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Papa Roach Blood Brothers Lyrics

Last updated: 12/30/2012 06:29:52 AM

Watch your back because the next man is coming
And you don't know if the next man is dumbin
Survival of the fittest what it is
I got yo back, you got my back and that's the biz
Blood is rushing through my veins
I got the power channel the energy
And with my strength I will devour
Sickening thoughts are running through my head
That's when I realize I'm glad I'm not dead
Corruption and abuse, the salesman of our blood
For the public's craving, existence in the dark
It's our nature to destroy ourselves
It's our nature to kill ourselves
It's our nature to kill each other
It's in our nature to kill, kill, kill
It was a dream and then hit me, reality struck
And now my life is all shifty and it all moves fast
Close to buck 50 and we all stand strong
In respect to the family in times of our insanity
And through the words of profanity
I describe our dysfunctional family
Blood Brothers keep it real to the end
Deeper than the thoughts that you think, not a trend

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beat me | Reviewer: maggot84 | 12/29/09

paparoach is fuckin awesome, but slipknot better. coby is an angel and corey is a monster.. yeah i know paparoach and slipknot are different but even paparoach have 9 member they cant beat 9 monster of slipknot.. maggot for life stay(sic)

dude.. | Reviewer: Gerald Crepsley | 4/4/09

wtf, what is so special about a band that writes it's own material, I mean if you're surprised by THAT, you'd be surprised by all the great music out there. Don't get me wrong, Papa Roach is a great band and all, but there are much more bands, better and also writing their own material. How's this own so special?

You've Gotta Love Papa Raoch! | Reviewer: Connie | 8/8/08

Im My Opinion.. Papa Roach Are The Best Band Ever!! Jacoby Shaddix's (Vocals) are AMAZING. Hes Written Basicly EVERY Single Song Papa Roach Made. And All Of The Instrumentalists Wrote All Of The Music to everything. AMAZING

Awesomeness incarnate! | Reviewer: Matt | 5/23/08

The first time I ever heard this song was at the last major fight scene in the movie The One. ...Come to think of it, that movie's soundtrack isn't that bad....they have some stuff from Drowning Pool, too. Ever since I heard that song, it's always stuck with me, and this songs opening is my all-time favourite song opening :)

Wikid | Reviewer: Danny boy | 8/27/07

The first time i heard this song i loved it straight away but it took me like a year to find out the name of it. It's bloody tops, mate.

Intense | Reviewer: Alex Gillette | 5/11/07

This was the song that got me into Papa Roach, I reciently went to a sound check before the concet and they playd that song. It was absoluty amazing and evreytime I hear the song i think hes singing it to me. They are like the coolest ever!!!

great song | Reviewer: can't tell ya | 5/1/07

this song is in my oppinion is the best by papa roach great guitar great voice its obvious why they put it on tony hawk's pro skater 2. this song rocks.

Fucking Rox! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/10/07

I love this song! Its awesome!

Papa Roach RULES!!

One of the greatest songs to hit the Tony Hawk series. | Reviewer: Yaharii Mesa | 7/27/05

Of all the songs in the entire series, this is the best. Great lyrics, great tune, and an great song to play to, not to mention a great song in general.

Amazing song | Reviewer: mike | 12/20/04

Blood brothers is in my opinion, the star of infest. The way the band uses the electric guitar in the background. Truthfully it's one of my most favorite song.