Blackie & the Rodeo Kings Albums

  • Bark Album (4/13/2004)
    Swinging From The Chains Of Love
    If I Catch You Crying
    Water Or Gasoline
    Lock All The Doors
    Had Enough Of You Today
    Born To Be A Traveler
    Jackie Washington
    Heaven Knows Your Name
    Song On The Radio
    You’re So Easy To Love
    Willie’s Diamond Joe
    Tie Me At The Crossroads
    House Of Sin

  • Kings Of Love Album (6/15/1999)
    49 Tons
    Lean On Your Peers
    Nickels and Dimes
    Boots of Leather
    Patience of a Working Man
    You Don't Have to Play the Horses
    King of Love
    Queen With a Broken Crown
    Red Dress
    Calling on the Angels
    Vale of Tears
    The Lucky Ones
    As Lonely As You
    Don't Want To Know
    If You Have to Choose
    Skybound Station

  • High or Hurtin' Album (5/22/1996)
    Come On Train
    White Line
    Lace And Pretty Flowers
    Has Anyone Seen My Baby Here Tonight
    Music In Your Eyes
    Job Disorder
    For The Sake Of A Dollar
    Blackie & the Rodeo King
    Rains On Me
    Stealin' Away
    Country Squall
    Driftin' Snow

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