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For Blind Melon, it ends just the way it began ... with the
music. For guitarist Rogers Stevens and bassist Brad Smith,
who moved from their native West Point, Mississippi to L.A.
in early 1989, where they hooked up with Indiana-born
Shannon Hoon, Pennsylvania native Christopher Thorn and
fellow southerner Glen Graham to form the band, their new
and final album, Nico, is a way of closing the chapter and
looking to the future.
In between, there was a dream. And there was spontaneity.
There were great songs and creativity in all More...

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Review about Blind Melon songs
I remember | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song No Rain performed by Blind Melon

I remember the first time I watched this video. I was 11 or 12 (I believe), it was on MTV. I thought it was so corny. Now today, over 20 years later, it takes me back to that time when the world was still big and life was simple.

R.I.P Shannon hoon. nathan murray | Reviewer: Nathan Murray.
    ------ About the song Sleepyhouse performed by Blind Melon

i am a 16 year old kid. i grew up on shannons music. he is my hero. he had a bad adiction in life. but a great out look on it a great heart a good piece of mind. he is a amazing person. i may not now him personly but i fill i connect in his music wish he was still here he means alot to me. and alot to society. he is still here with us R.I.P shonnon hoon.

To Danielle | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song No Rain performed by Blind Melon

He did not commit suicide. He overdoesed. Believe me hewas our friend, my families. I never knew him but I wish he stayed around lomg enough for me to be able to talk to him. You guys really don't understand how genious all of Blind Melon songs are and how Shannon wrote them all.

Weather? | Reviewer: Dave
    ------ About the song The Pusher performed by Blind Melon

it doesn't matter what the correct lyric is...many artists end up singing something different from what they actually write. Listen carefully and he says "liver", or something very close to that...certainly nothing at all close to "weather"...

Skinned! | Reviewer: Ramapo KId
    ------ About the song Skinned performed by Blind Melon

I know this is kinda outta date, sorry but you know how iTunes can be! Skinned/ Soup and Blind Melon is just great for days you feel like crap! Shannon Hoon and the guys always pick me up slam me against the wall and say "HEY!"

BEDAZZLER | Reviewer: Anupam Brahma
    ------ About the song No Rain performed by Blind Melon

I came across the video of this TOUCHY song at VH1. And i was at high at that time,suddenly it sounded:
I got ths song downloaded after 5 days. And im now circulating this song. HATS OFF to BLIND MELON.

Unique | Reviewer: Martyn
    ------ About the song No Rain performed by Blind Melon

The first time i heard that music, I like it.Wow,it's so cool.I like different.It's amazing,i always hear it all day.Your song make an inspiration in our life.Thanks for a creation.Go a Head..Making in different.I just wait your video...

Kelsey S. | Reviewer:
    ------ About the song Change performed by Blind Melon

Yea this song is great, Shannon Hoon has a great voice and its sad that he is not here to make more great music. he has a very unique voice that just makes people want to listen to him, me and my bestfriend listen to them everyday! these lyrics are deffinetly not correct. So I will try and change them later. RIP shannon :(

R.I.P Shannon Hoom | Reviewer: Kyle
    ------ About the song Mouthful of Cavities performed by Blind Melon

This a great song every song they ever made was great. The best part about their songs is that there is a story behind every song. You all should get the book a devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other tells the whole story of Shannon Hoon and Blind melon.

No, it ain't. | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Life Ain't So Shitty performed by Blind Melon

Personally, I like the simplicity. The song has a simple message, so it only makes sense for it to not be this big huge multilayered extravagaza of sound. I'm actually kind of glad that it was never developed past the "recording in a hotel room" stage. It's really powerful, and I think the down-to-earth feel of it really makes the song.

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