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How can I pretend that I don't see
What you hide so carelessly
I saw her bleed
you heard me breathe
And I froze inside myself
And turned away
I must be dreaming

We all live (and)
We all die (but)
That does not begin to justify you

It's not what it seems
Not what you think
No, I must be dreaming
It's only in my mind
Not real life
No, I must be dreaming

Help! You know I've got to tell someone
Tell them what I know you've done (you've done)
I fear you, but spoken fears can come true

We all live (and)
We all die (but)
That does not begin to justify you

It's not what it seems (not what it seems)
Not what you think (not what you think)
No I must be dreaming(I must be dreaming)
It's only in my mind (just in my mind)
Not real life (not real life)
No I must be dreaming (I must be dreaming)

We all live (and)
We all die (but)
That does not begin to justify you

It's not what it seems (not what it seems)
Not what you think (not what you think)
No I must be dreaming (I must be dreaming)
It's only in my mind (just in my mind)
Not real life (not real life)
No I must be dreaming (I must be dreaming)

Not what it seems
Not what you think
I must be dreaming
Just in my mind
Not real life
I must be dreaming

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i love amy lee | Reviewer: vdhay veronicha love EVa | 12/1/12

I love this song.... I'm from Indonesia, so i can't talk in english language anymore. But i can say I LOVE THIS SONG, I LOVE AMY LEE and I LOVE EVANESCENCE, UNTIL I DIE. My wishes just wanna see Evanescence once again.. And hug Amy lee.. Cause she is my inspiration in my life. No days without amy and EVa

... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/26/12

you people schould get a life Really...who the hell is interested in who is a fan and who is a hater? just listen to there songs and enjoy !!!!!!! that is the aim of a band or any musician,so if you fans respect the bands you love act like it!!!!!!

Songs are songs, life is life. | Reviewer: Aro | 12/23/11

People! This is a splendid song- it doesnt matter who she wrote it for or why she wrote. Amy can write about her problems and herself all she wants, its not being selfish, its being expressive. To those saying she whines, who the blazes do you think u r??? music is art, its about individual expression. and like to clarify that not every song is about her sister- granted there are SOME songs bwt her coz she still pinns for her. Her songs r about LIFE- so stop worrying about whu the fuck she wrote the song for n jus enjoy it. if u relate to a song then yay, she's done her job! n stop fyting, The nice thing is that thru owt ur altercations, she's not affected, she's probly @ home living her life, she doesnt even knw ya'll so you really r wasting yalls time.

-_- | Reviewer: V | 3/19/11

If you really hate Evanescence so much, why take the time to write hate comments? Shouldn't they not be worth your time? Besides, we Evanescence fans dismiss your comments as insignificant and annoying. So, please, SHUT UP.

F off people | Reviewer: Shayla | 1/23/11

Okayy well who Eva is tlkin shxt about evanescence/ Amy lee the f off because she is the best singer and comes up with the best songs in which most re true so get a life and dont trash tlk her because you will seriously piss people off any ways I love this song whoever else agrees add me on aim and if I like you enough add me on fb

She's fucking amazing. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/9/11

Firstly, replacing Amy Lee with Hayley Williams? Seriously? Fucking dumb shits. Amy Lee is gorgeous, not to mention incredible. Her songs are always so intimate and beautiful. I'm listening to Anywhere right now, 'nuff said. I'm seriously Evanescence obsessed.

If you don't like Amy or Evanescence is general, why take the time to comment? It seriously annoys the shit outta me when ignorant fucks leave bullshit reviews.
I mean, get a life.

My Evanescence favourites would have to be Lithium, CMWYS, Sweet Sacrifice, Tourniquet, oh who am I kidding? All of 'em! But, I think really, Everybody's Fool would probably be my all time favourite.

Evanescence forever, baby. <3

Amy Lee's lyrics | Reviewer: KP | 11/11/10

Actually, some of the best lyrics are written about someone the song writer knows rather than about himself or herself. So yeah, your comment is BS.

This is a great song, just like any other written by Amy. She's one of the best song writer of today. Most of her lyrics can be read as poetry and still be beautiful.

Shut up you annoying people | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/21/10

Oi mates, if you really dislike all of her songs, and her, please don't bother writing on these things, because it just pisses people off. Anyways, just because some of you guys can't think of what the song is about, please put stupid answers on. This clearly isn't about any relationship, or her sister. Just get over it, and enjoy the song.
Mmkay? Awesome.

oh sooo beautiful song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/30/09

evanscence for ever, I love amy lee soooooo much. I am fond of her voice she has a great voice and I feel that her voice is different a new voice to here and it is soooooo beautiful voice. she can describe her feelings too , anyway great job and this is the best song I have ever heard and all the evanscence songs are the best songs I have ever heard keep it upzZzZ evanscence :)

Beating | Reviewer: Jeff | 2/28/09

On Fallen, most of the songs were bases on FICTION written by Ben Moody. The Open Door has REAL LIFE stuff. This song is about seeing someone being beaten and felling powerless.

All of the songs on The Open Door are NOT about her boyfriends. Only 3. CMWYS, Lithium(also her drug abuse) and Lacrymosa.

OMG | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/22/08

Oka this is for the people that where complaining about Amy Lee's songs.
IF you hate the way she sings her songs and you hate her lyrics then why did you waste your time whining about it! Just ignore it. Some people like them.
No offense or anything i just needed to point that out.
But, i love her song like this one.But i can never find a video or the song except for youtube...I dont know why...

the vintage songs are the best. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/17/08

this is one of the greatest evanescence songs!!! she isnt even singing in third person i dont know what some ppl are talking about?! her voice is amazing and i dont know why ppl say she whinges in her songs. amy has had a lot of personal experiences to deal with and if writing is the way she wants to express how she feels then ppl shouldnt criticize her for that. and if u really dont like this why comment or listen to it in the first place?!
evanescences old music is probably the best to listen to!!!

An unsual title for an Evan song but I like this song. | Reviewer: Andonis | 3/28/08

Who ever visits these lyrics sites to disrepect the bands that includes the single vocalists of the bbands and solt singers,single without a band get over yourself and quit your bitchin and whinin yeah o.k. lyrics referin to another person's companion or abusive person from their own expereinces fans can't really listin to songs such as those and to understnad and relate to hey oen of my cousins is also called Amy so if you don't like the vocalist of EvanEscenCE or if its because her name is Amy come on what wrong with the name Amy I like that name its short and simple to spell not to many letters.What wrong fool did you get sent back to elementary form junior high because you were caught masterbatin and gettin high doin narcotics ohh boo who what did you expect what do you expect your attitude and negative perception of today evolvin changin music is just vile,inappropreatte and just revoltin who ever said come on to this lyrics site to bitch I could not agree more she or him is just pointin the obvious truth to express thier views and opinions about music and the band not everybody ideal music to sit down listin to dance or sing or neither of the 2 is pop music the predictable and over rated old fashioned pop music is shit that includes Britney Spears her first single Baby one more time please how dumb hit me baby oen more time how about instead of hit me spank me baby one more time and shove an out of date lollipop down her throat to turn off her voice and keep her for causin more noise pop pollution to annoy everybody else.Who ever you are to visit this lyrics websitea few simple words to express my opinion about you only meant to disrepct you and offned you and nobody else you are just a sad,lonesome,naive,naive,selfish,
low income remidial that justs lives to offend music and bands that so many loyal music lovers understnad and enjoy to listin to its not only the lyrics that matter and are listined to without music and just lyrics and song thier is no worldwide succes and worlwide record sales and no fans to but the albums and single get a life you prick,,apprently this I did not know before but know now remidal is another word for retarded so by mention the word remidial that also includes the word retarded which is what you are 100%.rock on Amy and rock on EvanEscnece.

Agreed with poster below | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/27/08

Well, I love this song and all the rare songs I have discovered by Evan. Of my faves, missing, anywhere, and this one. Amy has gotten better over the years. I have seen her live twice and she is absolutely amazing. She has a very powerful voice and to be at one of her shows is a privilege.

shut the hell up. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/4/08

oooooooh brother.
a few of the people below me make me want to grab a fucking huge ass skillet and smash it over their heads.
for one.. how in the hell do you know what she wrote the songs about? and isn't it kinda hmm, selfish to constantly write about yourself??? there is absolutely nothing wrong with writing for another person... i have, simply b.c their pain wasn't just hurting themselves it was affecting me too, and b.c i could feel their pain which in return broke my heart to see them like that. anybody who is a writer and especially from the looks of amy's writings, a pretty good one.. they aren't gonna just write about everybody elses feelings b.c they have none, not only that.. that is impossible to have no feelings. if that was the case how could she write and make such beautiful music? it makes no fucking difference what perspective you write it from. just as the girl said as long as you believe in what you have written is all that matters. your a twat, and your logic makes no sense. so do me a favor and never post something that STUPID again!

i think all of amy's music is good. and personally, i think her new music has gotten even better. i have seen improvement in the music itself and in her voice. as for you guys bitching about her whining when she sings, okay.. lol amy has an amazing voice, i don't know if you've heard her live but she is a very good singer. she has a lot of range to her voice. yeah i will agree SOMETIMES it does sound whiney, but that's just her voice, her voice is unique, and ya know what if your gonna come onto a lyric site to bitch about how they sing and their music then why the hell are you looking up lyrics to one of their songs??? damn morons.

and who gives a fuck if she writes about her boyfriend, i only seen a couple songs about him anyways.. the music is still good. and lets see if you were abused by your boyfriend and shit on like that i bet you'd have a lot of feelings to spill out, and that's why you see it in her songs.
so shuuuuut up! i swear go on a fucking anti-evanescence forum and bitch, bah.

and i just have to say one more thing..
b.c a few of these posts have gotten on muh nerrrves.
the girl who says that you pick Hayley Williams over Amy Lee =|.
okay Hayley Williams.. yeah she does have a good voice, but good god... paramores music is so fucking trendy and poserlike grrrr i just can't even hardly stand it. but paramore doesn't bother me that much just simply b.c Hayley Williams is a good singer.
but cooome on..
Paramore has a way to go to get that kind of respect.
Evanescence is about 100000x better then Paramore,
and for you to even say that shows what you know about music.

alright.. i think i've said enough.

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