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Blindside is one Swedish rock band whose ship may have just
arrived. At least in America, anyway. With two memorable
indie releases under their belt, the scorching foursome
have signed with Elektra in the U.S., and have been busily
putting the finishing touches on their American debut –
Silence - produced by Howard Benson (P.O.D.). Despite the
title, Blindside’s much-anticipated disk is anything but
silent. Marked by brilliant, flaring guitars that
complement an almost mystical vocal presence, the group has
carved out a rock More...

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Review about Blindside songs
SAME ONE | Reviewer: lalala
    ------ About the song Sleepwalking performed by Blindside

I also though it was from billy talent! i guess we were all fooled xD but well, i googled the lyrics and found it really was from blindside... maybe when i downloaded from ares, the one who uploaded it mistake the artist or something like that

A band that plays from the heart | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song About A Burning Fire performed by Blindside

Blindside doesn't make music if it doesn't come from the heart. Their last full length release The Great Depression was a result of their singer/lyricist Christian Lindskog going to Africa and being touched by what he saw there. He came back and they banged out that whole album in around 6 months.

The same is true with every album they make. Christian is a really good lyricist though, and as a former reviewer thought, it can be hard to tell what the songs are really about. He is a poet really, and he uses great metaphors that poets everywhere would appreciate, but people who are not poetically minded (myself included) can miss the message sometimes. Christian made this song about the Word of God and they all pour their soul into it. That's why poetry works so well for lyrics; it's all emotion! New album coming out during the summer of 2010; be ready for more intensely emotion-driven songs!

wtf ? | Reviewer: wtf
    ------ About the song All Of Us performed by Blindside

what the hell, stop doing drugs, just cus they are considered a christian rock band doesnt mean everything they write about is about god, wake up and use your brain, maybe u'll realise what this song is about.
Hint: get laid

Sleepwalkingg | Reviewer: Maybe Im Walking On Air
    ------ About the song Sleepwalking performed by Blindside

I knew it was Blindside ? :/
Maybe it's because I listen to them all the time along with Billy Talent. They're both very good, but their voices are nothing alike :P

Whoever told any of you it was BT needs to learn music a little bit more ^^

Beautiful | Reviewer: Cassie Krayonz
    ------ About the song All Of Us performed by Blindside

This song makes me break down in tears. Just from reading it even.

Its talking about a person losing God, and finding him again. like my favorite line of all time "there you were, holding me, waiting for me to notice You"

Its amazing because he's still searching for 'an open arm' and in the process getting hurt. he wants acceptance. comfort. love. and the same things keep happening.

He runs to God.. but only too soon falls away again. Such is the heart of a human.

This song also speaks of forgiveness, and that there's always hope. We wash our wounds with tears of hope. There's always hope.

Blindside, a truly Christian band.

good song | Reviewer: Grace
    ------ About the song After You're Gone performed by Blindside

this song is good for sombody who is grieving the loss of sombody close to them, it resonates with the sadness in a persons heart, i know it has with my husband. he lost his dad a few years ago and i sent it to him

Sleepwalking blindside | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Sleepwalking performed by Blindside

OMG! i <3 this song..
but my brothers friend said that Billy Talent sung it. i think many people can make that mistake, but it definately is sung by blindside!
i say this is one is their BEST FREAKING SONG EVER!!!

Pitiful. | Reviewer: sleepwalking.
    ------ About the song Pitiful performed by Blindside

Dear pl0x,
I have this song on my myspace. Instead of look up "Blindside" in the Google Search Nav Bar on the top of your page. It won't be the first one to pop up, but search throught them and you'll find it.

Good Song, Not best | Reviewer: Jimmy
    ------ About the song About A Burning Fire performed by Blindside

I prefer their early works. A Christian band, it'd be easy to figure out what these lyrics mean. The forgetful nature of mankind. "Love is destructive for the ego.
And Your voice is the only thing
that speaks rebelliously in this world of claiming your own. "

Sleepwalking | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Sleepwalking performed by Blindside

Yess i had the same!!
mine sayd it was from Billy Talent too, but yes it doenst sound like them, so i googled the lyrics and found it was from Blindside!
haha so no you dont soumnd stupid *lol* =)

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