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Early in 1967 in order to pay Al's way to England.
Keyboardist Al Kooper and drummer Bobby Colomby put
together an ensemble of classically trained jazz musicians
and combined their horns with the remains of The Blues
Project, including guitarist Steve Katz. After they
performed, Katz and Colomby convinced Kooper to stay in the
U.S.The result was a unique blend of rock and roll and
jazz, a throwback to the day of the big-band, and a nod to
the popular psychedelic rock of the mid to late 60's. This
union was Blood, Sweat, and More...

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Review about Blood, Sweat & Tears songs
Still great after the years | Reviewer: Doctor Fine
    ------ About the song Morning Glory performed by Blood, Sweat & Tears

I thought this a wonderful album full of creativity heard in my dorm room when it was a new record back in the 60s.

Al Cooper influenced the artistic exciting non-commercial flavor of the band in this their first iteration. The later David Clayton Thomas version of the band was also great but entirely commercial and very "Broadway" sounding. If I am not mistaken they "fired" Al Cooper as they were in a hurry to be famous and wanted "more commercial material." Which BS&T certainly got later...

This song is a lament to lost innocence and the over complexity of modern life. The singer wished to be free like the Hobo and have conversation with a free person---thus he lit a candle hoping to attract a creative type.

The Hobo would have none of it. He senses the singer is still panting to keep up in the "race" of fools which the singer embraces. And thus the Hobo walks away, far away.

This is exactly what happens to those who try too hard and think they must be "the winner." Wiser Hobos will tell them to shove it.

What a great horn arrangement.

How creative.

Have fun listening to the band while it was still under the spell of Al Cooper. he also wrote "This Diamond Ring" and played organ on Dylan albums as Dylan went electric for the first time.

Al Cooper was FUN. I miss those days a bit.

So tell me, what have YOU been up to lately?

lucretia macevil | Reviewer: john m guinto
    ------ About the song Lucretia MacEvil performed by Blood, Sweat & Tears

i have always been a fan of blood,sweat and tears,and have always loved this song,but,am embarassed to say that up until a few days ago,i did not know the name of the song is lucretia macevil,and another one of my favorites from this group is god bless the child even if it was written and done first by billie far as i'm concerned,blood,sweat and tears set the standard,and none of the rock groups of today can hold a candle to blood,sweat and tears.

such meaning to this song... | Reviewer: Jean
    ------ About the song Spinning Wheel performed by Blood, Sweat & Tears

This song, if we all lived so simply by the would be so much simpler and happier. What goes up, must come down - we will have our good days and our bad...get off the pony ride and enjoy the good times when they present themselves...for a short time things can get crazy and seem endlessly downward - one may think things will never be good again...yet, behold the painted pony..get back up on the saddle - forge ahead for What goes up must come down....likewise it will also go back up again. Life is about Trials and is how we handle those times - gooe or bad - that make the true difference in life. I live my life that way and find I always end up, no matter how bad - back on the pony going up!!!! Live life, enjoy - LIFE REALLY IS GOOD!!!

So, how are you, Buddy? | Reviewer: Susan Kraft
    ------ About the song Lucretia MacEvil performed by Blood, Sweat & Tears

I realize it's been almost 2 years since you posted your blog. I was looking up the words to this song (since I also love it) and saw your message. I don't know you, but it touched me that you were struggling with cancer. This message may go nowhere, but I'm having a very rough day and just wanted to reach out to someone else. I hope you're well. If not, I know you're missed. You sound like the kind of guy that people would miss.

Will it ever end... | Reviewer: Tony G.
    ------ About the song I Was A Witness To A War performed by Blood, Sweat & Tears

Such a heartfelt emotional/intellectual and evocative disection of the 'monument to modern man', as the song puts it. These people who aren't much different than many of those who, for whatever reason fell into line of war projenitors before them.

Never gets old... | Reviewer: Bob Damia
    ------ About the song I'll Love You More Than You'll Ever Know performed by Blood, Sweat & Tears

I was listening to a Marc Broussard "cover" of this Al Kooper song (I Love You More than You'll Ever Know) and after hearing Marc's beautiful rendition I just "had to" go retrieve Al's original version from the Blood Sweat and Tears album (Child Is Father To The Man)and am I glad I did...the song itself, the studio performance, the musicianship and the unmatched production quality makes it a song that simply "never gets old".....hooray for Al Kooper, Blood Sweat & Tears and (of course)the other numerous musical contemporaries that shared the stages during what I'm sure will go down as the greatest period in songwriting history...Mr. Kooper is a national, thank-you Al...

Love this one by the original BS&T | Reviewer: Bud Tillery
    ------ About the song Lucretia MacEvil performed by Blood, Sweat & Tears

But heck, I am 71 now and I still love the 70's music,
taken in the whole of that year, better than any other
year's music production. I thought that my preference
may have been (and still is)influenced by the $3000 JVC
system I bought at that time (along with a Corvette)when
I discovered that I still had some money left after my
first divorce (from a wonderful gal.. go figure). But I
am digressing, I know. Dunno why on this particular forum.

I now have the full 1970's music - my favorites, that is -
but too much of it was dnlded via imperfect P2P. Too late
to correct that now, as cancer of the blood sets other end-
times priorities. But the music does contribute to my being
a happy camper, as I always am anyway.
Best to all reading this usless blog of mine. It just made
me feel a bit happier to write it this fine evening.
April 9, 2011
Bud Tillery aka
All comments are welcome (famous last words!)

WOMANIZER | Reviewer: Mário César Bernardino
    ------ About the song Don't Explain performed by Blood, Sweat & Tears

I am a Brazilian lover of BLOOD,SWEAT & TEARS since 70, and since then
I`ve hearing this fantastic "Band" through its majestic songs always when
I am at home in the weekends. BLOOD SWEAT & TEARS is evrything, the GROUP
that I`ll never, never will forget, and WOMANIZER is all to my mind.

BS&T First Album is the Best | Reviewer: komaramusic
    ------ About the song My Days are Numbered performed by Blood, Sweat & Tears

Child is Father to the Man

Go figure. Some classic rock albums will live forever. Al Kooper had a good day that day, historically. One of the best.

Blood, Sweat, and Tears work out the sound that is going to make them all very famous, but here it is still raw edged wonder and beauty. With Hammond B3, hot guitar, with vocal and horn arrangements to die for.


BS&T Morning Glory Song Review | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Morning Glory performed by Blood, Sweat & Tears

I cry when I hear this song. It is pathetic to listen to the singer's needs. Relying on the hobo to fillin the missing parts of his life. Perhaps the singer is crippled, maybe just scared - who knows. Speculate on his need for the hobo.

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