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Blondie was the greatest pop band of the New Wave Punk era.
They were pop because you can't really say they were new
wave or punk, or funk, or disco, or art for that matter.
They did everything that interested them -- including the
first rock/reggae and rock/disco. To some they were new
wave with their ironic words, cool haircuts and Debbie in
day glo Steven Sprouse fashions. To some they were punks --
mocking rock dinosaurs and Debbie the cover girl on Punk
Magazine. Whatever they did, it all came out sounding great
and Blondie More...

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Review about Blondie songs
Near Brilliance | Reviewer: Zone
    ------ About the song Fade Away And Radiate performed by Blondie

Vocals, guitar work, drum work, progression, lyrical content are all other worldly. What would I change? Extend the song, at least musically with relaxed solo and outro. Can the reggae outro because it detracts from the spirit of the rest of the song. Equalize the instruments in the mix ala Led Zepplin because they're just too good to sit in the mix as is. Not to hide the vocals which are perfect. Thank you.

Shayla, worked in a factory (the Matrix) | Reviewer: Dijit
    ------ About the song Shayla performed by Blondie

Shayla, worked in a factory (the Matrix) being a battery. She wasn't history (she never had a real

life). She's just a number (cacoon in the Matrix). One day, she gets her final pay, (death), she

goes far away (cacoon releases her body).

Not the first Rap song.... | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Rapture performed by Blondie

Rapper's Delight by the Sugarhill Gang (1979) is generally considered the first (although it was not the first with some rap lyrics)
And ...the F word was NOT in Rapture...sorry to burst your little bubble. This was one of my favorite songs from my youth and I knew every word (still do).

It's not "finger popping" | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Rapture performed by Blondie

I don't care what they say in the liner notes. It's "finger fucking". 1) Listen with headphones. 2) Watch music video, bottom lip off top teeth, that's an "f" not a "p" (p=both lips pop). 3) My deaf lip-reading wife confirms that she says "fucking" not "popping" in the video.

Good song. | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Shayla performed by Blondie

Despite the previous reviewer below me, this song is a masterpiece by Blondie. Thankfully, we aren't all under daddy's desk to get somewhere in life; so whatever the inspiration was, the effort paid off and the end result is just terrific. Very enigmatic. Way to go Blondie!

10/07/2010 | Reviewer: awas
    ------ About the song I Want That Man performed by Blondie

I'm young Omri 37 year search for a woman to live with her great friendship marriage and sexual power I have a very large communication and I hope you will learn more via email I want Arabs Visa and travel to

Rapture S-u-c-k-s | Reviewer: Dfykke
    ------ About the song Rapture performed by Blondie

Possibly the most embarrassing song ever put to vinyl. I get the same gunchy feeling from this abortion called Rapture that I get when I hear Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds by William Shatner or any song sung by Jim Nabors.

This Does Not Relate | Reviewer: shayla
    ------ About the song Shayla performed by Blondie

Ok so my name is shayla & this has nothing to do with my life. I'm a rich bitch, & my daddy takes care of me i have everyything i want and need. Wow its funny how they can make a song using my name & it doesnt relate at all . maybe a poor ass girl name shayla will relate

Being named after this song... | Reviewer: Shayla
    ------ About the song Shayla performed by Blondie

My dad named me after this song. I heard it for the first time 4 years ago after finding my real dad. I am now 26 and found it to be ironic on how the lyrics of the song actually match to my life. I worked in a grocery store for 5 years and was a number (145), took my last paycheck and headed out to California to meet my dad. Green trees and peace was all I wanted after not being happy where I was for so many years. I absolutely LOVE this song. =]

from the mouth of Debbie | Reviewer: BillyS
    ------ About the song Shayla performed by Blondie

I heard an interview w/Debbie once back in the late 80s/early 90s. They were asking what certains songs were about. I've always loved this one, so I remember her saying (only) "This was sort of our 'cowboys in space' song". So all the analyzations here IMO are how they wanted it to be: individualized to each listener.

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