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Kisschasy Black Dress Lyrics

Last updated: 12/22/2011 10:00:00 AM

I dug you up this morning and took you home.
To have you here beside me cold but close,
I made my mind up last night that heaven just can’t have you.

I made you breakfast but you would not eat,
So I took your black dress off and washed you clean.
I made my mind up last night that heaven just can’t have you.

The sheets are creased from your last day,
A silhouette of where you lay.
They’ll find your headstone in the yard with your black dress and my guitar.
I’ll carry you back to your grave where you and I will always stay.
I close the casket, it gets dark, they’ll find us in each others arms.

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kind of creepy | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/22/11

It's an amazing sounding song but it's pretty disturbing. You'd have to be pretty messed up to dig up your dead Mrs, wash her and try to feed her.
It's basically about going insane due to the death of a loved one.

sweet song | Reviewer: jessica | 3/20/11

this song really touched me
i know if i died my boyfriend wouldn't be able to take it he won't be able to do anything!
if he died i know ill do the same.
its such a sad song but its soooo sweet!!!!!!!!!!!

sad | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/21/11

i love this song its so sweet i would love it if my boyfriend was like that just loves me so much we just cant get on with life!! but it would be so upsetting to see him crying everyday i just hope if did die he would get on!!

life | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/30/10

this is a beautiful song which i can relate to, i lost my mum recently and it hurts so much and i would do anything to get her back and i wish i could have one more day with her and to just tell her how much i love her, and i want her back so much but i cant because shes gone forever :( i cry everytime i hear it and when i heard it first i learnt the words and sung it to my mummys headstone :( this song is truely amaazing

:) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/11/10

i think its a gorgeous song :) but can anyone please tell me what the very last line is that's repeated about 8 times? I chose this song to sing for my HSC performance this year and i need to kno what it says... lol it sounds like he's saying "who wont?"

perfect. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/21/09

this song is as beautiful as they come. the lyrics are morbid and sad, but they couldnt be any other way or else they wouldnt communicate the full rawness of the song right. and those people who say so are right, this is 'obsession' and 'weird' and even 'creepy' to some, but what would losing the only thing in life that matters do to you? people who say 'you've got to move on' arent being realistic, they're being liars. i know i couldnt live another day.

Unique | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/13/09

This song is really unique, u wont find another love like this anywhere so beautiful. i fink the guys actually insane, the song doesnt sound depressed or morbid or happy at all.
who knows, mayb he went insane after the chick died or mayb he's trying to find a replacement.
Interesting song overall...

none | Reviewer: me, myself or i | 12/17/08

I think this is a sad song. It expresses the loss of a loved one. The melody and the lyrics are both great, i love this song and give it 5 stars. I think it's him saying he will never let go of her or forget her. it's so sweet, but terribly sad.a sweet sad love song:(

I Just... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/1/08

I Just think that too many of you people here are not listening to this song, just because it's about someone dying and digging them up and so on doesn't mean it's necessarily a sad song. Yes, I've lost people close to me and I can't say I understand losing a lover but this song is just that, a love song.
It's just a representation of what love can do and how strong it can be.

umm | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/16/08

i pretty much like kisschasy and their songs, they're ok. but this particular song's kind of.. morbid, which is not my stuff at all. i mean the melody's ok.. but the lyrics sound kinda obsessed. i don't mean to offend people who have gone through someone's death, especially someone close to them. i know how hard it is to let go, my best friend's dad died suddenly a while ago, and it's just devastating, even i can feel it.
but at some point in life you just have to let go, because they're not ever coming back, no matter how hard you try to dig up their grave.
so yeah. just voicing my oppinions. =)

interpretation | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/4/08

to quote this reviewer
"This is my favourite song but you're all freaks : "i know this guys pain, feeling like all you want to do is sleep beside that one person you love for eternity, a song with more meaning than many understand...." OMG shutup I was talking to the singer the other nite and he didn't mean it for a certain person [ they played a concert in my city]"

whether this song was written about someone or not, it's up to your personal interpretation. that's the beauty of music. every note, every melody, every lyric, is a canvas waiting for you to articulate it.


Kaht | Reviewer: | 11/2/08

this song is so beautiful, it makes me cry whenever i hear it.
just thinking of all the people ive lost in my life and will never get back because of death jsut makes everything so sad.
this truly is the best song ive heard.

please read me | Reviewer: jess | 9/28/08

i am a 15 yr old and i lost my dad when i was 9.
when i was 10 i watched a movie where a little girl wrote to heaven. i tried but i dot think he got it... he i decided to read it to his grave stone. i was expecting a big gust of wind to whisper something to me... it didnt... i was so hurt that i told my mum that i would be a while and to go fingd poppy
while she was gone i began to dig.
i wanted m daddy back. lets just say i didnt get very far. if i dug deep enough i could get daddy back. i couldnt. i pleaded to god to give my daddy back... he unit you kno the pain of losing.. trying and losing again please dont judge this music

amazing | Reviewer: jess | 9/13/08

i recently heard this song, my friends raved about it and it moved me so deeply. I think it is so beautiful the words may be morbid but you have to see the story that comes from the lyrics. Imaging loosing your loved one and you just couldnt let go, you would do anything just to sit down with them, touch them and in this song we see how a person will go to any length just to have their loved one in their life.
it is so sad:(

love kisschasy | Reviewer: Lauren | 8/30/08

yeah i'm only 14 too. i'v liked kisschasy for two years now, my first concert of theirs was they're recent tour, i went to enmore theatre. it was awesome. i don't care if people find this song gross, they're obviously not seeing the true meaning behind the words. i like it so much, i taught myself how to play it on my guitar, it such a beautiful song!