Bleed The Dream Lyrics

Brandon Thomas (vocals)
Dave Aguilera (guitar)
Scott Gottlieb (drums)
Keith Thompson (bass and vocals)

Bleed the Dream's going for broke. In less than a year, the
Southern California rock band produced an EP ("Awake"),
booked its own national tour, shang-hai'd its way aboard
the Vans Warped Tour '03 and earned an opening slot on
Pennywise's tour. And a week of shows with Yellowcard in
February 2004.
And they're just getting started..
This summer, you'll find them on the Volcom stage at the
Warped Tour, where they were invited back More...

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Review about Bleed The Dream songs
This song still makes me cry for Scott, I will always miss him! | Reviewer: Kelly Daniel
    ------ About the song Broken Wings performed by Bleed The Dream

I remember the guys making a pact to not write unless they were all present. Unfortunatly Scott was fighting for his life, he fought very hard. He loved his bandmates/friends, he was a loyal, loving, funny, talented, son, brother, uncle, and friend. This song will always be special to me...Thank you for writing it and keeping his memory alive. God bless.

about the song | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Just Like I Remember performed by Bleed The Dream

I just gotta say, I love this song. I love the lyrics and the... well, the entire song is good and just fits. I think it really captures how everyone feels at one point, and it takes a truly great band to do that.

Bleed the Dream effings kicks ass

The live intro when Scott was in the hospital | Reviewer: DJ
    ------ About the song Broken Wings performed by Bleed The Dream

So for those of you who don't know who we are which is many many many of you, because we - even though we live here, we don't get to play many shows in L.A. 'cause we're on the road all the time, but uh... This next song we're gonna play is called Broken Wings, and it's about our drummer Scott who's in Cedar Cyanide right down the road waiting for a bone marrow transplant, because he has leukemia, so uh... we had some time off, we wrote this song about our brother in arms his name is Scott. This song's called Broken Wings. Hey what I need you to do for me guys real quick, is uh... We like to do this especially when there's so many people like tonight. I want a 1... 2... 3... Fuck Cancer. ONE! TWO! THREE! (Crowd: FUCK CANCER!!) Thank you Long Beach! I'm sure he heard that all the way down the road.

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