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We come from...
Over the dark horizon sky
With twisted tales of sacrifice
To imagine or believe all the glory of the free

Hunting all day an endless cry
The things I've seen I can't deny
Sinners, saints all mixed in one
The dawn of time has begun

Why can't you see what they're doing to me
Is it fair that I'm dying in vain

Once in a land of sacrifice now only valleys of demise
Shadows of a pale blue moonlight ride the waves of entity

Why can't you see what they're doing to thee
Is it fair that you all die in vain

Ride with the steel and the power of the sword
Stand up and fight now and forever more
Rise through the night sky with daylight's desire
To be free there must be black fire

Through the day and through the night with dragons heart the warrior strikes
This is the day that they'll be known as my enemy

Why can't you see what they're doing
To what we believe in we rise through the pain

Ride with the steel and the power of the sword
Stand up and fight now and forever more
Rise through the night sky with daylight's desire
To be free there must be black fire

We come from distant lands we travel so far
Can you see the bleeding scar
The prizes of life we fail to win
Cause we doubt the power within

Why can't you see what they're doing to
What we believe in we rise through the pain

Ride with the steel and the power of the sword
Stand up and fight now and forever more
Rise through the night sky with daylight's desire
To be free there must be black fire

Black fire...

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Whoa. | Reviewer: IAmAnAnonymousUser | 1/11/13

This is one of my favorite songs by df I've listened to every song at least fifty times if not more I've been a fan from the beginning. They truly amaze me with their speed and lyrics. And for all of you that have listened to TTFaF take that song and listen to it about seven mes. Thats how many times I've heard that guitar solo. I know every lyray it super speed expert guitar hero. (Boring compared to watching it live but oh well) hats off to all DF fans!

OMG!!!!! | Reviewer: Insert Name Here | 1/3/12

being as awesome as it is, i do not find it surprising that it is tied for first (fav) with my spirit will go on! i would like to see any if you ppl find a better band than this one

BEST.SONG.DF.EVR.PERIOD | Reviewer: alalala | 5/19/10

Um, yeah... this song rules completely kicks ass. I love it, when I heard it for the first time I was barely starting to listen to DF, now I got all their songs (literally) and love them all. They're a great band, not everyone's tastes though, sadly. DF FTW!!!! >:)

almost perfect!!! | Reviewer: denis koukousas | 4/4/10

hey everybody!my name is denis and i love dragonforce and lucifer 666 i believe that the correct one is ~daylight's derire~and ~what we believe in <will>rise through the pain if i am wrong correct me at ok that is all for now bb i salute every dragonforce-lover

agreed. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/13/09

i completely Fuego negro and could not have put it any better myself. i always thought that it was "stand up and fight now or forever fall". personally i think that it sounds better that way but in any case this song is the epitome of epic

Mystical powers on the L | Reviewer: Fuego Negro! | 5/9/09

Hearing this song you will be able to feel your soul falling down to a losted land, on the deeps from the human being, the raising power coming from the steel drilling your arms, your folded wings have been hurted once again.

Trying to understand the reasons for our battle, this song becomes to be one way to lead on our forgotten ride.

dragonforce fan 24 | Reviewer: nick jonas | 11/21/08

hey dragonforce and band how areyou guys?!! im doing fine and well its 8:58 on friday nov 21 2008 im waching a show i just lesend to throu the fire and flames and black fire both on youtube and
black fire on guitar hero and this lyrics, my dad just said "let the dragonforce be with you...
but thats not that funny is it???no pobably not anny way now its 9:05 same date and well i dont know if im inturrpting probably,i live in canada 9:12 and that was a very bad timing to say that ey?annyway im about to go on lime wireand lesen to you throu the fire and flames wait wait starting at 9:15 wich is now so brb.there now im lesoning to it your starting to sing in a cople sec oh now at 9:16so far away we wait for the day ohh 10 sec solo now the long solo the 2:00min solo nowbrb gonna get a drink of milk and yes at 9:19 and im 11... k im back wow guiar dud that was sweet wow drumer cool wow piano guy
awsome brb again back at 9:27 k im slightly tired
so bye ohh and if you get this write back kk bye at 9:29 I might write tomorow but im not nick jonas im stryman24 bye a..t 9:31 bye ohh no hasta la vista there or bye that seya would'nt want to be ya................well maybe but bye

Good song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/2/08

tough band to explain their lyrics r sketchy bout fantasy type shit but in general if u ignore wat they actually say the songs sound really good EXCEPT LIVE lol but this song is really good and listen to Through Fire and Flames ... and Fury of the Storm -- also good songs

Class! | Reviewer: The dragon in dragon force | 2/1/08

I first found out about 'Through the fire and the flames' by dragon force. That's an amazing song. Because I like through fire and flames I searched dragon force and I downloaded most of their tracks. Listened to all of them, and black fire was one of them. I loved it, spent all night trying to download it to my phone, eventually did so. Great Song :)

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