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Blisterhead Biography

Last updated: 01/26/2004 03:28:44 AM

The Band:
Vocals, guitar – Kim
Vocals, guitar – Erik
Bass, backing vocals – B-boy
Drums, backing vocals - Carl

Blisterhead is a punkrock´n roll band from Falköping, Sweden. All their recordings have received great critics. Musicmagazine Close-Up made their first demo "Record of the Month" and the song "Radio Riot" appeared on Close-Up:s own CD "SoundCheck". Skrutt Fanzine wrote "- I´ts a classic, maybe the best recording we ever got!!" The past year the group has played over 50 gigs in Sweden and Norway. People and Press often mention The Ramones and The Clash after watching a gig with Blisterhead. After touring Norway this spring Blisterhead will hit the road to play in England.