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Imogen Heap Blanket Lyrics

Last updated: 05/25/2013 06:17:55 PM

( With Urban Species )

Music is my sanctuary
Music is my blanket

Emotionless this city lies
Cruel it is, it clouds my eyes
The dull, the dark
Shades on my day
I live inside this play

Locked up inside my metal cage
Always tense and filled with rage
Above the concrete fields below
With you I wanna go, wanna go

Music is my sanctuary
Music is my blanket

I see only what I wanna see
I'll be only what I wanna be
My blanket covers me, yeah

Yeah (check it)
Now as a human I was party-poppin, breakin on the lino
Traded in my lino for a pad and a biro
Used to stand in line just so as I could sign my giro
But now my ends are meetin' in the best way that I know
Tk Tss Ksh and the beast that goes BOOM
See the music I consume to escape the doom and gloom
All the beats and melodies they keep realities at bay
But what happen when the record drummin' start to fade away

Alone within myself again
I try to veil away my pain
The dirty grey surrounding me 'round
And now I hear no sounds...

I feel like Melly Mel from way back in the days
As I wonder how I keep from going under
I got trouble on my mind like my name is Chuck D
And like Marvin Gaye it makes me wanna holler
But when the music hits me
I feel no pain
That's why I got to put you on again and again
I take the needle off the Technics
And put it in my vein
All my troubles get crushed
As the rush hits my brain
And away .. goes .. trouble.. down the drain

I see only what I wanna see
I'll be only who I wanna be
yeah-ah, yeah-ah
My blanket covers me

Music is my sanctuary
Music is my blanket

I see only what I wanna see
I'll be only who I wanna be
yeah-ah, yeah-ah
My blanket covers me

Music is my sanctuary
Music is my blanket

You are my living world
You are my living world
You are you are you are my
My only living world....

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Imogen Heap Is AMAZING! | Reviewer: Ben | 5/24/13

For everyone going on about the Jeff Beck DVD, if you loved her preformance there please go and check out her albums and other live preformances. Imogen is truly an amazing artist. She has been around since the mid 90's as a solo artist, half of the duo Frou Frou and as a producer / remixer for other artists. She has an amazing voice and a great knack for creating beautiful songs. She does most everything on her own, probably fair to say 90-95% of the work that goes into creating her songs. She is a master in the studio and also a great live vocalist and musician. Go check out her iMegaphone (live at iTunes festival) recording to hear beautiful simple versions of some of her early songs. There is also a beautiful version of Blanket on that recording as well.

I love the preformance she and Jeff did, they made an amazing duo and the rest of his band was great too! But please everyone go and check out more of Imogen's works if you're interested in her and like her songs.

She sings it as it is | Reviewer: Pamela | 3/28/10

Imogen Heap and the song Blanket is wonderfully sung, written and her performance is grand. I first heard this song when I was watching a DVD of Eric Clapton and she took my breathe away. This is the song of my true life, I do have a special blanket that takes me above all else.

Extraordinarily Awesome! | Reviewer: Tina Chipp | 12/2/09

I, too, had never heard Imogene Heap before seeing this performance. I immediately went on youtube to find more of her stuff, but there was nothing I could find that was as great as this performance with Jeff Beck at Ronnie Scott's. Simply Astounding in it's scope. You have to see the entire show to believe it! This was my favorite part of the show that had anyone singing, and I love "Cause We Ended As Lovers" for my favorite instrumental. This is the BEST concert DVD I own, too! And I own many. Wish I could have been in the audience. This DVD makes you feel like you are there. I highly recommend that if you like this, buy the DVD!

Imogen Heap | Reviewer: anonymous | 11/14/09

Imogen Heap, is truly an artist. I love her work, and this particular song just blew me away. Her vocals, the lyrics, and Jeff Beck's guitar are the perfect blend and this is probably the best collaboration I've ever heard. I'd like to see a collaboration between Imogen Heap and Radiohead. That'd be interesting.

Emotional review! | Reviewer: Jerry Pevehouse | 10/27/09

Never was a Jeff Beck follower, never heard of Imogen Heap before I heard this version of Blanket. Never have I been so emotionally touched by a singer, tune, and artist together. Big fan of Stevie Nicks in the great years, Imogen's facial expressions remind me of a young Stevie. Most important song to me and will be for many years.

An emotional play/Killer Guitarist | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/5/09

Man did Jeff professionalize this Artist & put her on the map. The magic here is lots of music experience shining through, a well polished song, along with great vocals & a fantastic Blues Guitarist, (the best in the world, in my opinion.) Jeff is the only Guitarist that can literally make me cry. I started playing Guitar around the same time Jeff did, heard all the Blues Guitarists & only Jeff & Roy Buchanan have ever stirred emotions within me. This is also one of the best CD's ever recorded. Jeff sure has some great musicians working with him. Ahedarexia

Blanket with Jeff Beck | Reviewer: Ronnie Hughes | 9/21/09

I had never heard of Imogene Heap before this DVD. This song was a revelation for me. It is truly a beautiful song. I have been a big fan of Beck for 35 years and I have collected all of his work. But I have to say that this is my favorite song on this DVD. Beck's guitar work on this song was perfect - creative and tasteful at the same time. Imogene Heap and Beck created a real gem with this song.

Blanket with Beck | Reviewer: Bdg | 8/20/09

Blanket is the best of the guest appearance songs on Ronnie Scott's. I saw the DVD at Walmart and figured $10 for whatever Beck's doing now was a good deal. This is the best live performance I own. After watching the DVD several times, what really interests me about Blanket is how much respect Beck appears to have for Imogen Heap. He allows the song to remain hers and never competes with her vocals. It's only between them that he embellishes, for great effect. I can't imagine a better version of this song. It's a great collaboration between great artists.

Amazing, beautiful. | Reviewer: Joe Fucci | 5/4/09

The Jeff Beck dvd is so over the top you have to see and hear it to believe it, all of it is so outstanding, but I had never heard any of Imogen Heaps work before this and the combination of the band and her voice gave me goosebumps, what an amazing track, simply the most beautiful song I've haerd in a long long time, does anyone know who wrote this? is it her song?

BLANKET w/Jeff Beck | Reviewer: Greg Bardakos | 4/25/09

This could be one of the best performances by any one! I was told about this DVD a week ago. How great it was. I went out and bought it blindly. Let me just say that I am glad that I am blind from time to time. This band, I mean Jeff Beck, ok, this group will never be over matched. They might be met, but never over matched. To hear Imogen Heap with them, is one of the best expirences that ANY ONE could ever encounter. to let me know what you think about my review.