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When I'm out walkin', I strut my stuff -- yeah, I'm so strung out
I'm high as a kite; I just might stop to check you out
Let me go why...why I got a blister in the sun
Let me go why... big hands, I know you're the one

Body and beats, I stain my sheets -- I don't even know why
My girlfriend, she's at the end -- she is starting to cry
Let me go on... like I blister in the sun
Let me go on... big hands, I know you're the one

When I'm out walkin', I strut my stuff -- yeah, I'm so strung out
I'm high as a kite; I just might stop to check you out
When I'm out walkin', I strut my stuff -- yeah, I'm so strung out
I'm high as a kite; I just might stop to check you out
Body and beats, I stain my sheets -- I don't even know why
My girlfriend, she's at the end -- she is starting to cry
When I'm out walkin', I strut my stuff -- yeah, I'm so strung out
I'm high as a kite; I just might stop to check you out

Let me go why ... Who I got a blister in the sun
Let me go why... big hands, I know you're the one

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JackFM in Dallas is playing what he wants but doesn't give me lyrics... | Reviewer: Tara | 3/30/13

I don't know why I looked up the lyrics...listening to JackFM will make me do that occasionally...but then the comments, wow! I'm generally VERY analytical and reading through all these I suddenly realized I won't get that five minutes back now and I DO NOT CARE. :) Still an ok tune in small doses...hear that Jack? When you are playing what you want I hope you don't want to hear the same stuff every day lol

i don't think its ABOUT masturbation | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/29/10

if you don't just listen to the lyrics but the tone of the song... you imagine someone feeling good, in a lustful way on a warm day walking along a city street after smoking a joint and feeling good, thinking about someone that turns them that they had a wet dream about... it reminds me of the internal dialog... the things that go thru your mind that u don't speak aloud. High as a kite? yeah that means drugs... u might say u were strung out on someone or they make u feel high... but high as a kite implies some pharmaceuticals

MASTURBATION! | Reviewer: Caleb Patterson | 5/28/10

This song is TOTALLY about masturbation. When you masturbate you get the same high as drugs and you do get strung out when your done because your not getting those pleasure chemicals getting to your brain anymore. If you don't use lotion you get a blister because of friction and friction can get pretty hot. Thus like a blister in the sun. Plus when we says big hand I know your the one...Its good having big hands for yourself for some reason.
Then it says Body and beats,which is the beating of your body,I stain my sheets, you get that guys stain them dang sheets when we jerk it,I don't even know why...he thought he cleaned up but he didn't, and he found it the hard way. :( Most likely he rolled in it. Nasty! The-My girlfriend, she's at the end,She is starting to cry.-Well... If I were her I would cry too if my boyfriend is masturbating and not having sex with me. Its a wtf moment where you have to thing are you gay or something? This is my thought on the song. It makes a lot of sense. If the guy actually said its not, then okay...but I haven't seen a video interview. Until then I think it is about masturbation.

i know all about this | Reviewer: J | 3/12/10

This song is so simple yet so real. Anyone who has been addicted to drugs and had a girlfriend can feel this song. It is sung in a cheerful manner as to imitate the feelings of pleasure that "going on like a blister in the sun", ie continuing to get high, does for you, even as you're singing about a sad, ruinous thing you are doing. And the idea that he is a rock star and can talk to any chick he wants and she will totally dig him, his poor girlfriend is starting to cry as he checks out other girls and continues to delve deeper into addiction (probably to heroin or something similar). REALLY FUN AND REALLY DEPRESSING AT THE SAME TIME. Those of us who have been high know about strutin our stuff, walkin, checkin out girls, feelin like a million dollars... until it wears off...

Blister in the sun | Reviewer: Indalecio | 2/12/10

This song is about beating off. I've used a ton of drugs in my days, and there are many instances where things can be taken multiple ways. I know drugs, sex, and masturbation, and this song is about masturbation, not heroin, not extacy, pot, coke, ghb, 2cb, Ibogaine, lsd, mushrooms, alcohol, nicotine, meth, pcp, ketamine, barbituates, benzodiazepines, sedative hypnotics, peyote, datura, or any other drug you can think of. Oh, and don't take a drug like opium and suggest it's about that, it's covered under the opiate category which is heroin, or something like adderall, because that is an amphetamine. This song is simply about masturbation.

Song drug related obviously. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/15/09

I believe the song is about heroin. "high as a kite" and being strung out. Not caring what anyone thinks, the drug makes you horny. Girlfriend at the end because she is sick of his addiction. Let me go on like a blister in the son, because the herion is killing him and whatnot. yeah...

uhhh ... masturbation? .... try drug use | Reviewer: Bill | 6/20/09

This song is so totally about drug use, I don't hear anything about masturbation in it. Anyone who's ever used ecstasy can tell you what it's like to strut when you're out walking. And the greatly increased body temperature, blister in the sun?. Any sexual references you pull out of it would be the increased sex drive you feel on e. My girlfriend, she's at the end, she is starting to cry? Obviously her trip is ending, and she's not taking the comedown very well. I just might stop to check you out? Increased social tendencies, you'll talk to just about anyone, you will stop and talk to anyone who catches your eye.

This song is about ecstasy!!!

Its about what you make it.... | Reviewer: Tedstone | 11/9/08

Used to listen to Blister on a jukebox @ a coffee house. Played it after poetry readings while cleaning up. We'd dance around singing it near the windows - people on Madison Ave. in Albany, NY would stare - sometimes applaud. Once there was a sing-a-long cause the door was open. I've also explained numerous times this song was NOT song by Neil Young...

wnedy's | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/2/08

i love this song. the lyrics dont make sense, sometimes, but its aazing either way. i first heard it on a wnedy's commercial that changed my life forever. i still remember the advertisement for the spicy chicken....mmm...violent femmes are awesome live.

A blister? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/25/08

LOVE this song! Got to see them play in a small bar back in 1981(?)
But I always thought it was 'like a blister in the sun' not 'like I...'
Doesn't that make more sense? A blister in the sun pops :-)

BAND GEEKS FOREVER | Reviewer: Jenna-Veeve | 10/21/07

We did this song for marching band this year and if I do say so myself it was pretty freakin awesome! If you love the original you have to hear the arrangement.
Love and Other Indoor Sports,

message from wikipedia | Reviewer: wiki | 4/27/07

message from wikipedia
this song is not about masturbation as popularly thought. He wrote this song about a girl he had a crush on in high school. Gordon was sensitive about his small hands, and on the first day of school a girl came up to him, held his hands in the air, and exclaimed, "Look what small hands he has!" So, he wrote the song from the perspective of a girl lusting after a boy with big hands. This explains the "big hands I know you're the one" line.[1]
this song is good

meaning of THE sonG | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/23/07

Duh, it's about masturbation, but it's a good song anyway. There are a lot of songs that are about one thing, that get used for something completely different. <p>Like that song "Angel" by Sarah McLachlan? It's about doing drugs. But who cares? The point is, Blister a good song, no matter WHAT it's about. Or what, don't YOU feel happier after "staining your sheets?"

meaning of sont | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/8/06

its funny that this song is about masturbation, and people dance to it all happy and everything, lol.
you guys are idiots for loving this song so much, lol. come on, stained sheets, his g/f crying in the corner. LOL

Violent Femmes and Grosse Pointe Blank | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/7/06

Great song, watched Grosse Pointe Blank with my boyfriend and is now one of my favourite films! It's hilarious. And the song is brilliant!

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