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Hold on and prepare to blast off to the future world of
music. A bold new group named Blaque will take listeners to
places never before traveled. Helmed by three young women
-- Shamari Fears, Brandi Williams and Natina Reed -- Blaque
explores uncharted grooves with their self-titled debut
album for Columbia Records. The innovative collection
blends soulful R&B with a funky alternative vibe.

"We go where other groups are afraid to go," advises
Natina. "We're straight out of the year 2080." And it's no
wonder. Blaque came to Columbia More...

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Review about Blaque songs
nice song | Reviewer: eiramae
    ------ About the song When The Last Teardrop Falls performed by Blaque

how i wish that as the last tear drop falls,,,the love i used to feel for him will likewise be gone....moving on isn't easy but if its the right thing to do why stay in a relationship full of pretensions,,pain and heartaches...

Its gone | Reviewer: Angie
    ------ About the song When The Last Teardrop Falls performed by Blaque

I love diz song very much, wen i heard it i remmber d tym dat i fight 4 sum1 i realy love, i showd 2 him how much i love him bt den at d end he wil nevr b mine evn though his alwyz telling me dat he love's me too bt he cant fight back.. & now im trying 2 move on w/out him.. I knw i cn find my happines sumday.. The lyrics realy suite 2 me..

baby yam :) | Reviewer: crystal
    ------ About the song When The Last Teardrop Falls performed by Blaque

so true,its so hard to say goodbye to the one u tears me apart,i will always love him,i wanted to move on,but i cant 4get all the memories we have shared..all i can do is just so much pain.. :(

ickan makee itt ! | Reviewer: Jazmin
    ------ About the song Questions performed by Blaque

.When iListen Tuhh Thyss Sonqq itt Makee Mehh Juss Thinkk Likee iss Hee Reallyy The Onee Orr iss Hee Juss Playinqq Likee The Restt Beckuss He Miqhtt Bee The Onee Butt iff He iss Nott iNeed Ayee Siqnn Tuhh Show Mehh Thadd Hee iss Nott Beforee iDohh Decidee Tuhh Fall Forr Hym iJuss Wantt Everyy Girl Tuhh Knoee Thatt Lovee iss Truee Enouqhh Tuhh Kill Yuew Soo Dontt Lett Thatt Bee The Reason Tuhh Gett Hurtt iGott Hurtt Beforee Tuhh iNeverr Wantt Tuhh Bee inn Thad Situtionn Aqainn Lifee iss Tuhhh Shortt iWill Alwayss Makee itt Oudd The Worldd Ayee Stronqq Women ! Lovee Alwayss Mahh Mann - Thyss Sonqq Give Soo Muchh Greatt Advicee Lovee itt !

Strike most | Reviewer: Chen
    ------ About the song When The Last Teardrop Falls performed by Blaque

I love the lyrics of the song, so sad to love someone and letting him go..knowing that he cant love u back.... and im here used and neglected...but life must go on...someday somehow i can find my own happiness but loving him will be forever....i cannot trade him with anybody..

to u | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Questions performed by Blaque

all i can say to the young lady that took the guy bak, follow ur heart if its meant to b u will know jus follow the signs......n to the other if he left u 4 her trust me he is not happy because the relationship they hav was built on lies n bs.....but i really love this song it does make u sit bak n think things ovr

about this song! | Reviewer: Jasmine
    ------ About the song Questions performed by Blaque

i love this song it makes me realize that what are these guys really here for are they here for me and makes me ask these guys out here if they can answer these questions then i can know if they are really for me! you know and throughout this song i've found guys who were't here for me at all and i got hurt!

Hey wat up i'm from WA but i'm sudanese | Reviewer: Nyanhial Malual
    ------ About the song I'm Good performed by Blaque

that songs it crazy and it old skool but it still looked new to me.
I love as if u guys are famous but when are u coming to WA Perth. i'm a girl i love you guys as friend of corse. LOve u guy XXXXX
By Nyanhial Malual. Reply in my mail please.

what should i do | Reviewer: lynn
    ------ About the song Questions performed by Blaque

I really like this song this happen to me.the guy that i go with now he cheated on me with this girl that was cuter than me than he told me about it and i took him back was i wrong for takin him back r wat???

love<he left: | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Questions performed by Blaque

this song is the best ever i love it because it compare me to this one boy i really loved nd he actually did this a gurl who was finer than me he left me for her and it hurted my heart real bad.....

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