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From a city named after a mythical creature - known for its
invincibility against competition and for its rise among
ruin, Phoenix proves itself time and again to be a city on
the rise- producing notable band after band. There can be
no better representation then blessthefall. In addition to
their staggering live performances, blessthefall have
quickly become known for their uninhibited personalities
and eccentricities, including a love for llamas, hot
tamales, and the Top Gun soundtrack. They also carry
certain advantages - as they More...

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Review about Blessthefall songs
why i like this song | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Black Rose Dying performed by Blessthefall

this song really brings out the beast in me. i broke my nannas broomstick listening to this song. my mum hates it bcos i strangled the cat then i cooked it in the oven and ate it. it was yum yum goodness. I cant wait till i get to see my fat nanna just to glass her in the face. Oh and i need to strangle grandpa until he is beging for his life, things like that really get me a raging boner to hurt lil girls with it, if you know what i mean :) Cant wait to hurt someone to the point of no return i just need to stab a relative.i went to jail but i ate the warden and ate my way through the barbed wire and it cut my tongue off. i cant talk now thats why im writing this and not at your hhouse eating your face off. i will cut your mouth till im am full. im sick im your shit.

a Message to the uknown | Reviewer: bOnikZ
    ------ About the song A Message To The Unknown performed by Blessthefall

this song is for God,
eve though he really don't who God is, but he only know that he love God so much.
and he is trying to give everything to God because he loves God so much...

"Close your eyes, take His hand. we'll be home,once again
that's my Father"

this message means: take Father God's hand. and we'll be Home in Heaven.

mtf amazing! | Reviewer: tess
    ------ About the song Higinia performed by Blessthefall

The first song I ever listened to from this band, was guys like you make is look bad and I was like: *hearteyes*. BTF is the reason I became a rocker! And I love craig and beau both! Omg beau *-*! Rock forever blessthefall\m/

:) | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song With Eyes Wide Shut performed by Blessthefall

This is the only song I like by these guys (not a fan of screamo) I am a sucker for sad songs, so this one was easy to fall for;)

I read somewhere it's about his daughter? Makes sense, watching your young one grow up and being proud :D


Blessthefall | Reviewer: :)
    ------ About the song A Message To The Unknown performed by Blessthefall

I think this is about expression to one another. Boyfriend & Girlfriend. The connection through intimacy..The first paragraph its saying the distant feeling from the world and the desire to turn each other on. It turns into a very sexual and hot experience. They are hesitate on making love.
The second paragraph explains how Craig, or another figure, Is really at doubt with his decision. But then sees the light and understand his way of thinking.
Third paragraph is saying how much they don't know about each other and don't care what will come they love each other till the end. They will be there for each other.
Craig has a very bit of doubt. But its not really doubt its about being scared and tells himself its nothing to think about.
They feel the stress and are trying to get away.
"That's my father" is the last part i feel should mean something different to everyone.

Its hard to explain to someone who hasn't had a close or comparable experience. When you find the person you love. Share everything with them. and you want to have a life with them; till the end. Its about the things you live for. Whether you are scared, Do what your heart says. I have listened to this songs more times than I can remember or count. This changes how things work in my mind, how I go through my life.
People say... If you have to think twice about it don't do it. You don't live twice & you don't die twice. Life is yours.

Beau VS Craig | Reviewer: Maria
    ------ About the song To Hell And Back performed by Blessthefall

I think Craig was better in blessthefall than in Escape the Fate(mostly because he kinda killed ETF), but I think Beau is better in blessthefall than Craig was. I <3 you, Beau! (I love Craig too, but less, because he killed Escape the Fate. Not cool, Craig.)

epicness in many forms | Reviewer: rich
    ------ About the song Black Rose Dying performed by Blessthefall

this song is Epicly good. It got me in2 BTF.
However it Epicly sux that craig left, but hes with ETF so im happy.
This new singer is Epicly unique with his vocals.
Overall everything is pretty much epic so its all good (:

... | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song A Message To The Unknown performed by Blessthefall

For me this song isn't about your God at all... You really need to let people know that this is your opinion on the song, because songs are made to be reflected over and not even the song writer has the correct answer for what this song meens. Mostly because finding meening in songs is something personal.

To Ofir.. | Reviewer: Dentalfloss
    ------ About the song God Wears Gucci performed by Blessthefall

To the review posted by Ofir.. Which I know was posted on 10/3/09, but yeah, to that person..

If you were a huge blessthefall fan, you wouldn’t call them 'BlessTheFall' because you would know that's not their name, their name is 'blessthefall'. The new album which you speak of, I assume you actually mean is 'Witness'. This song 'God Wears Gucci' appears on the 'Witness' album, it's track 4.

All in all, though, this is a pretty good song from blessthefall, who are an amazing band.

renewed hope | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song With Eyes Wide Shut performed by Blessthefall

I was separated from the one i love 2 years ago and i cant see him again for a very long time. I was beginning to wonder if he missed me as much as i missed him then out of the blue i found this song.
:) I suddenly feel as if he's thinking about me as much as I think about him

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