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Blanks 77 Biography

Last updated: 01/21/2003 08:24:42 PM

Mike Blank - Vocals
Renee Wasted - Guitar
TJ Blank - Bass
Kid Blanks - Drums

Blanks 77 are a punk band from NY. The look and dress like punks. They even play real punk music. They have a new album out called "C.B.H."

An interview with TJ of the "Blanks 77" 10/25/99

How long did it take to make the new album?
1 week of really long days. 10:00 in the morning til 2:00 am. I stayed at Mike's [] until it was done.

Who do you respect in the punk world?
Charlie Harper from the U.K. Subs. He's like 60 and still doing the same thing. Also Social Chaos, The U.S. Bombs, and The Business.

Who do you hate?
Labels. Pretty much all labels are evil

How about Radical Records?
Well, they're a label you know. If you want your stuff distributed you have to have a label.

Is that David Lee Roth on the inside of your new album?
yeah [laughs.] Renee made out with him once.

She made out with him. We were at this club once, Coney Island High, and David Lee Roth was there. So we started talking to him, we bought him drinks, and eventually we started explaining the "loop" to him.

What's the "loop"?
The "loop" is the way that nearly everyone is connected through making out with other people. Everytime you kiss somebody, then everybody they've ever kissed is in your loop. Renee didn't even finsh explaining how the loop worked before David Lee Roth's tounge was in her mouth.

Is Elvis really in "the loop"?
Yes, but it's pretty complicated. Basically everyone in the band is in the same loop. And then Mike's ex-girlfriend was a stripper at this club where the girls all used to kiss each other. Occasionally celebrities would come into the club and somehow we traced a strand of the loop from the club to Melrose Place. From there we got Priscilla Presley and then Elvis.

That kicks ass. So, you've got a tour coming up?
Yeah it kicks off in Massachussetts and then we go down to Florida and through Texas to Cali and back through the Midwest.

And what else is coming up?
We've got songs coming up on four big tribute compilatons. One is for the Ramones, called "Ramones Maniac." Then there's one for Black Sabbath, one for the Sex Pistols, and another for AC/DC.

There are lesbians on the cover of your new album.
Yeah. At first we couldn't think of anything. Then it was Renee, I think, who came up with idea of chicks making out on the cover.

Do you know them?
Yeah, one is this girl we know, and the other is Mike's girlfriend.

Do you prefer hard core or soft core porn?
Hardcore. Of course.