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I Took My Baby
On A Saturday Bang
Boy Is That Girl With You
Yes We're One And The Same

Now I Believe In Miracles
And A Miracle
Has Happened Tonight

But, If
You're Thinkin'
About My Baby
It Doesn't Matter If You're
Black Or White

They Print My Message
In The Saturday Sun
I Had To Tell Them
I Ain't Second To None

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And I Told About Equality
An It's True
Either You're Wrong
Or You're Right

But, If
You're Thinkin'
About My Baby
It Doesn't Matter If You're
Black Or White

I Am Tired Of This Devil
I Am Tired Of This Stuff
I Am Tired Of This Business
Sew When The
Going Gets Rough
I Ain't Scared Of
Your Brother
I Ain't Scared Of No Sheets
I Ain't Scared Of Nobody
Girl When The
Goin' Gets Mean

[L. T. B. Rap Performance
For Gangs, Clubs
And Nations
Causing Grief In
Human Relations
It's A Turf War
On A Global Scale
I'd Rather Hear Both Sides
Of The Tale
See, It's Not About Races
Just Places
Where Your Blood
Comes From
Is Where Your Space Is
I've Seen The Bright
Get Duller
I'm Not Going To Spend
My Life Being A Color

Don't Tell Me You Agree With Me
When I Saw You Kicking Dirt In My Eye

But, If
You're Thinkin' About My Baby
It Doesn't Matter If You're Black Or White

I Said If
You're Thinkin' Of
Being My Baby
It Doesn't Matter If You're Black Or White

I Said If
You're Thinkin' Of
Being My Brother
It Doesn't Matter If You're
Black Or White

Ooh, Ooh
Yea, Yea, Yea Now
Ooh, Ooh
Yea, Yea, Yea Now

It's Black, It's White
It's Tough For You
To Get By
It's Black , It's White, Whoo

It's Black, It's White
It's Tough For You
To Get By
It's Black , It's White, Whoo

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MJ's music blesses | Reviewer: BruceSyb | 5/19/12

Micheal is goen but his music will never die.every time i lissen to his music i feel like am being blessed.i wish if could be jus like him the dancing skills and styles and stuff i like it

Good Song... Good Meaning | Reviewer: Jamal Ogunremi | 12/24/11

It doesn't matter if you are black or white. Black people like what I do is that we talk to each other using different communication and some people don't see that. Like I might say to my brother, Alright bruv, or Alright bro and that's what I do and "innit" is another one we can't help that we do that. We use different pronounciation and use different communication that's Unique. I live in London with lots of Black and Whites around me. Asians too I have friends of all backgrounds and I am glad I do. I think racism is only done by jealous people. SIMPLE.

On black or white | Reviewer: Abdulfatai A usman | 10/13/11

if you are thinking of being my brother It doesn't matter, if you are " black or white " this is a sensible song 4 u and me 2 b listening to. This song of micheal jackson, brought out d reality dat, we shouldn't differenciate btween black and white. We are one and we are d same human beings. So Micheal j. You are the world ledgend. we really miss u and lov u but GOD loves u more. May ur gentle soul rest in peace. 4rom Abdulfatai A usman. I'm a Nigerian.

so near,so forgetable. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/28/11

michael waz a part of us people.he waz always sooo near to us.that's why we forgot him.the ppl who use glasses,sometimes go showering by the glasses.they know glasses as one of the body parts.a glasses is so near to them.we forgot u michael,cuz u were so sincere to us.more than what we deserve!
Luv ya xoxo

the king | Reviewer: gelalim | 7/23/10

i love the song blak or white i just recently read lincolns biography and i feel what he is feelin i think he is in heaven right now he should really be called king he has such a good heart. we miss you mj

unsurpassed talent | Reviewer: carolyn | 6/29/10

u touched so many lives, brought so many together. talent extraordinaire. we all lost someone who made a change. thanks for ur contribution in music and otherwise. i will always love u. ur're gone too soon. why?

mj | Reviewer: skitz | 6/28/10

michael you have set a big challenge to us. I am sorry but i belive you have achkoledge gods values by writying this song. It dont matter what nation, country, religion or culture you are from. Just include everyone. Jees its not tat hard to be nice. I love you michale. Rest i n peace!

One of MJ's best songs fron the 90's | Reviewer: Rich Rodriguez | 4/7/10

I recently heard "Black or White" on K-Earth 101, the local oldies station here in Los Angeles. It was strange hearing a 90's song on an oldies station until I realized it's now 2010. :)

This is my favorite Michael Jackson song from the 90's because of the catchy guitar loop, thoughtful lyrics and the hip-hop section. At the time of its release, "Black of White" surprised everyone with its wild meshing of R&B, pop, metal and hip-hop. And although the accompanying music video was too controversial for my taste, "Black or White" is a solid tune that is deservedly the best of MJ's legacy.

IT DON'T MATTER IF U'RE BLACK OR WHITE | Reviewer: Vasia | 3/28/10

Michael u always were sth strange. Noone could understand u.They blamed u,4 yor words, yor thoughts , yor every move and i know why .Cause there was big jelous between the people, 4 u. Not all the people. But yor songs make them think. U make me think that all the people are the same and we must face each other like everyone.So, if u're thinkin' of being my BROTHER , IT DON'T MATTER IF U'RE BLACK OR WHITE. FROM GR

Thank you mj | Reviewer: J Calloway | 3/7/10

It doesn't matter what color you are....that is a message that seems to elude some people. It's the thought, the understanding, the comprehension of the human brain that matters.....IT'S NEVER THE SHELL.

Evolve....make that's all for LOVE!
Thank you Mr. Jackson for trying to point that out. You are so missed!

MJ ws love | Reviewer: choose love | 3/7/10

It is because we are still a very primitive people that many of us just can't comprehend pure LOVE. As wrong as it is.... many are raised to hate our brothers and sisters who live on earth with us...because that is all their parents ever knew.

Try to stop this cycle of hate. Look beyond yourselves... at the bigger picture for yourselves and for the world. Try.

poor michael.. | Reviewer: ammadey | 2/3/10

michael Jackson..his songs carried out wonderful one can sing like him..his death was like an earthquake..suddenly his songs and videos were released via TV and radios..people loved him..wats the use of this foolishness..nt like hes gonna c or hear it..u people should hav said all those things when he was alive..the only thng he'll remember is ur words..some of u guys called him monkey..others called him lady nd so on..shame on u..

Fay | Reviewer: Killer | 2/5/10

Michael is a Faggot, he touched little kids and he enjoyed. what a faggot. He loved it, I bet all the people that really "Love" him were touched by him, in many ways >:) if ya know what I mean.

Have a good faggots :D

Ajil Narayanan | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/13/10

Micheal jackson still alive!, its true. bcoz he always in my heart, everyone's heart. b sure he never die. Michaels blak or white not just a song, its lines express lot of messege. i love this song and michael..

Who Michael is | Reviewer: jay | 1/3/10

You know I've always loved Michael had a serious fascination with him I always stole my grandfathers Cd's and records haha....Mchael's music was revolutionary and he changed the world...It's sad how people all of a sudden wanna say they loved him. I guess his music can change minds after his death. Anyways rip Michael you will NEVER be forgotten

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