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I'm digging my way
I'm digging my way to something
I'm digging my way to something better
I'm pushing to stay
I'm pushing to stay with something
I'm pushing to stay with something better, oooh, oooh

I'm sowing the seeds
I'm sowing the seeds I've taken
I'm sowing the seeds I take for granted
This thorn in my side
This thorn in my side is from the tree
This thorn in my side is from the tree I've planted
It tears me and I bleed, yeah... and I bleed, yeah yeah

Caught under wheels roll
I take the leech, I'm bleeding me
Can't stop to save my soul
I take the leash that's leading me
I'm bleeding me... oh, uh I can't take it!
Caught under wheels' roll
Oh, the bleeding of me, yeah
...of me, yeah... the bleeding of me

Caught under wheels that roll
I take the leech, I'm bleeding me
Can't stop to save my soul
I take the leash that's leading me
I'm bleeding me... oh oh, I can't take it!
Caught under wheels' roll
Oh, the bleeding of me...
Oh, the bleeding of me

I am the beast that feeds the feast
I am the blood, I am release
Come make me pure, bleed me a cure
I'm caught, I'm caught, I'm caught under

Caught under wheels that roll
I take that leech, I'm bleeding me
Can't stop to save my soul
I take the leash that's leading me
I'm bleeding me... oh, I can't take it!
I can't take it, I can't take it!
Oh,oh the bleeding of me.....

I'm digging my way
I'm digging my way to something
I'm digging my way to something better
I'm pushing to stay
I'm pushing to stay with something
I'm pushing to stay with something better, oooh, oooh

With something better!

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True story/bleeding me | Reviewer: Kattt | 5/15/13

Running errands through my town and a cop pulls along side me at a red light. He flashes his lights on top of his car which drew my attention. I'm thinking to myself, "oh great here comes a ticket"... I had my stereo high with Metallica's "bleeding me". I mean it was LOUD. (Which in my opinion is the only way to listen to Metallica...) I turn down the stereo quick and put down my window. The cop looks at me and says "Metallica" and gives me the thumbs up!! I nearly died. Thank you James, for making probably one of the best songs ever in the history of songs, and thank you cop, whoever you were for appreciating and knowing excellent music when you hear it !!! See, not all cops are bad ;)

Alcoholism | Reviewer: JRB | 5/10/13

This is about James’ battle with alcoholism. Having been a fan since AJFA, I can say that at first I didn’t really like the Black album, but then after a few months of listening to it I loved it. Then when Load came out I HATED IT! Thought they had sold out! But it eventually grew on me and now that I’m older I appreciate the songs and the lyrics a lot more. I consider Bleeding Me to be one of their best ever. (Kirk’s solo is unbelievable!) This song has been my favorite for years, but even more so now that I’m a recovering alcoholic. If you’ve ever had to break an addiction to alcohol or drugs (hell, even cigarettes) then you really understand the shame, frustration and pain that comes through in these lyrics.

nothing is constant | Reviewer: strokebass | 3/23/13

to understand James' and Metallica's life, I think you just have to listen to all of their songs. I bet you won't like all of them but you will like a lot. I regard myself as a true Metallica-fan and NOT BECAUSE I like Load and Reload. I regard myself as a true Metallica-fan BECAUSE I love all of their music, from the beginning (No Life Till Leather demo) through thrash empires' albums (...And Justice), chart metal (Black), deep 'Tallica (Load-Reload), the hard ways (St. Anger) until the reborn (Death Magnetic). A true fan understands his/her heroes' moves and he/she has to move like the band moves. Otherwise, you aren't a true/hardcore fan. Yes, they changed in their 30 years. Yes, they made mistakes (who doesn't?). And now I ask you all: would you like to stay in one shape for 30 years and not changing? I think it would be boring and depressing. Just think about this.

As I'm a bassist-lead singer, I know something (not so much but it's something /insert funny meme here/) about writing lyrics. I write poems too and most of them were inspired by this song and Load-Reload albums. These albums' lyrics have extreme depth and James is an awesome songwriter (in my opinion) but this is just awesome. They let the pain flow out which from Cliff's death grows and they just couldn't handle it (,,can't stop to save my soul''). They had/have difficulties what we can't understand easily because we aren't the members of a famous, long-lived metalband. Maybe once...

David, Hungary

well, sort of addiction | Reviewer: Bleeding Me | 9/8/12

"I'm sowing the seeds I take for granted" - He gets what he gives based on what he does to other people.
"Caught under wheels roll" - He can't stop abusing or being abused.
"Feed me a cure" - He is asking for help.
The point of the song is, don't abuse unless you can take the abuse, or don't dish out what you can't take.

metallica, great | Reviewer: Bleeding Me | 9/8/12

I hate having conversations with people about music and when the conversation strays towards metallica, the stupid close minded fools always say "after the black album metallica sucked,load and reload were terrible!" i then fight back with same response, "what about bleeding me? outlaw torn? mama said? wasting my hate? fixxxer? prince charming? fuel?....the list is is only limited by the tracks on the albums! i think personally that load and reload are true testaments to the depth of song writing ability.they realised early on,partly thanks to cliff burtons input,that melody and harmonies were the way forward. huge ear bleeding riffs with harmonies and melodies were appearing in as early albums as master of puppets. the reason their still going today is by not pigeon holing them selves to just "thrash".they are true musicians,dont believe me? listen to S and M afetr a joint with the lights off!!

think about what hes trying to say | Reviewer: babak | 2/5/12

understanding,thinking,getting,discovering the mystery of this fuckin worl or wich every fucking word that u want to name it,apperently or concealed,metallica and specially james & ulrs are trying to tell u to find and try ur soul man.whom that is trying to recognize the music flavor or beauty or every other goddamn thing is in a wrong way and been fucked by this tricky fucking world.think and find something beneficary and good for ur mind and try to understand.take away the music joyfulness ...THINK

meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/3/11

this song is about being addicted to a drug and wanting to quit "cant stop to save my soul" but being unable to, i'd assume the drug would be heroine, since hes taking the leash (tournaquet) thats leading him

masterpiece | Reviewer: Otto | 3/18/11

Who cares what's metal what's not? we all care about damn good music, that's what bledding me is, a masterpiece. I agree with who said that James H is underated as a very good lyricist/songwriter. Metallica kicks some serious ass, Period.Listen to S&M version with the San francisco symphony, it's a guaranteed trip!!!!

Angola, Africa

To "Anonymous" | Reviewer: Brittany | 2/11/11

I dont know who you fuckin think you are to hate on "load", but just in case you didnt know, Metallica doesnt write music for the sole purpose of pleasing your ass. If you dont like it, fine, dont fuckin listen to it. How bout you maybe do somethin about it yourself and start your own band and see how your music stands up to anything of theirs. Lets see you do better.

Bleeding Me | Reviewer: diabolik | 10/7/10

this is really a great song from Metallica. personally, I think the song is about angst and saying that the person is the one suffering his own problems and no one else. Only him, the only one who can deal with his issues.

Metallica Rulezz.... | Reviewer: Anakin | 8/29/10

I dunno wot ya guyz r babblin' 'bout...but woteva... a true fan wont even question dem...if u write lyk james n sing lyk him...y dont ya all open ur own band...

And as for d song "Bleedin' Me" really is an excellent song....powered by very strong lyrics...

What do u tink its about? | Reviewer: | 4/6/10

Man ive been reading people trying to put Load/re-load into "is metal" "its rock" i think its who gives a fuck what it is, I can apreciate more than just "metal" Its my favourite album by far, its just grown on me, maybe i relate to it, i duno, but this song hits the spot. Where ive been, what ive done, how i am, is so engrained in me, and the tree ive planted makes me bleed, and i dont want to go back there, dont wana stay here, but its strong, im digging my way to something better!
Maybe, its open to interpritation, what do u think?

Amazing Song !!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/5/10

yeaaah !!! what a master-piece of song!! powerful lirycs, metal or not metal this song is amazing & so fuc*en original as Metalica... waiting for MARCH THE FIRST 2010 Metallica on Zapopan, Mexico Rules!!

Mighty Metallica | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/21/09

Where do the "rules" state that a band cannot chance their style or sound? When Metallica cut their hair their so-called loyal fans called them "sell-outs" just like they said " Yeah we sell out, we sell out every concert we perform" if you think the band owes you something you are wrong, you didnt "sign up" for anything dont like their new stuff? so what dont listent to it but dont criticize the band for wanting to change, do not get caught up in the thinking that a band must do what their fans want, Metallica is not governed by the fans James writes what he feels as any songwriter should.

METALLICA | Reviewer: Metallica Fan | 10/31/09

Whoever said that this wasn't metal is totally wrong. It IS metal, a new genre though. It's called Thrash Metal. Not all metal is the typical, loud head banging stereotype out there. Metallica music is all either Metal and on Garage Inc, there was some Hard Rock, and that is all.

Back to the song, it's totally amazing. James Hetfield is an awesome songwriter, especially in the song Mama Said. He's excellent at what he does and sings it with so much emotion that you can seriously feel it. Metallica is excellent. That's all there is to it.

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