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Bloc Party is an autonomous unit of un-extraordinary kids
reared on pop culture between the years of 1976 and the
present day. Like many such kids, between them they
eventually concluded that their own attempts to imitate
what had informed them could be construed as a worthy
variation on the many forms that preceded. They do
everything that's required to conform to the currently
received ideas of what a band is: ostensibly to play
instruments at the same time, but also have a title for the
work created.

Kele picked up a guitar when More...

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Review about Bloc Party songs
The loss of empathy | Reviewer: anonymous #2
    ------ About the song Uniform performed by Bloc Party

I agree with all of the comments above. The song is a punch at the commercialized reality we have come to live in. In this post (or post-post) modern world we cannot create anything new, all we can do is recycle the past and try to repack it so no one notices that what we are saying, doing, wearing has all been said, done and worn before. The world has lost its creative power.
Also, another very important aspect, the fact that we have become totally detached from each other plays a role in the song. We are unable to connect with ourselves as well as other people. We don't sympathize anymore because we are used to seeing people being blown up on TV or starving children on the news. This bombardment of media pictures is destroying our ability to feel anything, especially empathy.

I love this song,so true! | Reviewer: Darcy
    ------ About the song Helicopter performed by Bloc Party

I love this song so much,and now I know what the lyrics are! This is so true because, I live in Dublin,Ireland, and visited America. When I when there, they said they don't have sizes for me in womens and that the smallest they have is xsmall. There are a lot of obese people in America, and people need to realize that America is just another place,not the controler of the earth! Also,I have a shoutout to weird but true, you are a racially insesitive scum, how dare you call someone the n word!!! Also, British people are not pussies because you say so! You are just trying to hide your weakness by trolling people. To my opinion, Toby Keith is horrible,and if he was a good singer, he's horrible now that you listen to him! Instead of trying to hurt peoples' feelings, why do you do something useful that you need, maybe like passing 2nd grade! If you need to talk to me, feel free! How agrees with me? peace! from Ireland

Not just about personal individuality | Reviewer: Laura
    ------ About the song Uniform performed by Bloc Party

I think this song is partially about the lack of individuality in today's society, but also, I think it's about the general stagnation of creativity. We're not coming up with new, different things. What we're creating these days is recycled bits and pieces of the past, mashed together to look like something new, when it's not really.

Two More Years | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Two More Years performed by Bloc Party

This song is about break up... It takes two years to get over someone you love, you feel like you will never get over them, your pain will last forever. the next time you see them again (tomorrow) you will become cruel in their presence, because you don't want the old feeling to come back again and haunt you, you don't want to be hurt again -- Shade of grey is sadness

Flawless | Reviewer: Ali
    ------ About the song Sunday performed by Bloc Party

This song is truly an amazing piece of music, especially the acoustic version. The lyrics are raw and inviting, and they are honest. This is my boyfriend and I's song; it shows the ups and downs of relationships and the paths that you choose to take, so long as you choose them hand in hand.

youre an idiot. | Reviewer: lmao
    ------ About the song Helicopter performed by Bloc Party

This song is as one person stated about a son and father he uses America not because of stereotypes but being the America is in a sense the "Son" of Europe. but i guess some people are too simple minded so now to use a language that you can understand


thank you.

pretty cool | Reviewer: jeza
    ------ About the song Kreuzberg performed by Bloc Party

this is a champ song, not gunna lie.
however kele is gay.. not sure if that changes the meaning inferred by the lyrics. i re-read them and found that they are quite ambiguous, like if you read the last stanza with this frame of mind it sounds quite different

sad | Reviewer: Brook
    ------ About the song Two More Years performed by Bloc Party

this song describes me and my boyfriend so perfectly it scares me. We're both sophomores in high school and we only have to wait two more years before we can actually be together. My parents hate him, so I've been lying to them about him. And we snuck out to a park in the middle of the night once to be together. Enduring this kills my heart and the only way I deal with stress is by cutting my arm. I have many scars on my arm from cutting... My boyfriend told me that having to deal with this crap from my parents has made him harder...he said he was emotionally numb. He's always so upset because he thinks he's ruined my life... :C He tells me that he's caused me enough tears. But I keep thinking...just two more years and we'll be out of high school and we can be together.

Derrick | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Kreuzberg performed by Bloc Party

This song is amazing. It perfectly captures the image of a young man walking alone in the city at night, looking for a soulmate. He may get lucky with a few women, but he knows inside that they both have no real attraction, or love toward each other. His search for true love continues in the metropolis..

trollin | Reviewer: Zhftn
    ------ About the song Helicopter performed by Bloc Party

Just a few things...
-"weird but true" was probably a troll post. Pay the anon no mind.
-Oh wow, stereotypes, how horrible! It's just a song, and I doubt it's meant to be taken so seriously, regardless of how true or otherwise it may be.
-Given the posts I've seen here, I agree with the person who brought up The Dead Kennedy's. The song may have been a flame war in disguise.
-The grammar and spelling I have seen in these "reviews" is atrocious. My grammar probably isn't perfect, but Jesus Christ people.
-I like this song, and I don't give a damn how stereotypical or whatever the lyrics are.

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