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South Park Blame Canada Lyrics

Last updated: 04/21/2014 04:43:29 AM

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SHEILA: Times have changed
Our kids are getting worse
They won't obey the parents
They just want to fart and curse!

SHARON: Should we blame the government?

LIANE: Or blame society?

STUART/GERALD/RANDY: Or should we blame the images on TV?

SHEILA: No, blame Canada!

EVERYONE: Blame Canada!

SHEILA: With all their beady little eyes
And flapping heads so full of lies

EVERYONE: Blame Canada! Blame Canada!

SHEILA: We need to form a full assault

EVERYONE: It's Canada's fault!

SHARON: Don't blame me for my son Stan
He saw the darn cartoon and now he's off to join the Klan!

LIANE: And my boy Eric, once, had my picture on his shelf
But now when I see him he tells me to fuck myself

SHEILA: Well, blame Canada!

EVERYONE: Blame Canada!

SHEILA: It seems that everything's gone wrong
Since Canada came along

EVERYONE: Blame Canada!
Blame Canada!

COPY SHOP EMPLOYEE: They're not even a real country anyway

CAROL: My son could've been a doctor or a lawyer rich and true
Instead he burned up like a piggy on a barbecue

EVERYONE: Should we blame the matches?
Should we blame the fire?
Or the doctors who allowed him to expire?

SHEILA: Heck, no!

EVERYONE: Blame Canada! Blame Canada!

SHEILA: With all their hockey hullabaloo

LIANE: And that bitch Anne Murray, too

EVERYONE: Blame Canada! Shame on Canada for...
The smut we must cut
The trash we must bash
The laughter and fun must all be undone
We must blame them and cause a fuss
Before somebody thinks of blaming us!

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