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"Before we'd even completed our first demo for Blessid
Union of Souls, I was watching a rerun of M*A*S*H," recalls
Eliot Sloan, the band's vocalist," and you know how Frank
was always hitting on Hot Lips Hoolihan? Well, he was doing
everything he could to get her into his bunk, saying stuff
like 'I need you Margaret, I can't stand for us to be
apart.' Then he blurted out something like, 'Be with me
tonight, Margaret. I need to feel the blessid union of our
souls or I'm going to break out in hives.' I was laughing,"
says Sloan, "but I More...

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this is music! | Reviewer: AMANI NGUVILA
    ------ About the song I Believe performed by Blessid Union Of Souls

the first time i heared this i was so amazed but so wonderful,i swear i like the message,the music.they real know what they are this group still present? we need to find and believe GOD's love coz is the only answer,i like you guys

Facts | Reviewer: Gill
    ------ About the song I Believe performed by Blessid Union Of Souls

According to the "I Believe Story" from Blessid Union of Souls's compilation album Almost Acoustic (Volume 1), the song was written by vocalist Eliot Sloan in the early morning when he imagined the main piano sample which would be used in the song and then played it.
I always tell people, and it's the truth, 'I Believe' was written in the middle of the night at about three in the morning. I always used to live in downtown Cincinnati, a really cool spiral staircase up to my bedroom, which kind of ended up as my studio. I kept a piano there that my mother got me when I was nine. In the middle of the night I was hearing the melody and I thought, 'this is pretty.' I just had to get up and play it.
Eliot Sloan stated in an interview with The Celebrity Cafe that he wrote the song about his relationship with "Lisa", a girl he once dated. Lisa's father allegedly threatened to cut off her college tuition if she continued to see Eliot. They said good-bye and went their separate ways. He said that he still very much missed her, and placed a message in the liner notes of Home: "Lisa, give me a call sometime just to say hello, my number is still the same."

Now let it go cultists.

Real Love | Reviewer: Jonathan
    ------ About the song I Believe performed by Blessid Union Of Souls

@Ellen Cherry Charles...yes, actually. They are Christians, and the meaning of the song has been declared by Eliot Sloan himself as referring to God when it talks about love. Love is the answer, and God is Love. It's not that others can't understand love, only that love means something different for Christians from others. The biblical definition of love is totally selfless. It's not a feeling. It's an attitude which leads to action. It forgives, remembers no wrongs, endures, etc. It's defined in 1 corinthians. The greeks had different words for the types of love. Biblical, Christian love is what's known as agape love. What most people think of is eros, which can certainly be a part of agape, but agape is much more than that.

Still Crazy After all these Years | Reviewer: Tom
    ------ About the song I Believe performed by Blessid Union Of Souls

Like any other great artwork, we still talk about this song as if it was just released.The Keyboards playing sounds Devine as from whence it came.Sloan has certainly been in a place where "GOD IS LOVE" has been taught,and this song seem to be reverbarations of that teaching.LOVE WILL FIND A WAY(GOD IS THE WAY!!!)

Craigo | Reviewer: Craigo
    ------ About the song I Believe performed by Blessid Union Of Souls

I believe Sloan was hopeful, but knew blacks will not be accepted in this age. I believe it's because they insist on being wierd and whites are in denial. Sloan even says "No F**king Way" at the end of the song.

excellent | Reviewer: Elbert @phil...
    ------ About the song I Believe performed by Blessid Union Of Souls

Guys, I really like the essence of the song. Hope to have another songs from your band. Though some words are not emphasized well co'z you are Italian but if we get the message, it is very good. Thank you very much

No boundaries! | Reviewer: glowballz
    ------ About the song I Believe performed by Blessid Union Of Souls

The 1st time i heard the song is when i was in highschool. wow! what good lyrics and music and video. that's it til i've found myself got caught in the same situation (just like Sloan and Lisa inside the lyrics) one more time i heard it on my cellphone's radio station plays that song, it was really cries me a river "('T_T')"

Brother my Brother | Reviewer: Kiyo Saruzaki
    ------ About the song Brother My Brother performed by Blessid Union Of Souls

This song is awesome, my firend/sister showed it to me and i instantly fell in love with it. we've decided it's the theme song for two of our OC's (anyone familiar with fanfictions will recognize the term)and she's written a story for it on under the username Skylight-Starbright. It's called my Brother I Can Try Can You. this song is sweet and so true!

great song | Reviewer: mery
    ------ About the song Brother My Brother performed by Blessid Union Of Souls

I love this song so much, it resembles almost everything I feel toward my sister. She and I are very close to each other and share so many things. We fight each other as well, but at the end of the day we are always laughing. This love/hate feeling sometimes hurts as in the song, but still no one would ever leave his/her sibling alone.

To be fair... | Reviewer: Anna
    ------ About the song I Believe performed by Blessid Union Of Souls

With all respect (and I mean that), when talking about writing the song "I Believe", Sloan (the lead singer/songwriter for the band) talks about "I give glory to God for dropping it in my lap, and saying here, sing this". So bible study guy's question has an answer.
And though it was probably asked tongue in cheek, yes, love is a perogative for Christians, that is, followers of Jesus. There are religious people out there who call themselves Christians but don't follow Jesus, or know him at all for that matter. Forget all that religous, shallow, judgemental stuff that's been shoved down all our throats forever--check the guy, Jesus, out sometime. He never hurt, judged, condemned or hated anyone. He was a person like you and me who got that it wasn't about religion but being in a relationship with God, and had a broken heart for the people no one else seemed to care about. And the only people he ever spoke against were hypocrites, and I bet you can think of a few very famous so-called Christians who are hypocrites. So you got something in common with him, right off the bat.

Hope that didn't stir anything nasty up, just wanting to set the record straight. Happy New Year

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