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Mortuary Blood Storm Lyrics

Last updated: 03/22/2003 04:54:03 AM

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[Lyrics and, Music: J. Alanis]

As I see the sky
His face is turning black
The volatile life is dead
And dropping blood from the air
The blue veins blast and destroy
The sacred nature will die
In hands of fire and blood
Your life will come to your end

Bleeding your soul
Your sins are paid
Soon you'll be carbonized
Tormented fury
Your ass is contracted
In your eyes I see the fear

Boiling the blood
In which you'll die
In your insides you've putrilage
The blue veins
Around you
A bloodbath will be your end

Your heart is trembling
While you pray
In your veins flow the pain
Who are you praying to?
Your God is a lie
It's an image with the figure
Of a whore

Running through
The laws of hell
Thunder of fire
Shattered in your head
Trying to revive yourself
Growing hope, you are dead

Explode - inside your head
Explode - inside your head
Explode - inside your head
Explode - inside your head
Blood storm

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