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Lamb Of God Black Label Lyrics

Last updated: 01/11/2013 07:44:32 AM

the human confrontational
I've made my fobia
it takes my essence somewhere,
somewhere to take control

i may be far from rocking
i am the one alone
i may be far behind the lines
and made them turn away

i want to know...
hey you!
Watch out!
ive turned them all to cripple
hey you
watch out
when i know who'll know
back fight
why time would let me die
to control....

i fear nothing
Why don't
you know

i rip my mind
why don't
you bleed

i fear no one
why you
turn back
i may not stop

my fear cant contain
but tell me the pain i liberate

riff hostility to anyone
has made us so much hate

i made them turn from hate
but tell me the pain and suffering(2x)

i know...

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The true beauty in Metal. | Reviewer: Lamb of God's Draconian | 11/10/12

Don't you just love the fact that in some songs like the ones in "New American Gospel" are so hardcore you can't actually get all the lyrics. the true beauty of it is once you've heard it enough and u can actually hear all the lyrics you want to keep it to yourself to allow those who haven't heard it enough to get into metal just that much more.(Metal & Loyalty till the end.)d[>_<]b\m/

LONG LIVE HEAVY METAL !!! | Reviewer: kanasai4896 | 10/26/12

People nowadays like to listen to crappy songs by singers like Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Florida (just to name a few) that are really shit (oh yeah, and K-POP can go to hell). Its basically repeating the whole damn song. Metal, though, brings music to a whole new level. Every song has its own unique meaning and style example : Black Label, Ghost Walking, King Me, Broken Hands etc are from the same band (Lamb Of God), but they all have different meanings. So keep the headbanging culture going and LONG LIVE HEAVY METAL !!!

black label | Reviewer: screamer | 6/3/12

this song is fucking awsome... i can scream just like him...i fucking hate the popy bullshit people my age listen to (TEENAGERS) they say i dont have good taste in music ,HA!!!...i like to go up to those people do my scream and scare them away ,stupid cunts would know real music if it came and fucked them in the ass...but lamb of god is one of the best metel bands out there

Fuking amazing | Reviewer: JeffSorrows | 2/24/12

Though as some 'gentelman' stated previously about it being 'scatting' is true, to the original version, though with another version made there has been lyrics said to be near or around this, though the Official lyrics aren't stated to be clear or accurate with Randy Blythes 'scatting' this is true for the original, but was cleaned up later, to have these lyrics, so he had something known to be said. Though Scatting is fun, I would agree to make that a small footnote on the lyrics of this.

There ARE no lyrics. | Reviewer: Anon | 8/5/11

There seriously aren't lyrics, all of this is bullshit. Randy Blythe even clearly stated in an interview that he was "scatting" in this song. Don't believe me? Go look it up.

By the way, fucking amazing song.

real lyrics. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/4/11

The human confrontation, I've build a phobia. It takes my essence somewhere, Somewhere to take control. I may be far from rocking. I am the one alone. I may be far behind lines. And made them turn away. I want to know, hey you, watch out! I've made them turn to cripple, hey you, watch out! When i will know, who'll know, back fight! Why time would let me die to control. I fear nothing, why don't you know!? I rip my mind and why don't you bleed!? I fear no one, why you turn back!? I may not stop. My freedom can't contain but tell me, The pain I liberate, Riff hostility to anyone Has made us so much hate. I made them turn from hate but tell me The pain and suffering I made them turn from hate but tell me The pain and suffering I... know.

Death Psycho | Reviewer: Ron Kajari | 5/10/11

this song is fuckin' awesome.....I fuckin' hate rap and rappers.....especially justin bieber,akon,lil wayne,enrique,etc.....I listen only metal song....although my parents stop me this how can we form a band.....any just only a drummer is missin'.....we might not earn much popularty but cant fuckin' stop.....

READ THIS AND AGREE WITH ME | Reviewer: Timma | 4/13/11

i fucking hate rap lil wayne tech n9ne t.i .. so on and so forth .. they do not know what lyrics or a beat is.. there raps consist of smoking weed, drinking fortys or killing some dude because he talked shit. fucking christ and people think that metal is just a person screaming about raping dead bodies.. I FUCKING HATE IGNORANT PEOPLE! the only good rapper is a dead one.

The lyrics are insanely incorrect | Reviewer: Pollard | 2/8/11

-.- if you Fans had there original cd covers you would KNOW these lyrics are incorrect, no amount of 'ear' listening is going to get the lyrics right. Nothing personal, and any fan who has the cd cover will know right away these lyrics are wrong!

Righteous band. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/2/10

"fuck | Reviewer: metalhead | 1/5/10

This shit is the air I breathe. The reason I get out of bed. Not just this song but all of it. To the ones that know what I'm saying, that's all i have to say. I salute you, keep it loud, and keep it metal."

These guys are my crack cocaine, if i were a druggie. they too are the reason i listen to music. why i put up with peoples bullshit. they relax me, soothe me. they give me goosebumps, which is extremely rare. keep it up Log. btw, i have every album released from them, including the burn the priest days, and also the walk with me in hell video.

Black Label | Reviewer: Thepsychowithin | 8/23/10

These lyrics are correct. I sit and listen to this song very close and the lyrics match what randy is screaming. I met randy at mayhem fest in stl. That was a fun day. But this is one of thier best songs. This band is truly metal. Lamb of God is one of the best metal bands out there. (my opinion) There are a lot of amazing metal bands out there, but lamb of god for sure sticks out. Keep producing amazing music log!!

awesome | Reviewer: anonymous | 8/6/10

wow, most of the ppl posting on here seem to know what they are talking about. Lamb of God is an amazing METAL band (IDK what the hell they were talking about with "groove") that only gets better and better, fuck everyone who chooses to come on here for the sole sake of being an ass and trash-talking an incredible band with the most intense stage presence I've seen in years. Silk Toxic was right, everyone has different tastes in music, and that's what makes music so great. So sit down, shut the fuck up, and stop getting on these forums just to be a complete douchebag. Ass Clowns...

Fuck....YES!! | Reviewer: child of mayhem | 7/24/10

Just saw them at mayhem last night, Wish I could have seen them from up close, but I didn't get pit tickets, so I had to sit on the fucking lawn. Oh well, still rocked my ass off. I might go see them in Oklahoma just so i can actually see what the hell is going on. As for the song; I was just curious as to what the lyrics were. For anyone who wasn't in jersey last night, this was their last song. In my opinion, Lamb of god is the best thing to happen to metal since.. metal.

LOG! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/3/10

What? Wrath sucked? Is that a joke? You people are retarded. Contractor, Grace, Broken Hands, Dead Seeds, Everything to Nothing, Reclamation. Its a tremendous album. Putting an acoustic guitar in the album intro doesn't make a band a sell out you fucking gimps. I love metal but hate some of its dumbarse fans. Seriously, the moment a band finds some success everybody turns on them.

fuck | Reviewer: metalhead | 1/5/10

This shit is the air I breathe. The reason I get out of bed. Not just this song but all of it. To the ones that know what I'm saying, that's all i have to say. I salute you, keep it loud, and keep it metal.