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This place rings with echoes of
Lives once lived but now are lost
Time spent wondering about tomorrow
I don't care if we lose it all tonight
Up in flames, burning bright
Warming the air of the world

"I don't love you anymore" is all I remember you telling me
Never have I felt so cold
But I've no more blood to bleed
'Cause my heart has been draining into the sea

Steps, I take in your footsteps
Aren't getting me closer to what is left
Of the dreams of what I once claimed to know
Within my bones this resonates
Boiling blood will circulate
Could you tell me again what you did this for?

"I don't love you anymore" is all I remember you telling me
Never have I felt so cold
But I've no more blood to bleed
'Cause my heart has been draining into the sea

Still I wait
With a hope inside of me (inside of me)
So still (so still) I wait (I wait)
Until again we meet
Until again we meet

Within my bones this resonates
Boiling blood will circulate
Could you tell me again what you did this for?

"I don't love you anymore" is all I remember you telling me
Never have I felt so cold
But I've no more blood to bleed
'Cause my heart has been draining into the sea

Still I wait
With a hope (so still) inside of me (I wait)
So still (a hope) I wait (inside of me)

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"So I bowed my head and prayed for wings to take me from this place." | Reviewer: nukafire | 10/4/11

It's funny that people would look at this song being just about cutting. Right now "my heart is bleeding into the ocean" but I myself am not bleeding. It's a figure of speech meaning that he is extremely hurt that somebody would do this to him and he wants more of an explanation from her about why she did it because all he remembers is that she said "I don't love you anymore". I can relate to this song because this literally just happened to me.

emo?... | Reviewer: Mr.Unpredictable | 8/30/10

for people who think this song is emo...need to stop cutting there wrist and actualy listen to the damn lyrics >.< this song tells about how he lost someone he loved, and couldnt love agian "with hope inside me i still wait" the song isn't talking about cutting him self sry all the emo people or just idiots that believe this...

Emo | Reviewer: Jp | 5/5/10

The stereotype or even thought of "emo" is a slap in the face to all musicians for as long as music has been around. I would think all artists put a lot of thought and emotion into their music, even if its not your cup of tea... It still probably means a lot to them, and has for hundreds of years. I laugh anytime someone calls music emo cause I really think it is disrespectful to the history of music.

Love this song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/22/10

I like to listen to this song when I'm hurt and cannot express it to anyone. I don't want to worry others wig my troubles that I create for myself.. I know everyone has enough to worry about. The emotion in this song is wonderful because he sings his heart out and I can relate to the suffering we all feel as the puny humans we are. God bless and Buddhism forever.

Does it matter? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/10/10

This song is amazing. Y'all can call it whatever you want-emo, punk, can call it freaking classical music if it makes you happy.but whatever title you put on it doesnt change the fact that it is still an amazing song with beautiful lyrics and rise against is brilliant with so much talent.

Yes! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/30/09

Yes! I love this song especially for its guitar, so amazing and dont even get me started on the vocals. All of their songs are just awsum! My top three songs are Everchanging (acoustic version is pretty nice to), Blood to Bleed, and savior. Ya know wut forget all this. ALL SONGS ARE AMAZING!

good music good lyrics | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/4/09

i like rise against especially because of the meaningful lyrics. i hate the ignorant people who classify everything as 'emo'. i get called emo every fucking day just because i have long hair and im sick of it. i dont think theres one rise against song i dont like, although i havent heard them all.. i also like bands such as disturbed, slipknot, in flames, amon amarth, deathstars and metallica.

Lol? | Reviewer: Tom | 4/12/09

I love this song, i mean this is my favourite song from my favourite album by Rise Against..

but honestly.. all the people who say this is emo are retards lol..

and if you want to abuse the song.. why search for the lyrics?.. Fucking retards lol..

love this song and love Rise Against

.... | Reviewer: Stella | 4/9/09

Come on. How is this emo? (meaning modern terminology, not 80's terminology)
And why is emo something to be afraid of? (Note: I'm not emo, I just have no idea why there are all these stereotypes about them.)
Would you like it if people went around saying "all punks are j.d.s and can't spell their own fucking names?" Uh, no. Or maybe "all people who like rock or punk are druggies and suck dick"? Thought not. Anyway...
Oh my God. Slipknot? Emo? Please. I'm laughing my ass off right now. Seriously, that's the funniest thing I've ever heard. From what I've heard of their music, which is about ten songs in all... no. Next thing you'll be telling me is that Otep's a pop band. Oh God, I have a sidestitch. (By the way, I'm informed by my friend Noel, who is screaming her head off on the phone right now, that apparently not all emos slice or cut or self-mutilate. News to me, but OK.) Right up there with "Hannah Montana is going punk".
She wore the fucking fingerless gloves.
This does NOT make that phony blonde punk. It makes her a motherpose.

Your all idiots! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/7/09

kk i dont see how you think Rise Against is emo!?!?! wtf!? first of all. its punk rock. emo is 100 % opposite of punk... emo's hate like and just wait for it to be over, punks embrasse it! not fucking hate it at all?! they regret nothing. if any of you mf's new anything you could tell that its a bunch of b.s that people make fun of emo. im punk kk. i get called emo every fuckin day. im not even emotional!? so enless you want me to rip your fuckin ballz off you make you eat them stop ranting my fav band! PUNK. ROCK. kk? and metalica is metal? listen to there song fuel? its 100 % metal. - 100 emo. so i dont care about all you fuckers that say shit about emos.. just keep it to your self? kk no one wants to hear or be the victom of being called that.. its mean.. just cuz you fantisise about guys cutting and shit like that dosent mean you gotta say it? go fuckin suck a chode if you wanna shit. im sayin it right now im fuckin sick of this and sick of them being catagorized! how the fuck would you like to be called a nigger? or a honky? or a chink? that you fucks you dont like that hey? then STFU! >:/

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