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SHEILA: Times have changed
Our kids are getting worse
They won't obey the parents
They just want to fart and curse!

SHARON: Should we blame the government?

LIANE: Or blame society?

STUART/GERALD/RANDY: Or should we blame the images on TV?

SHEILA: No, blame Canada!

EVERYONE: Blame Canada!

SHEILA: With all their beady little eyes
And flapping heads so full of lies

EVERYONE: Blame Canada! Blame Canada!

SHEILA: We need to form a full assault

EVERYONE: It's Canada's fault!

SHARON: Don't blame me for my son Stan
He saw the darn cartoon and now he's off to join the Klan!

LIANE: And my boy Eric, once, had my picture on his shelf
But now when I see him he tells me to fuck myself

SHEILA: Well, blame Canada!

EVERYONE: Blame Canada!

SHEILA: It seems that everything's gone wrong
Since Canada came along

EVERYONE: Blame Canada!
Blame Canada!

COPY SHOP EMPLOYEE: They're not even a real country anyway

CAROL: My son could've been a doctor or a lawyer rich and true
Instead he burned up like a piggy on a barbecue

EVERYONE: Should we blame the matches?
Should we blame the fire?
Or the doctors who allowed him to expire?

SHEILA: Heck, no!

EVERYONE: Blame Canada! Blame Canada!

SHEILA: With all their hockey hullabaloo

LIANE: And that bitch Anne Murray, too

EVERYONE: Blame Canada! Shame on Canada for...
The smut we must cut
The trash we must bash
The laughter and fun must all be undone
We must blame them and cause a fuss
Before somebody thinks of blaming us!

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It's a joke!!!! | Reviewer: Victoria | 4/20/14

I am Canadian. Canadian parents, born in Canada, and I still live in Canada today. And South Park is my all time favourite show!! In fact I love this song. I find it hilarious and I sing it aroun the house all the time. I hope no Cansdians are getting too offended, after all it's a joke and its really making fun on the American moms anyway. Because obviously it's their fault their children are swearing right? Has nothing to do with Canada :P

love this hilarious song | Reviewer: the z 101 | 3/13/14

Canadians dont get offended its just a movie,even though its funny .This also has a lesson dont listen to people who blame everything.well its their fault that their children are are cursing,but still it is funny.

T & P | Reviewer: A. Nonymous | 12/6/12

Trey and Matt created Terrence and Phillip to be loud-mouthed-fart humour characters with a more 'American integrity' to them, satirizing the general view the world has against America. The song is about how people blame others (in this case, it's just a small thing, like foul language) to avoid getting themselves blamed. The Episode "DEATH" is a lot like the movie.
If anything, the songs aren't against Canada, rather the other way around. How many other American cartoons even FEATURE Canada (other than a reference)?

You're all aware that... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/17/11

It's just a joke and a satire and no one has anything against Canada. There's no need to go all patriotic on our buns. Chill out everyone, it's a song called "Blame Canada" made by South Park. Are you really taking it seriously? That's just sad.

Hmmm... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/26/11

So, I was raised in America and became a Canadian citizen when I was 21 (I've lived in Canada since I was 18). Personally, I think that there are problems on both sides. Like, Canada has socialized medicine, but Americans have lower taxes (though there are exceptions to this). Canada has a peacekeeping military trying to fight a war, and America has a war-hardened military trying to keep peace. Can't we just put aside out differences? We are the "North" and you are the "America", and together we make a pretty good continent.

Haha! | Reviewer: Elias | 4/25/11

Personally, I love all cultures...and Canadians are no exception. I am an American and I often use Canadian spelling, an acquired habit, often to the dismay of my friends. People who bash this songs and say it's really isn't meant for ill-intent. Furthermore, throughout the movie, especially in the beginning song, there are a couple of lines that jokingly make fun of America too. I love this song...I love everything from South Park. KD

Friggin' Brilliant | Reviewer: Proud Canadian | 9/2/10

First, I am very proud to be Canadian. Second, I love Americans. I have been fortunate enough to travel all across Canada, the US and other countries around the world and made many friends along the way.
I find that Canadians who have negative things to say about Americans have spent little or no time in the US really getting to know the people there. Most Americans are kind and generous people. Of course there are exceptions, as there are in Canada. Ignorance abounds on both sides of the border.
Canadians are polite but not as friendly and outgoing, more uptight and a little on the entitled side. But...we tend to be be more conservative, rational and less fear driven than our friends to the south.
We have our respective strengths and weaknesses that net out to the fact that Canadians and Americans are overall good, decent people.
The people who are criticizing this song are really missing the intricacies of South Park humor. This is damn funny sh#t!

Re: A word about Oscar | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/26/09

Actually, off the top of my head, both songs "Lose Yourself" by Eminem (2002) and "It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp" by Three 6 Mafia (2005) both contain the word 'fuck' in them and both won the Oscars for Best Original Song.

A word about Oscar | Reviewer: Mai | 1/28/09

I am also a Canadian - with a sense of humour (Notice Canadian spelling here!). This song is funny, funny, funny. And useful, too. Whenever The Barbarians To The South - that's you Yanks - do something really stupid, like electing W (the second term; he wasn't elected for the first term) or invading Iraq, I pull out this song. Most of you are too dense to get the joke!

BTW, this is the only song ever nominated for the Best Song Oscar to contain the word "fuck."

over-reacting enough? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/13/08

people realllly need to get a grip. if you watch south park, you'd know that they pretty much make fun of everyone, and every thing, so stop taking it so goddamn personally, you friggen canadians. (with beady little eyes and flapping heads)

Gee whiz! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/28/08

Someone will be offended, no matter what you do or say. Thank God, most Canadians are smart enough to know we don't really blame Canada for stupid things we do. Of course the song is about parents trying to pass the buck, instead of accepting any responsibility. South Park cuts nobody any slack. I, for instance, am Southern, and of course the South Park guys show all Southerners as drunken hillbillies or racist rednecks, but hey, the freakin show is funny. It's all good, so long as we can get a laugh, eh?

truth | Reviewer: a Canadian | 6/25/08

well ye the song rocks and its really funny, and im a canadian but still i mean if you look at it its just the americans blaming canada for another thing because they can't take the responsibility themselves. and i don't take the song seriously cuz southpark is awesome.

By A canadian | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/16/08

I think taht this song is funny, cause people always hear about the idiots in America (people who sue for spilling coffee on themselves, for finding a planted finger in their food). And yet those same ignorant americans want to blame Canada? I think the economy is finally setting the world straight, with The stuck up americans being sent into a recession while the canadian dollar grows against it HA suck to be u

yeahh it's actually about the US! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/8/08

haha, cmon guys. if you watch south park, you know it's satirical. it's about how we try to blame everything and everyone else for the degradation of our society. canada is close and never makes a peep, why not them? it's good stuff. love south park. thanks for being good sports, canadians.

This is awesome! | Reviewer: Gina | 3/27/08

I love this song! I don't think it's offensive at all! I think American cartoons are actually meaner about British people, and I'm British, but I just take it as a joke and don't get offended about it. So Canadians should do the same about this. Anyway, it's an awesome song, and I always go round singing it in class! LOL

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