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Drop that
get up
Take to the streets
better lock that kid up
Face full of teeth when he hock that spit up
Pacing the beat like a beast
Rocking the block on repeat
Speak from the cut like a rush of blood
Paint red on the sleeves of the ones you love
Lay the sick ones down and the bells will ring
Put pennies on the eyes let the dead men sing

[Verse 1]
I shiver and shake the warm air cold
I'm alone on my own
In every mistake I dig this hole
Through my skin and bones

It's harder starting over
Than never to have changed

With Blackbirds following me
I'm digging out my grave
They close in, swallowing me
The pain, it comes in waves
I'm getting back what I gave

[Verse 2]
I sweat through the sheet as daylight fades
As I waste away
It traps me inside mistakes I've made
That's the price I pay



I drop to the floor like I did before
Stop watching
I'm coughing
I can't be more
What I want and what I need are at constant war
Like a well full of poison
a rotten core
The blood goes thin
the fever stings
And I shake from the hell that the habits bring
Let the sick ones down
the bells will ring
Put pennies on the eyes
let the dead men sing


I'm getting back what I gave
I'm getting back what I gave

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X | Reviewer: david | 2/21/11

tbh this song "blackbirds" has nothing to do with m2m its about the pain endured by the ones lost at war/sickness/sadness and heart broken the lines "Speak from the cut like a rush of blood
Paint red on the sleeves of the ones you love
Lay the sick ones down and the bells will ring
Put pennies on the eyes let the dead men sing" is refering to the fact that speaking kills *iran* painting red is to show love and remose and lay the sick ones down is a fact that poeple die every body dies in the end let the dead men sing means that no matter what you always had a voice's in this world and the line that chester keeps reperting at the end "I'm getting back what I gave" is meaning the world or poeple are getting back what they deserve for what the gave to others ex. man shoots woman, man is set to death by law. its about the pain in this world and what poeple have done to obtain it its a amazing song my 2nd favorit behide breaking the habit turely wonderful song

Reply to L | Reviewer: Aleisha | 12/2/10

I too think this. You don't ike it, don't listen to it. But don't insult them for being them, don't bitch about it because they're not being what you want. People explore, they adapt, they EVOLVE. Times changes, and make people change too. Changes are never good or bad, that's just how they're perceived. Don't like it, screw you. And L, I too will be with them til the end. Cause in the end it doesn't matter what they do, it's magic, and it gets me through when I'm at my darkest. Thank you Linkin Park.

Still Listening | Reviewer: Eric | 8/3/10

I agree with "L" in the previous comment. Linkin Park shouldn't have to do the same exact thing over and over again for us to like them. They just want to expand and try different sounds. Shinoda did mention that this album would be experimental. Change in a band is just something we have to cope with. That's just what happens as they mature. It doesn't quite match my tastes as much as HT or Meteora did, but what can you do. I still love Linkin Park's music and will continue to stick with them. This song was put together beautifully.

Great song. Deep meaning, | Reviewer: L | 5/21/10

This is a great song. It is really deep too. In my opinion, it's Mike, Chester, Rob, Brad, Phoenix, and Joe's way of telling us we hurt them really badly with the negative reviews of Minutes to Midnight. I mean, come on. They poured their frigging hearts out to us with every second of every song on the album, and what did we do? We threw it back in their faces saying, "Go back to the old 'Hybrid Theory' and 'Meteora' age Linkin Park! Don't put crap like this together!" I, personally, loved the entire M2M album, my favorites being 'Leave Out All The Rest', 'Hands Held High', 'No More Sorrow', and 'Bleed It Out'. But back to the original topic, the song even says, "It’s harder starting over, Than never to have changed." They completely redid their style, because they thought that if the stayed in the 'Hybrid Theory/Meteora' age, that we would get bored and stop listening to them. I, for one, will stick by LP through thick and thin. No matter how much they change, LP will stay my favorite band for all eternity. LP FOREVER!!!!!!

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