Blazin' Squad Lyrics

The Blazin' Squad story kicked off 3 years ago in ten
teenage bedrooms across North London when school-mates MC
Freek, Melo-d, Strider, Reepa, Krazy, Spike-e, Flava, Rocky
B, Kenzie and DJ Tommy B got together and started mixing up
some havoc of their own.

"We started out as a straightforward MC crew," explains
Rocky B. "Now we're experimenting with everything - R 'n'
B, pop and hip hop. Our sound is weighty. There's no other
way to describe it."

Having just completed their GCSEs, Blazin' Squad are now
concentrating on recording More...

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Reviews about Blazin' Squad songs

ilove this song | Reviewer: kyna
    ------ About the song Over Me performed by Blazin' Squad

i absolutaly love this song it means heaps to me ive serched every wherer for this song but can not find it if any one has this song can they please send it to on my hotmail email address please any Blazing Squad is the best bad
peace kyna

genius | Reviewer: david
    ------ About the song All We Wanna Do Is Rap performed by Blazin' Squad

true genius. this song is so obvious in it's parodying of modern mainstream plastic pop. it's truly a mockery of all those idiots who pass themselves of as musicians delivering unoriginal, pointless songs riddled with profanity and urban slang in an attempt at appealing to todays moronic youth. alas, i am wrong. this group of ten idiots is serious. the fact that the instrumentation is so weak and so thoughtless makes it laughable that they need ten members, the fact that 9 of them just stand there looking oh so very "cool" and don't even play instruments makes it disturbing. this is not music, it is a gimmick. a fad. these are not lyrics. lyrics do not need to be saturated with terms that would only appeal to the "i'm well 'ard" culture of today. these words don't even have meaning. completely empty of any artistic or technical lisence, any depth or awareness of original structure. they are just an abundance of manufactured terms aiming at mindless idiots who accept this crap. i'm sure when the atrocity that we know as "blazin' squad" falls apart they will go down as a martyr too modern manufactured bullshit and too all those cretins who pass their asanine, bland drivel of as music. i wish them death.

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