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After one listen to "Hooray For Boobies", it becomes clear
the Bloodhound Gang have no reason to live. But, they like
it that way. Based in both Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and
Los Angeles, California, this five-some of
twenty-somethings is fronted by Jimmy Pop. A jack (off) of
all trades, he fucks it up on the mic, writes the fifth
grade lyrics, composes a lot of the tunes, samples things
no one else would want to, organizes all the noise inside
of his Macintosh and produces the bargain bin classics know
as Bloodhound Gang records. More...

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Review about Bloodhound Gang songs
You're all wrong anyway.. | Reviewer: Jen
    ------ About the song The Roof is on Fire performed by Bloodhound Gang

Too bad none of you know your damn music. First of all, the name of this song is Fire Water Burn. Secondly, The chorus is from the ORIGINAL song 'The Roof Is On Fire' by Rock Master Scott & the Dynamic Three that was released in 1984.

Electric | Reviewer: John
    ------ About the song The Bad Touch performed by Bloodhound Gang

I finally heard that song before but If you wanna hear it, go on youtube and listen to it. They go, Let's do it like they do it on Discovery Channel cause they do it over and over again and If you wanna repeat it out loud, You might wanna sing it. So what about today?

my thoughts on this magical song | Reviewer: tegan
    ------ About the song You're Pretty When I'm Drunk performed by Bloodhound Gang

yes i liked it loud and i wanna scream at the top of my lungs that YOURE PRETTY WHEN IM DRUNK! AND IM PRETTY FUCKING DRUNK MOTHERFUCKERSSSSS! seriously changed my life for the better, i play it to orphans. i love you guys. hit me up with a text? 0411 471 228 ;) thanks for everything, you guys rok!!! :P

<3 | Reviewer: Zelleh;3
    ------ About the song Discovery Channel performed by Bloodhound Gang

Love ittt! Me and a few friends at school are obsessed with singing this. I live in England, and I went to a tattoo convention in Liverpool. They played this twice! :D And yes, I was dancing.. -3- And singing... And almost raping people O3O

MaryJanePenetratesMyBrain | Reviewer: Bobby Bobbystein
    ------ About the song Along Comes Mary performed by Bloodhound Gang

Obviously about how most women in today's society are fickle about love and how Mary Jane will never cheat or decieve. The "When we met I was sure out to lunch,Now my empty cup tastes as sweet as the punch. Is describing that even if you have a shitty existance Mary Jane will make you relax and forget about your problems.

Very clever song | Reviewer: Anon2
    ------ About the song The Bad Touch performed by Bloodhound Gang

You may not think it from the lyrics, but these are very talented guys. Bit dodgy live though.

Dug this CD out again after a few years and it's been playing permanently for the past couple of weeks.

Love this song !!!

Pluh!? | Reviewer: I'm a cynical dick!
    ------ About the song Screwing You On The Beach At Night performed by Bloodhound Gang

Ah! Why is their so much shit in ear disease going on around these here parts! Why the hell would he reference a bong! It's just a satirical song about making love, not smoking weed and getting high! If that were the case the song would be called "Smoking a bong on the beach at night" GOD!

Oh yeah, Jim sounds like gym da hur hur hur! Why in the FUCK would he also make a reference to school! AGAIN! AHHHHHHHHHH!
I know this song might be on the new album coming out next year called "Getting laid on a school bus" but that doesn't mean Jimmy pop is gonna make a reference about school on every song!

Haha alright alright, I'm just fucking around here, don't take me seriously. Although I hope someone does, just for the lulz, as some stupid /b/tard would say! YA SEE!

Youtube video | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Discovery Channel performed by Bloodhound Gang

This song used to be in a youtube video. i think the name of it was "Six Flags Yo" but they took it off! they had some awesome pictures in a slide show that went perfectly with the song! my favorite part is in the song its saying "So put your hands down my pants and I bet you'll feel nuts" and its a pic of tweety bird touching some person's ass :D
it was the best video ever and it was complimented by the best song ever!!
If someone finds the video repost it on youtube!!!

xD | Reviewer: Stefffi
    ------ About the song Discovery Channel performed by Bloodhound Gang

i absolutely LOVE this song. i used to play it all the time when i was younger. i remember when i has 5 or 6 and i made up a dance to it and showed it to my graaan. :P she was horrified. i dodn't get why at the time. but as i got older i knew whyy! ahahaha. (L) love this song. Classic.

Get over it. There's a different between commercial gain and a tribute. | Reviewer: Donavon
    ------ About the song The Roof is on Fire performed by Bloodhound Gang

This is just to shut everyone up. Does anyone here that is complaining about the use of Pixies lyrics even realize that he also mentions the singers name? Now, obviously, when you're going to steal from someone you wouldn't say the name of the person mere seconds away from doing it.
Get over it. Besides, this song came out in 96. I'm sure half of you weren't even born then.
Pixies weren't even a band at that point and the newly named Frank Black was going solo at the time, so who gives a fuck?
The song's been around long enough. If they gave a fuck, I'm sure they would have said something.
Not to mention all the fucking Pixies cover CDs with titles like "Pixies Fucking Die" or "Death to the Pixies - We're Better" featuring shit like Weezer.
One last time, get the fuck over it and quit reading so much into a parody song from 14 years ago.

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