of your mother. You are obviously in need of a wake up call. You have been pampered by your parents for too long. Let me guess, you are a 14 year old nerd who moved all of the furniture that your parents paid for into your parents' basement, started spending all of your free time there playing on your computer, and gaining the need to wear 3 inch think glasses. People like you make me sick. GET A LIFE!

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