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If the early buzz of excitement surrounding new Australian melodic heavy metal band BLACK MAJESTY is any indication they have more than a bright future to look forward to.

Hotly tipped by many on the world metal underground to be the next Australian metal band to make it's mark on Europe BLACK MAJESTY were recently snapped up and signed by ultimo German metal label Limb Music who to many is seen as 'the' power metal label - with a positive reputation and track record for success with bands like Rhapsody, Luca Turilli, etc etc.

Hailing from Melbourne Australia the same pocket of the world that has already spawned the metal likes of Destroyer 666, Vanishing Point, Damaged and Pegazus the BLACK MAJESTY line up is more than proud of it's classic metal foundation, playing a style they describe as melodic heavy metal with much owed to European metal gods like Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath and further influences being punctuated by German favorites like Helloween and Blind Guardian, then more so textured from an appreciation of bands like classy US techno metallers Dream Theater and early Queensryche.

With a host of lead up positive responses to the pre release promo which was used to shop for a deal and major hits to the band website to download samples from around the world Black Majesty have been more than humbled by the response to their music. Feed back has been most favorable with highlights including being asked to featured on premier German metal magazines "Rock Hard!" and "Heavy Oder Was!?" (translates to "Heavy or what!?") articles and both magazines "Best Unsigned Band" compilation cds which garnered further fan and industry responses. The wave only got bigger for the band when Black Majesty were awarded Best New Metal Band by one of Australia's premier metal webzines "Full Strength!"

Priding themselves on their live show BLACK MAJESTY in a relatively short space of time have won the appreciation of many who have seen and heard the band. As a unit each band member excels at their art be it the outstanding vocal power of John 'Gio' Cavaliere who is one of the most exciting new vocalists to hit the world arena let alone Australian metal scene, the guitar avalanche from Steve Janevski (ex Cyclone Tracy) and Hanny Mohamed (who is in actual fact also the bass player of Pegazus), the jackhammer like technical attack for Czech drummer Pavel Konvalinka (who has played with Euro-metal recording artists Kryptor and Leprocide) or pounding rhythms from newest member Mark Kelson (ex Cryptal Darkness) on bass who has quickly fitted into band like a well worn glove.

The brotherhood and bonding of the Melbourne metal scene has seen many unions and connections forged and then reciprocated with Gio guesting on the opening track 'Surreal' from Vanishing Point's Tanged in Dream album (also becoming a regular guest to their live stage with VP singer Silvio Massaro). The sense of networking and reciprocation continues with Gio's cousin Danny Cecati (formerly lead singer of Pegazus - currently singing in Eyefear) guesting with Black Majesty on a dual performance from the two mega voices on the Sands of Time track 'Guardian' which really just has to be heard to be given the full appreciation it deserves. Vanishing Points Massaro also returns the favour by appearing on Black Majesty song .....on another dual vocal role on the debut Black Majesty album.

Already receiving air play on metal radio around the globe from their now totally sold out sampler time is set for the release of the much anticipated full length debut album SANDS OF TIME.

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