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"Blood For Blood is the enemy of all that you hold dear.",
says guitar player Rob Lind, "I been held down my whole
life. This band is my opportunity to spit in society's face
and tell mankind and the whole world "fuck you". Anyone who
has ever felt full of anger and hatred towards the world
around them should be able to relate to Blood For Blood."

Inspired by bands such as Sheer Terror, Breakdown,
Carnivore and Raw Deal, Blood For Blood formed as a
reaction to the existing heavy music scene in Boston back
in 1995. "We couldn't More...

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Reviews about Blood For Blood songs

Sounds like some friends might help | Reviewer: Joe Laginestra
    ------ About the song Some Kind of Hate performed by Blood For Blood

Theres a pill for that and if that don't work try the listening to the music of the Beatles or the Bible, believe me they work. I wish you love and peace plus all the joy in the world, it's there if you look and it's wonderful. If you need a friend to talk to try my business E-Mail and I'll will do whatever I can to help you brother. Merry Christmas and the best New Year ever.
All My Lovin',
Joe L.

PS: Please forget all about HHHAAATTTEEE

Charlestown is the town he says.... | Reviewer: Matt
    ------ About the song Hanging On The Corner performed by Blood For Blood

Dude it's My whole town.... CHARLESTOWN. No one gets it right. (I Live in Charlestown)

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