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Paul Durham is a seeker. A seeker of knowledge, of love, of
himself. It's not surprising, then, that Black Lab's
frontman speaks of his music in terms of finding something.
"The characters in my songs are immersed in trying to find
some redemption, usually from the experience of loss," he
explains. "They are trying to find some meaning in it, find
resolution and transcendence - sometimes succeeding,
sometimes failing."

In early 1995, after years spent searching for his place in
music, Durham disbanded the self-named combo he'd formed More...

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Review about Black Lab songs
    ------ About the song all the money in the world performed by Black Lab

So you allowed me to see your view of the hedges and of friends and the good underappreciated tunes, we were able to bring the country to the city and vice versa we were able to ommit the sound of the lines reverberating and quaking all around the back deck and the lawn on a sweet summer day. I'll repeat the shot, till i make it for you, it doesn't always have to be about the business

Nice and accurate | Reviewer: Jon
    ------ About the song This Night performed by Black Lab

While. Obviously. The people like myself looking up these lyrics are happy to find there accuracy 100% correct. Trying to listen to the song and read off lyrics right is good for most singers

Meaning of Weightless | Reviewer: Hunter.
    ------ About the song Weightless performed by Black Lab

This is a beautiful song and has a beautiful meaning in it too.
It is about a girl, a girl whom the writer had loved immensely. The girl had commited suicide and now his lover is mourning over her death, asking her questions.

"I can see, see you there
Hanging weightless in the air
Wind and sunlight in your hair
And I can see you, I can see you there"

- He can feel her soul. Her soul which no longer belongs to the world, thus does not bear any weight and is present in the air, her hair absorbing the wind and light passing through her.

"And I can see you, I can see you there
Olive skin, your secret smile
Can trade again a secret island in your mind
Lost forever, lost before your time"

- he can feel her presence and he vividly remembers her features which he dearly loved. He expresses how she cannot return anymore, because she took away her own life and so is lost forever. She was too young to die therefore the wrods- lost before you time.

"Who is to say?
Who is to know the truth?
And who is there left?
Nothing they said can save you"

-no one has the right to judge or say, they don't know any better and that is why none of their effort was enough to keep her from commiting suicide. It could've been, if they cared more.

"Broken glass, bleeding wrist
A second chance for a simple kiss
I waited for you at the edge
Could you take such a risk?"

-this gives more assurance of her death. How sje died, she cut her veins on the wrist using glass. She took such a big risk, not thiking about how he had waited so long for just another simple kiss.

"On your knees, on your back
Who’d you call when things got bad?
Did they answer? Did u ask?
Cuz I would answer, I would tell you this"

-she lay on her back and got down on her knees. And at this time when she needed help the most everyobody she trusted, she relied upon, turned their backs. She did not call 'him'. If she did then unlike the rest he would have an answer.

"Who is to say?
Who is to know the truth?
When no one is left and nothing they said can save you
And who is to say who is to blame?
Who will you give yourself to?
Cuz no body wants, more than I want you
Who is to say?
Who is to blame?
There’s nobody wants you like I do
Who is to say?
Who is to say?
Who is to know the truth?
When no one is left and nothing they said can save you
Who is to say? Who is to blame? Who will you give yourself to?
Cuz nobody wants, more than I want you
I can see you"

here the writer expresses his feelings. He asks if all the people whom she considered to be important, stood there beside her or not. He says that those people dont have the right to comment and she was wrong to have trusted them. Nobody loved or cared for her as much as he did. And so he could've actually saved her. His love is proven as he can still feel her existence.

Pain | Reviewer: Roy
    ------ About the song tell me what to say performed by Black Lab

This song is too good, i just broke with my girl, well she broke with me..maybe she wasn´t mine and it was just a stupid idea i had... is the last song i´m dedicating her...i was a bastard with all the previous relationships i had but i changed for her...but in the end it never mattered..she chose someone...that is like i was's no sense... no chemistry, nor love could beat a horrible relationship with his ex just beacuse it lasted 2 i lost mi that i know how does it feels to get heart-broken i can´t be like i was...but i can´t be the guy i´am now...i don´t trust anyone and i'm writing this pathetic message..guess i'm getting what i deserved...please enjoy the song, it seems i'm the only one who knows it...

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