Blind Guardian Lyrics

The four bards have their origins in the small town of
Krefeld in Germany.
There the band was originally formed in 1985, under the
name Lucifer´s Heritage. They have had the same
lineup since (talk about friendship!).

Lucifer's Heritage consisted of four skilled bards:

Hansi Kursch, who played the bass;
Andre Olbrich, who played the guitar;
Markus Siepen, who also played guitar;
Thomas Stauch, who played the drums.

This band was obviously influenced by RPG Epic metal and

In the early days they recorded two demos: More...

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Review about Blind Guardian songs
Love blind guardian, love greek mythology, BG rocks | Reviewer: kareem
    ------ About the song And Then There Was Silence performed by Blind Guardian

Already a fan of blind guardian before I heard this, the fact that it was about the fall of troy made me love it even more. BG songs always have the greatest (most interesting) inspiration and BG has the skill to do the source material credit.

What's the theme here? | Reviewer: Ancano Ampora
    ------ About the song When Sorrow Sang performed by Blind Guardian

I love this song and many other Blind Guardian songs, and I don't know the backstories behind pretty much all of their songs, but if I had to guess, this song reminds me very much of the story of Persephone.. It's probably a lord of the rings reference i'm missing or something i guess.

Awesome | Reviewer: Zhaoling
    ------ About the song And Then There Was Silence performed by Blind Guardian

The group is great and the song's the same. But they have another great songs: Sacred Worlds for example, Wheel of Time and more. Anyway I still don't get why their songs are not performed in opera and concert halls. Their level's above mere rock'n'roll as I suppose.

awesome | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song And Then There Was Silence performed by Blind Guardian

i was seventeen when this album was released. it was my favorite then and now i remember why.(it has been a while since i have heard it)
i decided to read the lyrics while i listened to it. turns out i still remembered the entire song.

blind guardians best song and no doubt one of the best songs ever written.

THIS SONG IS AWESOME | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song The Bard's Song performed by Blind Guardian

I listened this song by chance, looking for other songs in youtube and since then it became one of my favourite (if not the favourite) songs. I really love it and I think that it also has too good lyrics which talk about hobbits, dwarves, men and elves, some things that the most of the people like.

freaknastyswampwitchs | Reviewer: taliesin
    ------ About the song Bright Eyes performed by Blind Guardian

the first line just another fool
the begging and the end of every journey
we are all the fool all the time. the fool walks blindly with a dog to warn him of dangers.
blindness and bright eyes dont always mix. but i beleave bright eyes is a reference to the sun witch blinded the fool in the begging. even tho the man cant see his eyes are bright. he sees with his heart
and the help of friends both unknown and known. signs of god in the literal i believe. a blind man looking for god. might be the only one who can find it. are eyes are lenses or mirrors and dragons or egos love mirrors. so to see with your eyes is to look in the mirror. isolation bears hope.
sanctuary and a place to rest close to the earth. bears as in the bear spirit, it is the only animal spirit that can wrestle with dragons and get them to listen. a promised destiny. well you dont stare into the sun until you go blind for nothing you know. the sun being a metaphor for truth. and the spirit that is unique to our individual, not an alter at all. the sun is the source of life, yet all light casts shadows.
fear is our worst enemy, it is when we reach out to the alters when we doubt ourselves when we doubt god. my freak show will start tonight. he must have given up, something broke him and he is afraid. a fool of doubt. so the first thing you would reach for or except is an alter. alters can be total freaks. the right time must reefer to when the planets and the moon so that the water in the body is at the correct time and space or in musical terms. tempo and dimeter must be correct. then the chorus
i think it reefers to the blind wizard in welsh folk lore.
and no merlin is by my side is his lack of confidence and his lack of faith in his physical self. also merlin was the archmage and the blind wizard was a blind man stoking a fires of imagination.
everything being out of control is the anger and the confusion all swirling around like a hurrican in the mind until rage. at that point everything would get destroyed if what i know of the blind wizard is correct. broken memories are the reflection in a broken mirror. if you brake your mirrors
then you can climb the stairway to heaven. mirrors reflect. and eyes are mirrors. this gets into the name of the band itself. step by step the world is burning is the souls ascension to heaven even though the world is still in chaos. the poet dies in newer land i believe is reefering to the poet taliesin who has relations to the blind wizard. dieing in a newer land meaning he no longer lives in wales and that the top of the steps is also a newer land. and a reminder of our bodys mortality. i think the mother stubborn reefers to the internal argument and if confusion wins then the climber of the steps must go back down. the father stubborn is the reality of his humanity and humility. to remember himself as he is not as he wants to be. when dark dragons rise it is excepting failure it is giving up on yourself asking outside forces for help. outside forces that come at a heavy cost. as he steps into the light or summer
he finds winter cold and barren. filled with rage the blind guardian excepted failure. he failed his last test so to speak. because he was looking for something outside himself. the soul and our true self is the god we seek. we are so afraid of it that we welcome these alters. and we welcome failure in finding god, all we must do is be content with ourselves. to believe in ourselves so we can be ourselves and when we can do that we have found god. for our souls and god are one in the same. like the universe and the imagination are one in the same.

Harvest of Sorrow | Reviewer: Fantasy
    ------ About the song Harvest Of Sorrow performed by Blind Guardian

I love this song since I listened to it for the first time, half a year ago. Now that's the first time I really pay attention to the text and the first stanza already makes it clear: It's about the end of T├║rin's story.
The tear maiden, of course, it's just Niniel in English.
And it's just so ... moving that Nienor, her original name, just means "sorrow" ...

Such a wonderful song! Totally agreeing to the first review.

None more epic | Reviewer: Mike
    ------ About the song Battlefield performed by Blind Guardian

Somebody asks me what the coolest, most badass and epic song know of is.

I immediately point them to this. It has everything. Fast rhythm, awesome guitars, mind-blowing layered vocals that pretty much require you to have a friend to help sing along, and the most gloriously hot-blooded and over-the-top lyrics possible from a metal song (That isn't a parody, at least)

Robot Unicorn Attack chose well to make this the soundtrack for their Heavy Metal Edition.

Magical :-) | Reviewer: tiran818
    ------ About the song The Bard's Song performed by Blind Guardian

This song is really awesome. To those who haven't done yet: you should listen to the other songs of their album 'Nightfall in Middle-Earth'. Some more awesome songs on that album.

A truly amazing song | Reviewer: Vladimir Gospodinov
    ------ About the song And Then There Was Silence performed by Blind Guardian

I am a really big Blind Guardian fan for about half a year. This is one of their first songs I've heard. It's truly amazing. 14 minutes and 6 seconds of music awesome as hell. I love this song and I love Blind Guardian. :)

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