Blackmore's Night Lyrics

Blackmore's Night features talented musicians whose
experiences span the globe and every aspect of the
entertainment industry.

Sisters of the Moon, Lady Madeline and Lady Nancy have been
singing since the age of three and writing and recording
their own songs for over a decade. The sisters recently
showcased their debut CD “Movin' On” live at Sam Goody’s.
Having honed their singing talents by performing in talent
shows, Elite Chamber Choirs, Jazz Ensembles and concerts,
they are looking forward to contributing to the melodic More...

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Reviews about Blackmore's Night songs

A missing piece | Reviewer: Nathalie
    ------ About the song Avalon performed by Blackmore's Night

Hi there,

I noticed that there was a missing piece since i do not know what the lyrics are exactly from the last piece i just wanted to bring it to your attention :) but...all with all BMN IS GREAT!

:) | Reviewer: Michelle
    ------ About the song Hanging Tree performed by Blackmore's Night

I enjoy this song, but its so sad. At the end theres a line missing "yes somewhere in the back of her mind is the time" * she was knowing as...the old hanging..tree...*

haunted by ghost | Reviewer: miowne
    ------ About the song Ghost of a Rose performed by Blackmore's Night

just discovered this song today and was blown away. Where has Blackmore's Night been all my life??? Bout time you guys!

I Love This Song!! | Reviewer: Ammy
    ------ About the song Just Call My Name (I'll Be There) performed by Blackmore's Night

Just Call My Name (I'll Be There) is an AWESOME song... The lyrics are beautiful, and the melody, especially the guitar, is absolutely amazing.

romanticide | Reviewer: N
    ------ About the song Ghost of a Rose performed by Blackmore's Night

oh yes they are magnificent, i discovered them thru friends long ago and now whenever i need some advice or feel blue or just romantic they'r in my player. i love Fires at midnight album most

Good song | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Gone With the Wind performed by Blackmore's Night

This is a pretty good song, but not the best of Blackmores Night.

Crazy lyrics | Reviewer: Hayley
    ------ About the song Past Time With Good Company performed by Blackmore's Night

We have to sing this song for onsombles at school... It takes so long to memorize the words to go with the song, because all of the pronounciation is all screwy...

Longing ... | Reviewer: LJ
    ------ About the song Wish You Were Here performed by Blackmore's Night

1,239 Miles seperate my heart from my body. This is a song that makes the distance a bit more bareable knowing that .. soon .. soon we will be together.

Propably the... | Reviewer: Morgaine
    ------ About the song Ocean Gypsy performed by Blackmore's Night

Best of their songs... It is spellbinding (is that an English word even?).
I enjoy most song from Blackmores Night,but this one is special.. Listen to it!!....
Best wishes//Morgaine

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