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Lamb Of God Black Label Lyrics

Last updated: 01/11/2013 08:44:32 AM

the human confrontational
I've made my fobia
it takes my essence somewhere,
somewhere to take control

i may be far from rocking
i am the one alone
i may be far behind the lines
and made them turn away

i want to know...
hey you!
Watch out!
ive turned them all to cripple
hey you
watch out
when i know who'll know
back fight
why time would let me die
to control....

i fear nothing
Why don't
you know

i rip my mind
why don't
you bleed

i fear no one
why you
turn back
i may not stop

my fear cant contain
but tell me the pain i liberate

riff hostility to anyone
has made us so much hate

i made them turn from hate
but tell me the pain and suffering(2x)

i know...

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