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Hank Thompson Blackboard Of My Heart Lyrics

Last updated: 07/27/2014 06:45:52 PM

When I was younG and I went to school they taught me how to write
To take the chalk and make a mark and hope it turns out right
Well that's the way it is with love and what you did to me
I wrote it so you'd know that I was yours eternally

But my tears have washed I love you from the blackboard of my heart
It's too late to clean the slate and make another start
I'm satisfied the way things are although we're far apart
My tears have washed I love you from the blackboard of my heart
[ fiddle ]
If you'd been true the way you should and not have gone astray
Those tears would not have fallen down and washed the words away
No need to talk for if the chalk should write those words again
It will be for someone else not things that might have been
But my tears have washed...

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Songwriter Credit | Reviewer: Songwriter | 7/27/14

Excellent timeless song that continues to get attributed to Hank Thompson. He was indeed the performer of the song but Lyle Gaston, not Hank Thompson, wrote the song.

uncle Daves song | Reviewer: June | 2/17/14

My uncle sang this song evey new year. I intended to look up this song to see how old it was. It's not as old as I thought
in 1960 I would have 12yars and it seemed like I remember him
sing it when I was much younger than that I've never heard anyone
in my 66years ever sing it besides my Uncle. He obviously liked
it since he sang it every year until he died. He was my Dads brother and very special to me. God bless him.
he was