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Bloodlet Biography

Last updated: 09/18/2002 10:05:31 PM

Art Legere - Bass
Scott Angelacos - Vocals
Matt Easley - Guitar
Charles King - Drums

"As with anything in life, the more you put in, the more you get out." - Charlie King

And that saying holds true for everything that this crunching quartet from Florida does. With their latest effort, "The Seraphim Fall", they attempt to take you on a storybook ride through the tortured minds of people they've met in a Residents meet Beelzebub sort of juxtaposition of thoughts and emotions.

Every song was recorded in the order it was written, with "Your Hours" summing up the recording experience. And with Dave Clark (Neurosis' sound wizard) at the helm, the end product is delightfully disturbing. Each track can be listened to on many different levels. You can hear the song, the noises or the separate tracks that all combine to make looping, melodic hate-noise that would make the head of even the most innocent spin on its axis.

After months of writing, recording and touring, Bloodlet are again opening your mind with their noisy guitar riffs. By the time they reach your skull using bass lines that drill through you like a diamond studded bit, they curdle your blood with vocals unlike any other. And to prevent you from flatlining, the drums act like pacemakers for your heart, steady and tribal throughout.

With a unique sound, Bloodlet are one of the best dynamics-motivated bands out there today. With every song containing transitional elements that flow smoothly into one another, their start-stop rhythms never get bogged down in anonymity. Their trademark breakdowns with crushing climaxes are only exemplified on this album by Scott's animated vocals: spoken word one minute, aneurysm inducing screams the next. In every song there is a level beyond pleasure that leads to pain, then shying away from pain and standing tall in the anguish that is life. Turmoil, suffering, and happiness are all steps in the resolution leading to the end.

As a band leading the way out of hardcore's straight-forward approach, Bloodlet draw on their influences in the realm of metal and noise to get their point across. Touring with bands like Neurosis, Grip Inc., Coal Chamber, Eyehategod, Today Is The Day and Entombed hasn't hindered their progress in this direction. "The Seraphim Fall" is one of the most multi-faceted records in recent years, and their imagination shows no signs of slowing down.

P.S. - This record is not designed to be friendly, in fact, it has the potential to destroy small, portable stereo equipment. When was the last time you heard a "killer" CD?

"With stunning loud/quiet dynamics, superb songwriting and a refined hardcore sensibility, Bloodlet's debut album 'Entheogen' proved that even the achievements of the godlike Neurosis can be improved on." - Terrorizer