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Full name: Thomas Matthew DeLonge
Wife: Jennifer DeLonge (a.k.a. Jen Jenkins)
Children: 1 girl- Ava Elizabeth DeLonge (born on July
Pets: German Shepherd named Grey
Current residence: Encinitas, California
Birthday: December 13th,1975
Past and Present Bands: Past-Blink 182, Box Car Racer
Current- Angels and Airwaves.
Hometown: Poway, California
Fact about him: When he was 15 years old, he got suspended
from school for getting drunk at a basketball game.

Full name: Markus Allen Hoppus
Wife: Skye Hoppus (a.k.a. Skye More...

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Submit Blink-182 New Lyrics

Review about Blink-182 songs
Devo212005 Billy | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Family Reunion performed by Blink-182

Ok we know who George Carlin is an the song is kool so if you wanna talk bout ripoffs look at eddie murphy ripping of richard pryor it happens all the the time so ppl an politically correct people especially need to shut up yall can not figure out if its retardation or specially handicapped or special needs or whatever else so before you judge and before you speak think of jim carey ripping of jerry seinfeld or the fact that you can take just about any song an find a counter part an say it was ripped off so with that being said an I quote sir somebody is knocking at the door do you want me to tell them to fuck off yes please they can leVe me they hell alone

Brad Sully. STFU | Reviewer: Kevin
    ------ About the song Touchdown Boy performed by Blink-182

Who are you to criticize what Blink 182 does? They've been one of the MOST successful bands in the last 30 years. They have over 25 million records sold. 25 million more than you and I.

I think they know what they're doing. I'll trust their judgement. Besides, this is a good song!

My life... | Reviewer: Rett Noel
    ------ About the song Story Of A Lonely Guy performed by Blink-182

My girlfriend broke up with me and i realized i'm just a lonely guy...just that guy that plays bass again :'(
Blink-182 is my favorite band they're the best they helped me get through this i really wish they didn't break up ^_^ still i think that this is one of the best songs by them besides "I miss you" and "I'm lost without you" those are tied for the best well thanks for listening to this lonely guy

Awesome | Reviewer: Wever
    ------ About the song Dumpweed performed by Blink-182

The song is awesome, no point in emphasizing that. I was just wondering about the fist verse, where he sings "Another guy, you think I'd be unlikely", I always hear "Another guy, you think he'd be unlike me" (mainly because the "m" in "me" can be heard pretty clearly).

I love a lot of blink but..... | Reviewer: Brad sully
    ------ About the song Touchdown Boy performed by Blink-182

this just might be the shittiest song ever made, it blows my mind that anyone would put any time or money at all into recording something that is obviously just a joke, at least we hope it was a joke. a very bad joke. "he has fun fun fun and you, might call him a whore..." if they went on to become rock stars, rebecca black has a very bright future ahead of her...fuck me, You we're given a brain, for the love of god use it!

I highly recommend his love spells because they work very well! | Reviewer: Queency
    ------ About the song I'm Lost Without You performed by Blink-182

When my boyfriend left me for another woman all I could think about was getting him back. I was not out of the closet to my family and had lived a straight lifestyle my entire life until recently. My boyfriend cheated on me and moved out of my house when I was away at work. I came home to a letter that didn't even make sense. I had a love spell cast by and within three (3) days he was at my doorstep once again. I was so relieved!! Him coming back to me gave me the strength to tell my family about us and the time we spent apart really brought us closer together than we ever have been! I highly recommend his love spells because they work very well!

Bitch Please, this is perfect. | Reviewer: AustralianIdiot
    ------ About the song Fuck A Dog performed by Blink-182

Blink is fucking awesome and always will be. Mark, Tom and Travis are fucking great, they can come up with anything and make it amazing. So *middle fingers up* to all the haters saying this is gay, wrong, perverted, racist (seriously you guys?) this is awesome.

Not selfish. At all. | Reviewer: cassus
    ------ About the song Adam's Song performed by Blink-182

People who off themselves aren't the selfish ones. Family who would rather see their som/daughter/brother/sister suffer horribly their whole life just so they(the family) doesn't need to suffer the death of the person who kills himself.. Families who would have someone live the most horrible life rather than having to deal with his or hear death.. THAT is selfish. For a lot of people who suffer from mental illness like depression and bipolar disorder, the only relief possible is either self medicating with street drugs or alcohol, or a bullet to the face. Pharmaceutical companies basically have nothing that helps. Especially for bipolar disorder which I personally suffer from. Tried all the meds, they're all crap. At best they stabilise your mood. In my case they stabilize my mood at what I would call misery.

I will say this; if you're thinking of killing yourself, if that is your final option, I highly encourage you to try cannabis. It basically saved my life. This is the first winter (gets much, much worse during the harsh icy cold winters) that I've actually felt alive since I was about 18. I'm now 34, so half my life has been hell, and they've kept THE ONLY MEDICATION THAT WORKS away from me because idiots hate the idea that medication actually gives you a high. Not addictive (unlike benzo's like xanax and rohypnol etc) and it's not nearly as powerful of a drug as those meds either. Rohypnol and xanax feels absolutely amazing. The warmth and relaxation you feel with those meds is FAR more potent than any cannabis I've ever tried.

If you actually feel like helping people in need, vote to legalize it. The prohibition is a failure, no one has died from marijuana.. But millions of people have died because no medication works which turns their life into absolute total hopelessness. If you think that treatments for these conditions are right around the corner, think again, cause there's nothing on the way in the foreseeable future (10 years ++) and most of the mental illnesses last your whole life. Don't be a moron, vote to legalize.

Even if cannabis is illegal where you live, go for it. It might just change your life, even save it. Don't do any drugs without researching, and don't get tempted to try anything else. Cannabis is in a different league than almost everything else as far as safety goes.

Thanks for listening.

(I beg you admins not to delete this post, lots of suicidal people visit this page.)

love it. | Reviewer: Ellie brown
    ------ About the song After Midnight performed by Blink-182

I am absolutely in love with this song. in a way it's very simple yet so unique and it has that sound where it forces you to play it on repeat after repeat, you can tell its a pop punk song but it has a soft and romantic feeling. truly incredible.

Electric | Reviewer: John
    ------ About the song Family Reunion performed by Blink-182

I'm gonna tell you something, "Family Reunion" is the worst Blink 182 song I've ever heard. It says bad words just to hurt the world's feelings and you really don't wanna listen to it. So my favorite song from Blink 182 is "All The Small Things".

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