Blood For Blood Albums

  • Serenity Album (4/22/2004)
    A Prayer To The Night Sky
    Hanging On The Corner
    Live The Lie
    A Rock 'N Roll Song
    My Jesus Mercy
    City Boy
    Serenity (Reprise)

  • Outlaw Anthems Album (1/15/2002)
    A Post Card from the Edge
    Mother Dear
    Ain't Like You
    Dead End Street
    White Trash Anthem
    So Common, So Cheap
    Tear Out My Eyes
    Some Kind of Hate
    Love Song
    She's Still a Bitch (Called Hope)

  • Livin' in Exile Album (6/29/1999)
    No Tomorrow
    Cheap Wine
    Eulogy For A Dream
    Anywhere But Here (Maybe Someday)
    Nothing For You
    Livin' In Exile
    Still Fucked Up

  • Spit My Last Breath Album (6/22/1999)
    Piss All Over Your Hopes And Dreams
    Can't Heal
    Spit My Last Breath
    Waiting For The Moment
    Redemption Denied
    Hurt You
    Paper Gangster
    Chaos (In Your Face)
    The Strain

  • Revenge on Society Album (4/7/1998)

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    Reviews about Blood For Blood albums
    Was not expecting that! | Reviewer: Robey UK
        ------ About the album Outlaw Anthems performed by Blood For Blood

    It was completely the most awesome album I’ve ever heard before, after never hearing a single thing about the band before, and 1 drunken night and searching for Irish "outlaw" music and stumbled on this thought brill (I didn't see the cover until afterwards) and you can imagine my amazement at 3.30 am ish, and i was definitely thinking the intro's strange for a folk album, but every track is flawless no faults at all, it's definitely influenced my own lyric structuring (personal, the guitarist in our band writes all the band material) but I’ve had it two weeks and it's been on at least twice a day since, and lastly that my dog also loves it, but only because of my wife not sharing the same level of enthusiasm and thus me and dog go for long spliffs in the park followed by munchies upon the return

    ## check out, WORTH EVERY PENNY !!!

    !!!!!!!! | Reviewer: yo mamma
        ------ About the album Outlaw Anthems performed by Blood For Blood

    all i can say is this is the best hardcore band out there

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