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With five weeks at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot Country
Singles & Tracks chart, Blake Shelton's "Austin" ties a
record set by Billy Ray Cyrus in 1992. Cyrus' "Achy Breaky
Heart" stayed atop the chart for five weeks, setting the
mark for an artist's debut single in the Broadcast Data
Systems era of the chart. BDS began monitoring radio play
for the chart in January of 1991.

Holding their positions on the singles chart are Toby
Keith's "I'm Just Talkin' About Tonight" at No. 2, Keith
Urban's "Where the Blacktop Ends" at No. 3 and Cyndi More...

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Review about Blake Shelton songs
Great song! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Goodbye Time performed by Blake Shelton

This song really makes me think. When my bf and i are having a hard time i listen to it and rly think if this is the life that i want... I love him dont get me wrong but there is alot of lying going on and i wont stand for it not with a baby coming in 3 months..

so she says "Pittsburg" | Reviewer: j0kr
    ------ About the song Austin performed by Blake Shelton

I love this song such as I love Dallas da song this song takes me to a present n past event I meet a girl an yr ago but I had to move back south n she also had to move back to here birth town but we still stay connected I thought she knew I liked here but didnt i became her best friend after watchn her fail with othr boyfriends whn I wish it could of been me but I suckrpushed with reality n took it so she told me we would be togethr this summer but my patience is on low an it has been a yr since I last saw here so is she bluffn or loyal to her words is wht lays at da back of my conscience I wait 4 here to tex so she wont feel bothered by me bitchn ;] but whn she takes days to tex me the dead space raises questions wht to do :/ she says she enjoys my company n knows I <3 here

the baby | Reviewer: Heather Eaton
    ------ About the song The Baby performed by Blake Shelton

i can relate to this song because i didnt get to say good bye to my great grandma she passed away like about a copuple years ago and the day before i ditn say good bye and they night she died in her sleep and when i wentt to her funel i cried for hours and i couldnt stop and i wish that i got to say goodbye to her she means the world to me

oh my god | Reviewer: Chelsea Robertson
    ------ About the song Austin performed by Blake Shelton

i love this song:) my friend whos in a band sings it amazing, but for the people who said its her name and it wold make sence if it was..its not her name...she says "this is austin" because thats what he's been caling her because she went to the place Austin, Texas. IT IS NOT HER NAME.

WoW! | Reviewer: Zach
    ------ About the song Goodbye Time performed by Blake Shelton

This song touches the most inner part of my heart. It makes me want to cry each and every time I hear it. The original artist, God rest his soul, Conway Twitty, made this song famous and Blake does a very good rendition of it. I just want to say that I'm sorry to Kara...I still love you, and even to this day would gladly take you back into my arms...

My Baby J. | Reviewer: jeannie.D
    ------ About the song The Baby performed by Blake Shelton

I have always loved this song> I have 4 girls and 1 son who is the baby of the family. He just finished his tour in afghanistan, We love him with all our hearts and we will do anything for him. This osng says it all.

??? | Reviewer: Brooke Carlile
    ------ About the song Austin performed by Blake Shelton

its funny cuz i have always hated country. but i have been going out with a guy named Austin. my uncle is worried about my relationship with my bf. but he makes a lot of jokes about him. he showed me this music video today and said that this should be mine and austin's song. surprisingly, i love this song. but this song is obviously about a girl. but its still awesome.

love this song | Reviewer: Erin
    ------ About the song Goodbye Time performed by Blake Shelton

This song brings tears to my eyes everytime I hear it. My boyfriend and I just broke up 2 months ago and we dated for 4 1/2 years...we were high school sweethearts! This song brings in every emotion for me! I love this songggg even though its sadddd!

Amazing | Reviewer: Elizabeth
    ------ About the song Goodbye Time performed by Blake Shelton

I'm a teenager too. And the past 8 months or so I have been on and off with this guy. We can talk about anything and everything. But I can't trust that he will always be there for me because he constantly went back and forth between me and his ex. Well now she's his current girlfriend. I've now decided to move on, and just let go. This song really explains how I feel.

Ilovethis | Reviewer: Some girl
    ------ About the song Goodbye Time performed by Blake Shelton

I'm 15 and I feel each and every word this song says. I fell in love with my bestfriend. We were the ideal couple. We were always on and off but one day it was for good. I can honestly say, everyone was crying when they heard. I know it was puppy love. But I just feel like we didn't break up for good. A whole school year has passed and I'm still not over him. I feel like I love him more and more. School doesn't help much since I see him everyday. I wish I could stop but my heart won't listen. Deep down I know he thinks abt me too like I do every second of the day. Atleast I hope he does. I think back and we were so cute together. We lastest abt 7 months, not very long but that's not counting how long we liked eachother during our friendship. We would of been a year and a half now. We had something special and if I could talk to him heart to heart I would tell him how much I love him. And that I'm still waiting for him to change his mind.

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