Black Sabbath Albums

  • 13 Album (6/11/2013)
    End Of The Beginning
    God Is Dead?
    Age Of Reason
    Live Forever
    Damaged Soul
    Dear Father
    Bonus Tracks
    Peace Of Mind
    Naïveté In Black

  • The Dio Years Album (4/3/2007)
    Neon Knights
    Lady Evil
    Heaven And Hell
    Die Young
    Lonely Is The Word
    The Mob Rules
    Turn Up The Night
    Falling Off The Edge Of The World
    After All (The Dead)
    TV Crimes
    Children Of The Sea
    The Devil Cried
    Shadow Of The Wind
    Ear In The Wall

  • Reunion Album (10/20/1998)
    Fairies Wear Boots
    Psycho Man
    Selling My Soul

  • Forbidden Album (4/1/1995)
    Can't Get Close Enough
    Get A Grip
    Guilty As Hell
    I Won't Cry For You
    Loser Gets It All
    Rusty Angels
    Shaking Off The Chains
    Sick And Tired
    The Illusion of Power

  • Dehumanizer Album (6/1/1992)
  • Tyr Album (4/1/1990)
  • Headless Cross Album (4/1/1989)
  • We Sold Our Soul For Rock 'N' Album (8/9/1988)
  • Eternal Idol Album (12/1/1987)
  • Seventh Star Album (1/1/1986)
  • Born Again Album (10/1/1983)
  • Live Evil Album (12/1/1982)
  • Mob Rules Album (11/1/1981)
  • Heaven & Hell Album (5/1/1980)
  • Never Say Die Album (10/1/1978)
  • Technical Ecstasy Album (10/1/1976)
  • Sabotage Album (8/1/1975)
  • Sabbath Bloody Sabbath Album (4/1/1973)
  • Vol. 4 Album (9/1/1972)
  • Master Of Reality Album (8/1/1971)
  • Paranoid Album (4/1/1971)
  • Black Sabbath Album (4/1/1970)

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    Reviews about Black Sabbath albums
    Black Sabbaths new album F'n ROCKs !! | Reviewer: Kerry Wm. Wagstaff
        ------ About the album 13 performed by Black Sabbath

    Just saw Black Sabbath at Rexall Place in Edmonton, Alberta on Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014 and it was GREAT !! As for the album '13' it is AWESOME,.. it has a incredible similarity to their 1st Album as well as Paranoid,.. they maintained their signature original old sound with a new twist,. it's HARD 'n' HEAVY,.. Slow and Fast,.. it delivers !! The 1st Time I listened to it I KRANKed my amp to 11,.. when it was over I played it again !! In fact, just talking about it made me decide to go throw it on now and Bang My Head !! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT !!

    born again review by jan wdsta1 | Reviewer: jan-michaeL mavar
        ------ About the album Born Again performed by Black Sabbath

    ths song takes me back to whn i was around 5-6yrs old father brang this record home as a gift for me!i was intrueged with the album art the baby devil!i would put ths album on afterschool with my head phones at night & full blast on my fathers big stereo by you look thru my window,deep into my room at the tapestries all faded,their vague & distant glories conceald n tha gloom,tha icy fingers of forgotton passions softly brushing my lips,at tha tips of my primitive me that sounds like sprits or angels checking upon,memories of somethng poerful in my life,it gives me chills!az u look thru my door,deep into my room,can u feel tha mighty wall of power?its waiting,waiting n tha gloom.distant shadows of forgotton champians,those who live in me still & will rise whn we chalenge & kill..that reminds me of my wall full of cut outs of natas kaupas,& the bones brigade..born again you'll b born again..look at ths prince of evil,fighting fo yo mind,fighting all preists of shame,for tha thrust of my challenge is aimed,at the hearts of mutant gods,who think we're all tha same,theyre controlling our minds,& they use us for fortune & fame..i gotta go,im late for an n.a.meeting but this song is absolutely powerful..if u want to b a king for a day just do what i say,everybodys got to think like a hunter search for your prey,,,thats absolutely brillant writing!!!i love ths tune..thank you ian gillan,& black sabbath...this song has made my life...wdsta1

    R.J.Dio is the king! | Reviewer: Michael Hearne
        ------ About the album The Dio Years performed by Black Sabbath

    If you are a Ronnie James Dio fan, this is an album to have! He is probbably the best metal vocalist to ever grace the sound waves of the early metal years and this album is a testament to that. This whole album is great. Not many albums out there has ever been good enough to enjoy beginning to end!

    as a critic i think its one of the best albums of all time | Reviewer: Anonymous
        ------ About the album Dehumanizer performed by Black Sabbath

    as a huge music critic i think its one of the best albums of all time and people should give it more of a chance because even as a huge ozzy fan i think if your only listening to ozzy sabbath your missing out on the best sabbath and that includes tony martin try listening to the album cross purposes and you will see what i mean thank you

    What a scary album... | Reviewer: Sara Warren
        ------ About the album Black Sabbath performed by Black Sabbath

    Played with Ozzy, the Black Sabbath album was amazingly different for it's time. Incredibly scary to the audiences, people would scream and run out of the room because the songs were so deep metal, and as for a first album, Black Sabbath is just a complete signature of the band, Black Sabbath.

    Sabbath Bloody Brilliant | Reviewer: Rod Crawford
        ------ About the album Sabbath Bloody Sabbath performed by Black Sabbath

    Iommi & co. show some of their best creative virtuosity on this album - A very good blend of hard & prog rock as evidenced particularly in 'Killing yourself to live', 'A National Acrobat' with ochestral arrangements thrown in providing an airy expansive feel (Spiral Architect)interspersed with some exceedingly sweet little tunes (fluff). A big departure from previous raw,in your face rock compos like the debut,paranoid & Master of reality albums & a refinement of the progressive feel that was evident in Vol 4. They definitely got it right with SBS - a creative feel that they could only aspire to in subsequent albums like sabotage.In my humble opinion,the bands' magnum opus.

    Gillan's masterpiece | Reviewer: Sagat
        ------ About the album Born Again performed by Black Sabbath

    Its true many Sabbath fans and Deep Purple fans overlook this one easily, but what a mistake indeed. If you're a fan of both bands, especially Ian Gillan's crazy vocal style, this is a must-hear album. EVERY track on this has a vocal delivery worth Child Of Time or surpassing it. Never has Gillan sung all-out like in Born Again before or since, this is a masterpiece that even the man himself is proud of. If one track must be chosen as a sample, don't try Zero The Hero, give Disturbing The Priest a listen, one of the most evil metal songs I've heard, all subgenres confounded.

    unreal | Reviewer: christopher
        ------ About the album Never Say Die performed by Black Sabbath

    i own balck sabbath 1, paranoid, masters of reality, vol. 4, and technical ectasy......i bought the never say die cd a few weeks ago, and had no idea who was in the band......the cd sucked so bad, i threw it out

    a fan | Reviewer: christopher
        ------ About the album Black Sabbath performed by Black Sabbath

    i never really listened to the 1st album till this year......all i can's sabbath set the stage for heavy metal as it is today

    awsome | Reviewer: ethan
        ------ About the album Paranoid performed by Black Sabbath

    yes yes i do belive that this is a very exciting album shows the true meaning of black sabbath FUCKIN AWSOME!!! well done boys..

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