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Slipknot Blackheart Lyrics

Last updated: 03/19/2013 01:31:01 PM


all the pieces of the puzzle seem to fall into place
but the only thought that i could think was pissin in that fuckin face
the taste that you left in my mouth was rotten
and you think that all the shit you did to me could be forgotten

well fuck no
you both got me last time
next time i see your punk ass its mine
from behind dawg i'm gonna crack that skull
then i'm gonna laugh when you fall cause you fucked me raw

comin home late at night when your sneakin in the door
with a bottle half empty and your tank is on full
you hurt me
and i will never forget
how you hurt me
and all the pain you caused
left my mind blank and my soul was lost
and now the thoughts are in my head and drifting side to side
you know i'm gonna get you cause there is nowhere to hide
headlines will read on the night she died

trust me
gonna get your ass back
if it kills me
for the rest of your life you will feel me
i'm gonna make you remember that you
hurt me
you fuckin hurt me
hurt me; hurt me; hurt me; hurt me
my head was fucked up; hurt me
when i was locked up: hurt me
made a phone call; hurt me
bitch put a block up; hurt me
on the phone letters to your home
but you never wrote me back
what the fucks up with that
one of these days i'm gonna get you bitch
find your body
in a valley
in the alley
in a ditch
with a 45 chrome to the back of your dome
havin everybody wonderin what the fuck's goin on
where the fuck did you go
never be back again
but i still keep thinkin about you now and then

trust me
gonna get your ass back
if it kills me
for the rest of your life you will feel me
gonna make you remember that you
hurt me
you fuckin hurt me

i remember when i first said i love you
got confused from the first time that i fucked you
you got nervous when i opened up your legs relax
cause i was raised on x-rated moves and porno mags

all day walk around with a full buzz
never fully understood what our love was
l-25 straight brought the light
same time had to dip outa town for a few nights

came back and my road dawgs waitin
tellin me some shit leavin me contemplaitin


fuckin my best friend

unheard of

and i'm gonna get you in the end yeah
one of these days it'll be my time
and i'm gonna slit your throat make it look suicide
fuck you, i should've known better than to trust you
we can never be together cause you hurt me!

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Fuckin Idiots | Reviewer: MaggotMasterMind666 | 3/19/13

You all think you're so smart, it was or wasn't slipknot when really slipknot did it and sodid v-mob, or what the fuck ever. Corey Taylor did do a version of the song, it was a rare cut, I have it. There was a time corey wasn't in slipknot, and it was written then, then he re-did it- Look up "Corey Kills It"

It IS slipknot. | Reviewer: Robbz24 | 8/16/12

You guys are idiots, This IS slipknot, it is a slipknot original, they perform it live for christ's sake...and yes, it isnt Corey Taylor singing, thats because he wasnt always in slipknot, they had a period without him where Paul Gray was the singer ,before he took up only the bass role... Ignorant fools, seriously.

Your all stupid as fuck! | Reviewer: The Only smart guy here | 6/28/12

@(Rian Davis- It doesn't sound like Slipknot or Vmob) PLEASE READ THIS since your the lamest person to comment on here. For any of you that seriously thinks thats Corey singing, well your fuckin retarded. Im a fan of Slipknot too but even i can tell that thats not anyone from Slipknot or that Corey Taylor isnt singing this at all. If your real Slipknot fan, you would of noticed that also. Im gonna put this big stupid controversy to rest, GO to youtube & type Hurt Me by V-Mob Live (keyword is LIVE). Click on the first video that shows a bunch of guys on stage. WATCH IT ALL. You will notice that nobody from Slipknot is singing the song or is even on stage.

Fucking idiots... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/5/11

You fucking idiots! This is not a Slipknot song AT ALL!
The full story is that one of V-Mobs close friends took their Demo called "Rough Cut" which was released in 1998, and he uploaded the songs onto the Internet (Kazza, Limewire, etc) and he labeled them as Slipknot. Google "V-mob rough cut mediafire" and listen to the damn album yourself! This is NOT Corey Taylor or Anders! You fucking twats learn your shit. I love Slipknot and V-Mob, but it bothers me that people don't know the truth.

are you dumb? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/26/10

This song is by V-Mob, and NO member of Slipknot have anything to do with it. Jerk-offs and your mucked up rumors. Sheesus! Anders was never nor or then in V-Mob. Get a clue! Wal-Mart had them on sale last week!!!!!!!!

WoW.. | Reviewer: FCKNSiCMaggoT666 | 4/8/10

First off for you Tards that think slipknot is in this song or would ever play this song, you guys should jump off a bridge. And for those who think the rights to the song are in any way slipknots..NO. The rights to that song are owned by a weak a$$ excuse for a lead vocalist.. Anders Colsafini or what ever his whack sh!ts called.. as for his whack band...if you listen to obviousely have no ear for off pitch singing!! WEAK.. STaY SiC Fellow MaggoT brothers and sisters. moderator

i know the answer | Reviewer: [csscade_stompp] | 10/6/09

so when anders was still with sliknot, they wrote this song. and when he went with v-mob, he took it with him, so now its kinda hard to say who owns the rights to it, but im pretty sure its v-mob.

Either way, AWESOME song.

stay (sic) maggots


Yep.. | Reviewer: Rian Davis | 7/13/09

It sounds like The Band(s) DownTheSun or Reville. It doesn't sound like Slipknot or Vmob. Both DownTheSun and Reville have Rap/Metal Influences much like the former band Primmer 55. My guess is it's not Slipknot. I saw them Live Where I live in Iowa and They never played it. Didn't get to see Vmob Because I didn't know where the hell they would play. In Closing, my guess is that Some Jackass Put the band Slipknot before it and Uploaded it.

Slipknot_ Blackheart | Reviewer: Miss_Maggot4life | 6/27/09

I think It's Vmob And Slipknot together because if u listen close to Verse 4, when it says hurt me after each verse, it sounds ALOT like Corey Taylor. But this song is awesome, whether or not Slipknot or Vmob sing it.

guess hu has copywrite | Reviewer: Mell Valintine | 2/25/09

im not really sure what happend with this song, like how it got in the hands of two bands, but SlipKnot do have the copywrite for it, but it does sound llike vmob r in it, so its possible, but there is absolutly no doubt that SlipKnot played a part in it, wether they wrote it, sung it or were the instruments, peace... SlipKnot kick as, n i have 1 thing to say to all the fags that disagree,, alputo mericon, hussa worm

metalllice | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/17/09

look i was jamming this Fing song back in ither 03 or04 but i understand your concerns to find the TRUE ID of the singer/writer but it was most certainly a SLIPKNOT unreleased track be it a side project of one of the 5 or 6 bands that branched from the break the band took around 2002 i'm not so sure but i can promise it was corey taylor singing and most definately engineered as if direct from one of the "OLD KNOT SET LIST" that just didnt make the cut because it didnt fit their image or thier album line up.....

Omg... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/21/08

Everybody in here is obviously retarded. Listen closely to the song. If you do, you will notice that their are 2 vocalists. One being from V-Mob, and the other does sound like Corey Taylor. So, it's either V-mob with Corey helping with vocals, or Slipknot with V-mob. It doesn't matter, it's still an awesome song regardless.

Whats it about? | Reviewer: Asskicker | 11/17/08

hey does anyone know what it's actually about? something about some chick murdering someone. if its just because she left him well the singer is fucked up... anyway on my version of the song it says slipknot in media player so -_-

i hate to agree | Reviewer: chaotic_loki | 11/8/08

i actually hate to agree with them but this isnt slipknot and slipknot has never done a cover of this song it would b fucking great if slipknot did a cover but they havent and u can really tell if u listen to the vocals it sounds absolutly nothin like corey

myspace | Reviewer: die hard maggot | 8/4/08

ok i love slipknot but seriously fellow maggots listen to it . it sounds nothing like the knot i checked out vmob on myspace there a band out of cinci . its not slipknot that should be abundantly clear to a true slip fan . im actually surprised it was confused with slipknot it sounds more lik mushroom head the slipknot lol but it is def. vmob