Black Sabbath Lyrics

Formed 1967, Birmingham, England

Mixing equal parts of bone-crushing volume, catatonic
tempos, and ominous pronouncements of gloom and doom
delivered in Ozzy Osbourne’s keening voice, Black Sabbath
was the heavy-metal king of the Seventies. Despised by rock
critics and ignored by radio programmers, the group sold
over eight million albums before Osbourne departed for a
solo career in 1979 [see entry].

The four original members, schoolmates from a working-class
district of industrial Birmingham, first joined forces as
Polka Tulk, a More...

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Review about Black Sabbath songs
Further update | Reviewer: Captain Kev
    ------ About the song WHEELS OF CONFUSION performed by Black Sabbath

Agreed Billy, I too have listened to this song thousands of times.

I also think the lyrics in the middle eight are:-

"Lost in the wheels of confusion
Running through valleys of tears
Eyes full of angry delusion
Hiding in every day fears"

wonderful power ballad | Reviewer: sabbatath
    ------ About the song CROSS OF THORNS performed by Black Sabbath

I can only and fully agree to bloody sabbath. This wonderful song takes me away whenever I hear it. The tension between verse and chorus is perfect and the bridge has beautiful harmonies leading to a very intense guitar solo. Well played and sung.

Finally | Reviewer: John Peace
    ------ About the song THE WRIT performed by Black Sabbath

Ozzy finally figured out how to write lyrics here. Up until that point most of Sabbath's lyrics were by Geezer, and the few by Ozzy were about women and rocking out. This one he had enough aggression on his mind against his manager that he poured out this scathing diatribe, equaled in rock only by Death on Two Legs by Queen. Apparently the 70s was full of shady managers

One of the greatest | Reviewer: Iyer
    ------ About the song IRON MAN performed by Black Sabbath

This song is definitely one of the ultimate rock songs which I have ever heard. And if you have been with a group of friends who have been listening to rock music for some years during your college days, you will know what I mean. It still gets me. Fabulous. Simply mind blowing.

Confused | Reviewer: Rohit Sonawane
    ------ About the song Loner performed by Black Sabbath

Frankly, I cant comprehend the purpose of the lyrics. Music is really awesome coz of course... Its black sabbath.
Yes, The song tells about the life of a loner and his miseries but... ?

Not fooled by satan | Reviewer: Ziggy StarDust
    ------ About the song AFTER FOREVER performed by Black Sabbath

It's true, Black Sabbath were indeed a band of faith.
Despite substance abuse, they were very highly intelligent people. Only a cowardly imbecile would deny the existence of God. Heterophobic college professors have managed to corrupt some young minds into convincing them that there is no God. I pray for them that they wake up out of the haze they are put into by government corrupted curriculum.

We have to lead by example. If you still deny God, I suggest you grab ahold of your ears tightly and pull your heads fully out of your asses.

We have scientists make stuff from a cell, but we will never be able to actually create a cell from nothing. Inside the cell are life's building blocks. Only a supreme power could have ever created it.

God bless you all.


Amazing | Reviewer: Me
    ------ About the song INTO THE VOID performed by Black Sabbath

Such a fantastic song. Ozzy's vocals are brilliant and Iommi's solo at the end is just trademark Iommi. Although, I should point out that this song was infact written by Black Sabbath and not Ace Frehley

lyrics or prophetic poetry? | Reviewer: kat
    ------ About the song AFTER FOREVER performed by Black Sabbath

in the days since ozzy first sang those lyrics to after forever they have only grown more phones are the gods of modern times. Children of the grave was better received by our parents it was a statement against Vietnam and our generation should take a listen nothing's changed except a lack of social commentary and progressive action

Classic | Reviewer: Rick R
    ------ About the song Sleeping Village/A Bit Of Finger performed by Black Sabbath

This song is the coolest. Black Sabbath, with it's British roots, endeavored into the heaviest of metals, at an age when young adults were frolicking in the sand, listening to the Beach Boys.

In this hit, Tony Iommi lays it down, with the 'Prince of Darkness' Ozzy Osbourne at the helm.

A blistering instrumental insert, highlights a 'journey' of the mind into uncharted waters.

I cannot urge you enough to listen to this masterpiece. This is where Heavy Metal started, without the need for speed, exceeding with style.


underrated album | Reviewer: Tony in NC
    ------ About the song DISTURBING THE PRIEST performed by Black Sabbath

this album is AMAZING, but unfortunately it's crippled by a HORRENDOUS mix. Even Ian Gillan himself said that was NOT how it sounded in the studio monitors... it's been re-mastered, but it honestly needs a complete total re-mix.

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